Brooklyn Museum Adds Exclusive‘Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech’ Merch


| LAST UPDATE 09/22/2022

By Elizabeth Russo
Virgil Abloh Brooklyn Museum
Dominique Charriau/WireImage via Getty Images

In honor of the great visionary Virgil Abloh, the Brooklyn Museum is displaying a retrospective exhibition celebrating the great artist. The exhibition, "Figures of Speech," has been active since the first of July and is now offering never before seen merchandise for audiences everywhere to purchase. So, let's take a closer look at the exhibit itself and what exactly is included in the exclusive collection.

The Brooklyn Museum has been home to the "Figures of Speech" exhibition since the beginning of the summer, honoring the incredible career of artist and designer Virgil Abloh, and will run through January 2023 in the museum's Great Hall. The fashion mogul greatly shaped how we see fashion, music, art, design, and more in modern culture and how these disciplines all interact and connect with each other in some form. Virgil Abloh: "Figures of Speech" was developed by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, honoring the artist's many collaborations and collections as an artistic director; from his work with Takashi Murakami, Louis Vuitton, and Kanye West. The Brooklyn Museum's presentation includes never-before-seen objects from the designer's archive and explores the overall influence and "communicative power of design" Abloh had and still does.

Kanye West Virgil Abloh
 Bertrand Rindoff Petroff via Getty Images
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The exhibit's description reads, "His use of language and quotation marks turns his designs and the people who engage with them into literal figures of speech. The artist uses the Black gaze to dismantle the traditionally white-crafted structures at work in fashion, design, architecture, and art, reconstructing new work through the lens of the Black cultural experience."

Three months into the exhibition, the Brooklyn Museum is offering an exclusive range of limited edition apparel pieces and accessories, as well as a tabletop flip clock that represents the inspiration behind the collection, reminding "us of the evolution occurring every moment." The special edition pieces include pullover hoodies, vintage-style tees, leather handbags, and Italian-made couture garments featuring checked patterns and details about the exhibit. The pieces are available through the museums' online store and at the Off-White flagships, so make sure to check it out and grab something special before they run out!

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