Off-White’s Fall 2023 Drop Takes Fashion to the Moon & Back


| LAST UPDATE 03/05/2023

By Amelie Durham
Off White fall 2023 show
Taylor Hill / Contributor via Getty Images

Off-White just debuted their Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear, and it's out of this world - literally! The collection is all about revamping your wardrobe like never before. We're not talking your average 2001: A Space Odyssey 'fit - the themed drop even gives Interstellar a run for its money... Here's a closer look.

The show kicked off with a giant silver orb in the center of the room, and an electric guitar kicking off the show titled "Lunar Delivery." Models emerged wearing silver hoops that appeared in almost every look of the collection. The clothes themselves were dégradé ensembles colored yellow-green-orange-brown with wittily distressed details. One leather blazer had people printed onto it, while hooded dresses came right alongside pleated leather skirts with even more grommets. As for accessories, bracelets looked like tiny wheels taken from a space junkyard that belonged to an old space rover. Bulky spheric earrings gave models' heads an alien-like silhouette and belts had utilitarian touches with seatbelt-inspired buckles. There were gold caps on shoes, and sunglasses with four lenses that looked inspired by Daft Punk robots.

off white fall 2023 show
Taylor Hill / Contributor via Getty Images
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Ibrahim Kamara marked his debut as creative director at Off-White for this collection - and he did not disappoint. The West African source material was evident in pattern and fabric, while industrial hardware, feminized varsity pieces, and utilitarian strapping gave it that recognizable Off-White touch. The entry to Tennis Club de Paris was a Kubrick-esque docking corridor leading into an expansive sunlit lunar landscape complete with reddish sand and rocks that models sometimes kicked as they strutted through it. The centerpiece was a huge mirrored orb whose fish-eye reflection let fashion’s ragtag regulars see themselves in space-traveled situ.

Kamara explained how every look was very considered, “But we also discovered new things as we developed the concept.” His own journey’s starting point was obliquely referenced in the red earth of that “moondust” that also mirrored the rich alluvial ochre of unpaved roads across West Africa. Rubberized outerwear featured prints based on a photo Kamara had taken of a derelict house in his Sierra Leone birthplace. Overall, Lunar Delivery by Off-White is one small step for fashion but one giant leap for your wardrobe game! Check it out here.

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