18K Gold, Custom LV & More: Inside Pharrell Williams’ Virtual Garage Sale


| LAST UPDATE 10/04/2022

By Julia Shepherd
Pharrell Williams Style Joopiter
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

If you're strapped for cash, it might be worth digging in the back of your closet for clothes you don't wear and selling them online. With the rise of second-hand clothing apps changing the game of buying and selling unwanted items, thrifting has never been easier. While we may think this trend is limited to just us 'regular folks,' Pharrell is here to prove that celebs are in on it too! Through his new auctioning app, Joopiter, Williams plans to sell his clothing and accessories worn over the past 20 years. He may not be setting up shop on the streets outside his home like the rest of us, but you won't want to miss this garage sale...

Throughout Pharrell's thriving music career, he's rocked many red carpets and music videos with 'out-the-box' statement outfits. Now, for the first time, fans will have the chance to cop the very items worn by the star himself. Digging into his 11 storage vaults of luxury clothes and accessories, Pharrell plans to auction them off, one batch at a time - starting with the "Son of a Pharoah" collection.

Pharrell Williams Fashion Collab
Astrid Stawiarz/WireImage via Getty Images
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When asked by The Financial Times why he chose to build a new auctioning platform when so many already exist, Pharrell referred to the fragmented high-end auction websites, which seem to all have their niche product type. "There's not really one size fits all," he noted. "I'm not going to sell furniture on StockX. I'm not going to sell, you know, 20-plus-carat diamond rings on [The] RealReal," he explained. For him, clearing out the closet and letting go of the past is an "enlightening and spiritual experience." Hence the platform's name, which refers to the astrological connotations of Planet Jupiter. 

For anyone wondering what pieces will be available to buy come October 11, check out Joopiter on the 'gram for some ideas. From multicolored chains to sparkly kicks, it's bound to be the hip-hop fashion drop of the year. While it's believed the platform will eventually become a place for other stars to sell their second-hand items, for now, it's a place to fight over some historic Pharrell pieces. May the best man win.

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