Eytys Grunge & More: Paris Fashion Week Highlights


| LAST UPDATE 01/22/2023

By Stormy Lindon
Paris Fashion Week 2023
Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

Paris Fashion Week is coming to a close. The fashion fanatics of the world have just witnessed a debut of new styles, trends, and up-and-coming designers. Brands from all over the world have come up with new creatives and collaborations for their Fall/Winter collections. So let's dive right in, shall we?

From footwear to full-frontal fashion, Eytys fashion brand, founded in 2013 by Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld, is on its way to taking over the fashion world. Thankfully, Paris Fashion Week was there to help them debut its latest launch. From the beginning, Schiller and Hirschfeld's had a "mission to highlight and connect the creative community around the world. The brand started out by breaking boundaries in unisex footwear design with a philosophy of clashing contrasts and proportions; a vision which has progressed to include jeans and ready-to-wear," as noted on the official website. Primarily focusing on the dynamic elements of denim, the brand showcased a retro-inspired range of 70s fashion all the way to the 90s and now. From the simple flair to the bootleg cut, Eytys work on designing clothes that suit all styles. To finish the look, they brought out shrunken knitwear with v-neck sweaters and long trench coats that brushed against the floor. They have embraced distressed dress, hiring out a grunge aesthetic for 2023.

Eytys PFW Fall Winter 2023
Vanni Bassetti via Getty Images
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With grunge making headlines, Kenzo also brought some new styles into focus; inspired by "Maison's archives, the designer fuses Takada's 1980s portfolio with contemporary iterations influenced by British, American, and Japanese street culture," says Hypebeast. Runway watchers saw collarless tunic jackets, tapered trousers, and 60s mini-skirts, "while 80s-inspired shapes recall the decades' b-boy culture." Moving over to Yosuke Aizawa's "cult label" White Mountaineering, 2023 is all about major collaborations, debuting their headline collection, 'After All,' a "reflection of nature's tones." A custom range that includes high-tech outwear, bomber jackets, glossy materials, camouflage patterns, and hiking boots, the brand has taken gorpcore to a whole new level. When taking a look at Marine Serre "Rising Shelter," this collection highlighted an imagined "dystopian future" and "greeted with a mystical and poetic ambiance." Using various materials and embracing sustainability, the runway performance encouraged the audience to imagine "the refugee of tomorrow." With models of all shapes and sizes, it was an insightful and fresh approach to the future of fashion. 

We are only at the beginning of 2023, and the fashion world is already making big moves. Not to mention, these are only a few of the fashion debuts the world saw during Paris Fashion Week. For the complete rundown, check out all the shows and collaborations here. And stay tuned for more updates.

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