Lil Durk & Bobby Shmurda's Newest Jewels Share Significant Meaning

Mahlik Campbell Style /
Prince Williams via Wireimage

Without their close friends, Lil Durk and Bobby Shmurda wouldn't be in the favorable position they are today.

Much of their respective staffs are made up of their pals: Durk's label is called Only The Family (OTF) for that reason and Shmurda has been surrounded by his GS9 crew damn near every second since he's been free from prison after six years on weapons and conspiracy charges.

Unfortunately, Durk lost a key member of OTF, King Von, last November in a fatal shooting. Adding to his memorialization of Von via his Gold-certified album, 'The Voice,' Durk tapped an NYC jeweler named Izzy to design a memory tag chain with two photos of him and Von side by side. 

Izzy described the necklace as a "30 pointer tennis chain" featuring "all VVS E color stones." He added, "Not your average jewelry." Rapper Fredo Bang also gifted Durk a custom V-shaped ring flooded with diamonds.

Somethin' light: Right on time, Durkio and OTF are sliding fans a new 23-track compilation album, titled 'Loyal Bros.' Two unheard Von verses, as well as a cameo from Lil Uzi, are among the highlights.

On the flip side, Shmurda and his GS9 associate Rowdy Rebel are in a much more celebratory mood. To celebrate his coming home, Rowdy gave Bobby a glow-in-the-dark (!!) "SHMURDA" chain.

Biiig drip! Bobby showed off the piece to his 5 million IG followers. Rowdy owns his own glow-in-the-dark necklace too, and Eric The Jeweler offered a rare inside look at how it was made.