Gucci Vault Now Open on the Sandbox for a Limited Time


| LAST UPDATE 11/04/2022

By Elizabeth Russo
Gucci Vault Land Sandbox
VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Gucci has extended its virtual world to the digital real estate platform, The Sandbox - and we're here for it. The Gucci Vault metaverse hub is the first big fashion brand to have its own room on the platform. The virtual world, known as Gucci Vault Land, is officially open for users through November 9, so if you're interested, time is ticking! Here's what to expect.

In the past few years, fashion brands have crossed boundaries into the metaverse and the world of NFTs, creating experiences users have never seen. In fact, over a year ago, Gucci made its first steps into the metaverse with Roblox, creating the Gucci Garden experience, where users could experience a "hypnotic" metaverse exhibition in celebration of the Italian' fashion house's 100th anniversary. Around a year later, the technology-forward fashion house teamed up with Roblox again to create Gucci Town, an online community for users to create and program games for themselves and others. Gucci Town allows players to "play mini-games, view and create art, and buy digital Gucci items or their Roblox avatars." 

Gucci Vault Land Sandbox
 Edward Berthelot via Getty Images
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So clearly, Gucci is no stranger to the metaverse game. With the announcement at the start of the year that the fashion brand purchased digital real estate on The Sandbox, how will this differentiate from their current partnership with Roblox? According to Gucci, the goal was to create its own "interactive fashion experience" using The Sandbox and create a space for all of the brand's "multiverse" and Web3 efforts. Gucci Vault Land will hold the brand's current curated NFT artwork and its previous NFTs, in addition to a few more special features. The game gives users an insight into the brand's heritage and vintage products and shows audiences its garden concept, known as the Garden of Curiosities.

Gucci Vault Land is based on a "play-to-know" basis, a spin-off of the "play-to-earn" design where users complete activities to earn blockchain-based tokens or rewards. Those playing will participate in mini-games that lead players to win The Sandbox raffle for a Sand utility token or digital collective NFTs. Gucci hopes to use The Sandbox to teach the Web3 community of the brand's heritage and welcome non-NFT users as well. So, make sure to check it out while it's available!

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