Meet the 'Shoe Surgeon' Making Sneakers for the Rich & Famous


| LAST UPDATE 12/06/2022

By Julia Shepherd
Dominic Chambrone Shoe Surgeon
@ciambrone via Instagram

Making up a hefty portion of the $303.9+ billion luxury streetwear market, luxury sneakers have never been more prominent in society. One of the men responsible for driving this unforeseen fashion fusion forward is Dominic Ciambrone, AKA. The Shoe Surgeon. The Californian designer is the brains behind some of the most expensive kicks in the world, found on the feet of the most iconic and fashionable celebrities. Let's check it out...

Dom's passion for sneakers began in high school when he wore his cousin's 1985 Jordan 1's. "It was this thing that I would wear, and it attracted other people to come talk to me, and that felt empowering. That's when I knew I needed cool shoes on my feet," he told Maxim. Soon after, he began customizing sneakers in an attempt to stand out further. Cut to a few years later, and The Surgeon brand was born, selling its sneakers to the likes of Justin Bieber and Drake. A pivotal moment was the 2018 release of The Shoe - the $100,000 internet-breaking sneaker collaboration with Nike in honor of Lebron James' 30,000th point. 

celebrity custom sneakers shoe surgeon
@ciambrone via Instagram
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Cut to today, and Dominic is the proud owner of SRGN Studios. The 20,000sq. ft. multi-purpose venue includes a studio, workshop, bar, and boutique lounge where the rich and famous can hang out and talk sneakers. Ciambrone also hosts classes when he teaches the art of sneaker design. The boutique displays Dom's most impressive and expensive sneaker releases, including the Nike AJ1 made from Louis Vuitton bags. Most importantly, though, SRGN Studios is home to The Surgeon's atelier - the source of all the magic. The room is filled with materials and hardware, where Dom's workers bring his visions to life.

Looking to the future, Ciambrone is set to release his most expensive luxurious sneaker yet - The Shoe Surgeon's take on the Nike Air Mag. He plans to recreate the Back To The Future high-tops "and make the most expensive shoe in the world." For this, Dom is looking to incorporate technology into the shoe in unprecedented ways, in addition to high-grade materials and craftsmanship. LED soles and straps will enable owners to coordinate their shoe and outfit colors, and an "auto-lacing" feature will allow people to tie their laces through a button. With these groundbreaking features, the shoe will set you back $1 million at the least. We'll start saving up now! 

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