Jake Paul Busted For Wearing Fake $420k Richard Mille Watch Ahead of Woodley Fight


| LAST UPDATE 12/28/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Jake Paul
Mike Ehrmann via Getty Images

When you're a flashy athlete like Jake Paul, there are few things as humbling as getting exposed for wearing fake jewelry. Unfortunately, that's what happened when Jake stepped out with a "Richard Mille" on his wrist…

Jake gifted himself an early Christmas present in the form of a "Most Valuable Boxer" belt worth $500k. Hand-painted by popular street artist Alec Monopoly, the belt features Hermès Birkin bag material and two embedded iced out watches, including a Rolex and a Cartier.

While most people were too busy paying attention to the expensive belt, FakeWatchBuster – the same page that exposed Lil Baby's fake Patek Philippe timepiece back in Sept. – took a closer look at Jake's Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson White Ceramic, normally worth around $420k.

According to FakeWatchBuster, Jake's Richard Mille is a fake. They called out a handful of notable flaws: the case material "looks plastic" rather than ceramic, the screws are too close to each other, both the shape and size of the case are off and the strap is the wrong shape.

Another angle shows the differences in thickness and case design between a real Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson and Jake's alleged fake one. Artist and producer Rvssian suggested, "Yikes. I'm sure he didn’t know." Jake seemed oblivious to any issues with his watch.

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Lil Baby thought he had a $400k Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary until FakeWatchBuster let him know it wasn't real. He put his jeweler on blast, so they gave him four free diamond rings and his money back. "We didn't do our homework on the watch," they admitted.

If Jake's Richard Mille is indeed fake, Tyron Woodley may want to get an expert's opinion on the "new generation" Rolex Jake gifted him before their anticipated rematch in Tampa Bay. "As a gift of respect," Jake said, though he trolled Tyron, too. "It's TIME for me to knock him out."

Indeed, Jake ended up putting him to sleep!