Rick Ross Launches "Closet Challenge," Moneybagg Yo Responds With Photo


| LAST UPDATE 12/28/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Rick Ross
Paras Griffin via Getty Images

While most fashionable rappers are concerned with showing off their outfits, Rick Ross wants to take flexing to a new level with his "closet challenge." But Moneybagg Yo wasn't about to let him steal all the shine…

With over 100 rooms spread across his $6 million estate in Atlanta, Rick Ross has all sorts of space to store his things. At the top of 2020, he gave Complex a behind-the-scenes look at his sneaker closets featuring coveted drops like the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low and more.

But Rozay has upgraded his closets since, so he offered another exclusive tour and launched a hip-hop challenge in the process. "When them boys be talking about they fly and all that, f**k showing me your outfit – show us what your closet look like!" he said. "I got that s**t that's in Neiman [Marcus]."

Ross continued, "So when you getting dressed up now, just know, when you walking around with Rozay, this only one closet. We got a lot of closets!"

He also owns a 135-seat movie theater and the largest residential pool in America, which requires 350,000 gallons of water to fill.

Shortly after Rozay's closet challenge began making the rounds, Moneybagg Yo posted a photo of his own closet inside his Memphis home with countless shoes littered across the floor.

Some fans believe Moneybagg was indirectly responding to Rozay's fashion flex.

Rozay's friend DJ Khaled should also be included in the conversation about ridiculous and disheveled closets. He shared the below clip last month showing sneakers on sneakers. "Man, what am I gonna do with everything?" he wondered. "It's like so hard to find things."

Ross also made headlines recently when he pulled an "Irish exit" during an interview with The 85 South Comedy Show. Roughly 40 minutes into the show, Rozay tells the hosts, "Let me use the bathroom one time and I'mma take this jacket off." There was just one issue...

He never came back!

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After waiting for only 8 minutes, the hosts – former Wild 'N Out members DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean – were informed that Rick Ross had pulled off to "go to the airport" unexpectedly. They couldn't believe he had left so quickly and without saying goodbye.

As seasoned entertainers, the three hosts were able to make the most of the bizarre situation. "That n***a the Phantom of the Opera," Chico joked.

DC wondered, "How he just gon' disappear like that? We ain't even say bye or nothing." Finally, Karlous Miller said, "I'll tell you one thing. From now on, that's how the f**k I'm leavin'."

Rozay hasn't addressed the hilarious moment. (He was likely burnt from the larger press run promoting his new album 'Richer Than I Ever Been,' which sold 31k units last week but couldn't crack the Billboard 200.)

He had nothing but good vibes to share after the interview, and The 85 South Show even commented on the above post, "Much love!"