Roddy Ricch Says He Slept With Lil Uzi’s Girlfriend After Uzi Clowned Him For These Boots


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Roddy Ricch
Joseph Okpako via WireImage

As someone who prides themselves on their daring style choices, Lil Uzi is always keeping an eye out for what's happening in fashion. But their latest opinion sparked a feud and an unknown love triangle with Roddy Ricch.

Whether rocking a $24 million pink diamond in the middle of their forehead or popping out at Rolling Loud wearing oversized clothes from Vetements, Lil Uzi is damn near fearless with style. They even linked with Florida rapper Hotboii last month for a collab called "Fashion."

"Different h**s, I'm smashin' / I got traction / Black my jacket / It's not fashion," Uzi raps on the hook.

While Uzi rarely comments on fashion trends or the way other people dress, they decided to clown a pair of big military boots below in front of their 16.3 million IG followers. "Who is this I only saw the boots I hope this just a normal person," Uzi wrote.

Turns out, the subject was Roddy Ricch. (The original photo was pulled from DJ Khaled's IG where he teased a star-studded video featuring Roddy, Lil Durk and 21 Savage from his upcoming album 'God Did.')

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Once Roddy caught wind of the diss, he clapped back and claimed to have slept with Uzi's girlfriend, JT from the City Girls duo: "U juss mad these size 8s was n ya b***h get over it."

There's not much proof surrounding a past fling between Roddy and JT, who's been dating Uzi since 2019. However, one fan uncovered alleged deleted tweets from JT, including one that reads, "B***h my n***a is Ricch, ok?" Hmm.

Neither Uzi nor JT have addressed the rumors, and they don't seem too concerned. Uzi is giving fresh meaning to the term "flex" after buying diamond tennis necklaces for their hairless Sphynx cats.

Maybe this move will inspire a few lyrics on their next album 'The Pink Tape.'