The 42 Coolest and Hottest Sneakers to Buy, Right Now!


| LAST UPDATE 08/03/2022

By Tye Anthony
Mazino Dynamite Chunky Sneakers

New kicks are always dropping and let's be real: Sometimes, it can be hard to keep tabs. Lucky for you, we've made a list of the best sneakers at the moment so you don't have to. Keep scrolling…

Adidas Originals Men's Retropy F2 Sneaker

Inspired by the 80s, the Adidias Originals Men’s Retropy F2 Sneaker features a new way of manufacturing shoes – it is made in part with recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact.


But if you think going eco-friendly would be uncomfortable, these pair of sneakers will make you think again. If you were planning to make a fashion statement this season – you’re making a comfortable choice with the Retropy F2 speakers.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Longwood Sneakers

Look chic in the office, at the outdoor party, or on the bowling alley with the Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Longwood Sneakers. The luxurious leather design is accompanied by a lightweight and comfortable feel for your feet.


You won’t want to keep your feet out of these shoes, and you’ll want to get the other colors. We’ve found that few shoes find the right balance between professional and functional performance, but this pair checks the list.

KEEN Men's Eldon Comfortable Sneaker

The KEEN Men’s Eldon Comfortable Sneaker is the upcoming go-to sneakers that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe. Built for the outdoors, these pair of sneakers are yet to hear bad reviews from their users.


Quite simple and comfortable, you’ll like the simple style and design that are featured on them. We love the quality of KEEN products, and this is a definite favorite.

PUMA Men's Wild Rider Sneakers

PUMA has perfected a formula for creating athletic footwear that is outrageous when it comes to design and comfort. The PUMA Men's Wild Rider Sneakers position the brand once again as one of the world’s leading sportswear brands.


Made with leather, we found that these are a style statement for when you go outdoors. Durability is a given with PUMA brands, so you know that these will last you a long time.

TRAVEL FOX Malibu Nappa

Wow! If there was a pair of shoes that looked extremely slick, we’d have to give the title to the TRAVEL FOX Malibu Nappa's. These high-top sneakers look so exquisite in their individual colors, you’ll definitely purchase more than one color.

TRAVEL FOX Malibu Nappa

The leather material is comforting and breathable, giving an air of authenticity to your feet. You’ll find it hard to get your hands on a pair because their stock is almost always cleared away once they hit the stores. Whether you want to go for a casual, fashionable, or youthful look, these sneakers are a great companion to aid your style.

Fila Men's F-13 Sneakers

Need a cool look for the summer adventures? The Fila Men’s F-13 Sneakers with sandy tan accents and cushioned footbed offer outward style and inward comfort to last many summers. Bringing back the look of the 80s footwear.

Fila Men's F-13 Sneakers

Fila has been a long-standing brand that offers a unique brand experience that combines athletic style with breathable style. Worth the price, the F-13s in particular are everyday sneakers that offer an easy entry into the world of cool people. We’re always happy with our purchases from Fila, and this time is no different.

Jordan Air 14 Retro Low

The first thing to hit your mind when you see these shows for the first time is – “Damn, where did the designer find its inspiration?” Edison Chen put in heart and soul into creating this design inspired by the Terracotta Army of the first emperor of China.

Jordan Air 14 Retro Low

The earthy textures and matte suedes look extremely sexy, with the ancient yet innovative touch. There are far too few shoes that can give off the aesthetics that these Jordans can. For us, the Jordan Air 14 Retro Low ticks more checkboxes than there are on the list, and we’re certain you feel the same.

Mazino Dynamite Chunky Sneakers

The Mazino Dynamite Chunky Sneakers look just like dynamite landed in the middle of all the colors in the world, and the resulting explosion creates a unique color combination that snaps up your attention in no time.

Mazino Dynamite Chunky Sneakers

Designed for athleisure, we think it’s hard to find another pair of shoes that offer a similar versatility to your fashion statements. What this means is – these sneakers make you stand out from the crowd with a loud and bold footwear statement. Now, feel like a piece of art when you hit the streets with your Mazino Dynamite sneakers.

New Balance 997H Men's Sneaker

The New Balance 997H Men’s Sneakers is yet another feather on the cap of the brand because they seem to consistently put out sneakers that hit the right formulation between comfort, style, and price. The 997H is a new take on the classic 997 from new Balance, which was a design by fashion aficionado Steven Smith.


We think you’ll love the Cordura lining, which promises to take care of your feet while remaining durable.  These retro-styled sneakers are an absolute bang for your buck, and we think that there are few sneakers on this list that match the feeling New Balance offers.


Adidas Stan Smith Kermit the Frog X

Adidas’ collaboration with Stan Smith to use the Muppets franchise is a novel and welcome idea to bring back the show into pop culture. Featuring design details of Kermit the Frog, an impressive feature of these shoes is that they are made completely using recycled materials.


Meant to be used as tennis shoes, an unmistakable tribute to Kermit is paid using the lime green of the show, along with the muppet’s signature “It’s not easy being green” line stitched into the heel tabs. With the price point, we think that if you don’t recognize the deal right now, you’re missing out.

Adidas Niteball Sneakers Shoes

The Adidas Niteball Sneakers Shoes are always compared with the Yeezy, and if we had to pick one, we would tip towards the Niteball. These sneakers are quite similar to the Adidas Street Ball series, and these lifestyle sneakers should definitely be in your wardrobe if you’re a collector of sneakers.


While this design doesn’t seem to be marketed as much as the other collections, its popularity is solely through word of mouth, which happens to drive up the demand for these Adidas Originals. The color combinations are a blast, and you’re definitely going to stand out when you do these the next time you’re out hanging with friends.

BALLY Marell-FO-WS Sneaker Bone

The BALLY Marell-FO-WS Sneaker Bone is a style statement that doesn’t shout out with fancy colors but in a subtle, cool guy kind of manner. The only thing we found flashy about this pair is the goldtone metal logo details and the brand’s signature stripe, but they are definitely a good kind of flashy.


Made mostly of leather, these shoes are meant to look good, but aren’t as durable as you may think. But if there’s a pair of sneakers that can treat your feet right, it would be these.

Nike Men's Air Max 97 QS Leather Trainers

Owning a Nike is more than just owning a shoe, it has become synonymous with opening the doors to greatness. The Nike Men's Air Max 97 QS Leather Trainers, with the gold finish, allow you to be excel by becoming the excellent tools your feet need.


By incorporating Tuned Air technology, this shoe feels just as good as it looks, and provides superb underfoot support and cushioning, allowing you to go faster and longer on your runs without compromising on foot integrity. If there was a sure-shot formula to offering the best for your running habit, Nike presents the final result in this product.

Air Jordan 4 Retro

The Air Jordan 4 Retro is a blast from the past, paying homage to a time of aesthetic quality meets long-term comfort. These shoes look so good, it will not be surprising if you break down and cry. Whether you’re on the court, hanging out with your friends, or just hitting the streets, this pair can match any occasion.


The color schemes match the colors of the Chicago Bulls. If you’re a collector of shoes, we think this pair from Air Jordan could be a worthy addition to your collector’s wardrobe.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2

If there’s one aspirational brand to look up to, it is the brand of Kanye West.  The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is his redesign of the popular 350 models. Blending neutral-toned colorways with the signature “Zyon” colorway at the heel, this pair has a subtle marbled blend of colors, famously patented as the Primeknit upper.


The purpose of this subtle combination of colorways is to have the shoe match any occasion or outfit. The boost cushioning further adds to the comfort of wearing, and we think you will not regret getting this pair for your feet.

Air Force 1 Low Roswell Raygun 

Bringing back a design from the featured 2005 Nike SB Dunk, the Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Roswell Raygun’ is the modern reinvention of the series. The Roswell Rayguns were a fictional ABA team featured in their 2002 Nike Basketball campaign, and their signature colors are prominently used in this pair of shoes.


The colors give off a vibe of luxury, and the shoes really make a statement in the crowd. We especially liked the embroidered basketball graphic located at the lateral heel, which subtly reminds us of the famous Basketball campaign. Gift this to someone in your family, and you’re on your way to becoming their favorite family member.

Air Jordan 1 "Pollen"

Featuring a classic black and yellow color combo, this Air Jordan 1 "Pollen" not only nods to allergy season but to an iconic Dunk High collab with Wu-Tang Clan from 1999. During the rollout of his McDonald's meal, Travis Scott popped up wearing one of the 36 ever produced. They were originally shared with family and friends connected to the iconic Staten Island rap group.

via Stadium Goods

While the "Pollen" incorporates similar colors as the Wu-Tang dunk, the latest silhouette is a Jordan Brand favorite: the retro Air Jordan 1. Having dropped in August for $170 retail via Nike's SNKRS app, these shoes are now reselling on StockX and other sites for around $200.


Travis Scott x fragment design x Air Jordan 1 Low

After dropping the high-top version at the end of July on his Cactus Jack website in a first-come, first-served manner, Travis Scott and the Japan-based shop fragment design gave sneaker collectors a better chance to secure their coveted Air Jordan 1 Low style with a raffle on SNKRS in August.

via repgod888 on Instagram

Even though they're Lows, which usually aren't as popular as Jordan 1 Highs, only a handful of SNKRS bidders were able to get their hands on a pair, turning the moment into a trending topic on Twitter. They're reselling for $1,200 on sites like StockX; the Highs are selling for more than double that price.

JJJJound x Vans Sk8-Mid

The low-key yet influential Montreal imprint JJJJound is linking with Vans for the second time since 2017 to deliver 3 suede colorways of the Sk8-Mid in black, brown and olive green. Previously, JJJJound ventured beyond sneakers into a more business casual realm with Dr. Martens.

via jjjjound on Instagram

(The Archie II "Dark Brown Crazy Horse" and "Black Wyoming" shoes were meant for both modern and traditional creatives.) Reflecting JJJJound's versatile and minimal style, the new Vans kicks quickly sold out. However, they're listed on StockX and other sites for the relatively fair cost of $100-130.

Kerwin Frost x Adidas Superstar "Superstuffed"

Fashion tastemaker and Adidas partner Kerwin Frost is translating his larger-than-life personality into an oversized Adidas Superstar "Superstuffed," reselling for around $350 on StockX and other markets. His debut Adidas collab is stuffed with so much padding, it looks five sizes bigger than its actual fit.

via Adidas

"Yes, this is for the weirdo, but I also want everyday people to just be able to put it on and feel a little sneaky when they’re jumping into it," Frost told Complex in an interview. "Because it’s not super loud in colors and stuff, but it is really crazy and out of the box." Gigi Hadid and John Mayer are two notable trendsetters who showed love to the "Superstuffed."

Concepts x New Balance 57/40 "Headin' Home"

Concepts x NB 57/40 "Headin' Home" – For a style that's more normal-sized, peep the 57/40 "Headin' Home" from Boston-based boutique Concepts and New Balance. The shoe not only pays homage to Babe Ruth's 1920 film of the same name but the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees. (Ruth won three championships with the Sox and four with the Yanks from 1915-1932.)

via Concepts

"While athlete-driven film features are common today, this was pioneering for its time: The Yankees' first attempt at selling its stars through popular entertainment," Concepts wrote on its blog. They added, "The color palette for the shoe draws from original 'Headin' Home' posters." On resale markets like StockX, they've been moving for close to $200.

Stüssy x Birkenstock Boston Clogs (2021)

After joining forces for a couple of Boston Clogs outfitted in corduroy last year, Stüssy and Birkenstock are expanding their collection to include 3 fresh colorways – "Bone," "Caramel" and "Dusty Pink" – in traditional suede. The main highlight is Stüssy's logo, which lies parallel to the buckle. Birkenstock describes the sandal as a "perfect seasonless shoe."

via Stüssy

Birkenstock also collaborated with streetwear brand Kith earlier this year on a couple of fuzzy Boston Shearling looks in "Antler" and "Grey," as well as two Arizona Shearling pairs in "Navy" and "Green." The latest releases are reselling for between $230-$300, with "Dusty Pink" being the most sought-after.

Pharrell x Adidas Humanrace Sičhona

Pharrell and Adidas are continuing to make sneaker history together, recently introducing a brand new silhouette dubbed the Humanrace Sičhona in "Team Royal Blue." Sičhona is an indigenous phrase that means "connecting to the earth." Members from the Dakota tribe were featured in the promotional campaign, and they liken the phrase to being "barefoot.”

via Adidas

Indeed, Pharrell revealed in an interview, "I chased the experience I remember feeling as a kid when I walked barefoot on grass, sand and rocks. Feeling the texture, the temperature, the moisture … that primal sense of freedom was a north star objective with this project." They dropped via Adidas' Confirmed app in late August, now going for around $230.

Asics x Vivienne Westwood Gel-Kayano 27 LTX 

Take a good look at those kicks below. Look familiar? There's a reason for that: Vivian Westwood's latest collab with Asics was actually inspired by the label's famous latex stockings. And with a sleek finish and futuristic silhouette, we'd say the sneakers are certainly worthy of a spot in your closet. But hang on while we break down what exactly is so great about 'em.

hottest sneakers trending collaboration

For starters, you know anything Westwood drops is bound to turn heads. And one quick glance at these trendy kicks, and that's exactly what you can expect. The Gel-Kayano 27 LTX (Latex), is as durable as it is different. With GEL technology and FLYTEFOAM cushioning, feel free to take these multi-purpose sneakers wherever the wind takes you - literally. A rocky nature trail? A runway? Take your pick. Pop on over to the official site, pick your style (Vapor, Citrus, and Black colorways), and get ready to strut in style.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low "Stars"

When Supreme and Nike SB joined forces yet again back in March, you can bet it took the sneaker world by storm. After dropping the Dunk Low "Stars," it wasn't long before the retro kicks sold out on their official sites. Lucky for you, we've found you another way to cop the special collab in the link above. As for why you'll want to add them to your collection?

Hottest sneakers supreme collaboration

From the moment you step foot in the striking sneakers, you'll be feeling like the star that you are - literally. Decked out in a star pattern and faux croc skin, the Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Lows pay nod to the rare 2003 Nike SB Dunk High Supremes (remember those?). Only this time around, you'll be scoring 4 new styles: Hyper Royal, Mean Green, Black, and Barkroot Brown. And suddenly your future never looked brighter...


Patta x New Balance 991

991, we've got an emergency on our hands: after twenty long years, Patta and New Balance are back and better than ever. Their latest drop, the 991, pays tribute to their former collab of the same name, stemming from New Balance's legendary UK factory in Flimby, Cumbria. But make no mistake about it: They'll be doing things differently this time around…

Trending sneakers new balance

From a new and improved midsole design to revamped colorways, you're in for a real treat here. That's right, expect top-of-the-line comfort all while stepping out in trendy tan overlays for a look that goes with just about everything. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the official site and get ready to be a part of history. Just like our next drop. Go ahead, keep scrolling...

Reebok x Cottweiler Zig 3D Storm Hydro

No, you're not looking at another Yeezy cop. Meet Cottweiler, the brand you're about to be seeing a whole lot of. While the British label's name might not be dropped as much as the "Christian Genius Billionaire's,' we've got a feeling it will be very soon. So what better time to join in on the hype? Hang on while we tell you what's so great about their latest drop.

Trending sneakers, reebok collaboration

Inspired by a "New Age Traveler," the futuristic kicks look like something out of our favorite sci-fi movie. And with thick foam cushioning, discrete sock liners, and a unique lacing system, these lightweight kicks are bound to put you ten steps ahead. Don't worry, 'Ye, we still love you - but you can bet we'll be adding these to our list of must-haves. Check 'em out for yourself on the official site above.

DC "Double Box"

This past Valentine's Day, DC truly gave us something to love: the "Double Box" - kicks with a history as rich as its colorful hues. In honor of the 20th and 21st anniversaries of two of their most iconic colorways, the sneaker giant dropped the limited-edition collection. Safe to say, it won over hearts of fellow sneakerheads. What makes them so special?

Hottest sneakers, trending collaboration

Take a good look at them yourself (above), and you'll understand why. The "Double Box" drop pays tribute to the Lynx OG and Kalis OG - "two of the most sought after [colorways] by the collectors," as Josh Kalis himself put it. But that's not even the best part. The anniversary kicks come with a special collector's card, featuring the original text and imagery from OG DC 2000 and 2001 catalogs. Yes, really. Cop yourself a pair and get ready for a (trendy) trip down memory line….

Yeezy Desert Boot Taupe Blue

Did you really think 'Ye's name wasn't going to find its way onto our list? Regardless of how you feel about the Sunday Service rapper, we can all agree he knows how to craft a good shoe. Look no further than his latest drop, which brought back the famous Desert Boot silhouette after nearly a year and a half hiatus.

Yeezy sneakers hottest trending

No, you're not dreaming: 'Ye actually opted for... colors this time around. Instead of his signature earth tones, the rapper's March drop featured colorways we haven't seen in a long, long time. With a chunky blue sole and suede taupe, the sneaker is the vibrant twist we've been waiting for. And we're not the only ones. Unfortunately, the drop is already sold out on Yeezy's official site - but we've secured another link where you can pick up the striking kicks above. Thank us later.

Pangaia Grape Leather Sneakers

Thought 'Ye's colorful kicks were worthy of your attention? How about sneakers made out of... grapes? That's right. Meet the PANGAIA Sneaker, made completely from industrial waste. As for how it works, exactly? Hang on while we break down the science behind the revolutionary sneakers that have taken the sneaker world by storm.

hottest sneakers trending recycled

Made from stalks, skins, and seeds, the leather silhouette will literally have you ten steps ahead of the game. But Mother Nature won't be the only one thanking you after this Earth-friendly cop. Made in an orthopedic center, the lightweight kicks are about as comfortable as it gets. In fact, one might just call 'em the next best thing to stepping on grapes. Don't quote us on that one, though. Pop on over to the official site to be a part of the movement today.

HOKA Carbon X 2

Buckle up, you're in for the rid of your life with our next pair of kicks. That's because Hoka's Carbon X 2 sneakers will literally run for you. With state-of-the-art technology and breathable comfort, you'll be getting Hoka's same reliable speed - all while looking fresh in a newly improved silhouette. But that's not all.

Trending sneakers most popular

If, by some chance, you're not sold on the game-changing sneakers? Don't worry, Hoka's "30 Day Challenge" is sure to put you at ease. As the sneaker giant promised, take a "30-day test flight" risk-free. In other words, if you don't feel the difference, you can get a full refund. No questions asked. But with a removable sock liner, lightweight feel, and rave reviews, we've got a pretty feeling these will be a staple in your closet for quite some time. 


Nike Go FlyEase

Once you see Nike Go FlyEase do its thing, you can't unsee it - their words, not ours. But they couldn't be more right: Nike's latest drop is like nothing we've ever gotten our hands on before. That's because the "hands-free" kicks allow easy on and off access without ever having to lift a finger. Yes, really. As for how that even works?

Trending sneakers hottest popular

With a built-in tensioner band and bi-stable hinge, the Nike gods made sure the kicks are ready for wear whenever you are: simply step down, click in the locked position, and you're good to go. Yep. It's really that simple. And with revolutionary colorways featuring pastel hues, you'll be "flowing with ease from inside to outside, morning to night," as Nike put it. Safe to say, looking fly has officially never been easier.

Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 6 “Khaki”

Ready to be the highest in the room? Back in April, Cactus Jack teamed up with Nike to bring back one of the most sought-after drops to ever hit stands. Of course, we're talking about the Air Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott British Khakis. But while it might be a nod to Scott's 2019's collab with the sneaker giant, things look different this time around.

Trending sneakers collaboration popular

From a glow-in-the-dark sole to perforated, reflective underlays, the rapper might know how to spit bars, but he can now add sneaker genius to his resume. And after dropping the special sneakers on his very own birthday (April 30), Scott is officially the gift that keeps on giving. Pop on over to the official site to check them out for yourself. And of course, happy birthday to La Flame.

Pharrell Williams Primeknit Superstar Shoes

Ever since they first linked up in 2014, Adidas and Pharrell Williams have been doing things differently. Safe to say, their latest drop is no exception. With a unique knitted patchwork design, the 2020 Primeknit Superstar is the perfect take on the legendary Adidas Superstar sneaker. And right in time for the Superstar's 50th anniversary.

Hottest Sneakers Adidas Superstar

You can cop the exclusive sneakers in two colorways: Core White and Core Black. The ultra-comfortable kicks were designed to fit like a glove, all while keeping to the Superstar's signature silhouette. And with "HUMAN RACE" - a nod to Williams' skincare line - embroidered at the shoe's heel? You're bound to stand out. To check out the hype for yourself, be sure to head to Adidas

Reebok Instapump Fury "Digital Glow"

Reebok hit us with a dose of nostalgia after revamping the innovative Instapump in a "Digital Glow" colorway this year. With colorful neon shades, the limited-edition sneakers take us right back to the '80s. In case you forgot, the OG Instapump Fury went on to become one of Reebok's hottest sneakers last year. Safe to say the English brand's latest colorway is certainly on its way to following in the OG's footsteps.

Best Sneakers Trending Shoes

So, what makes them so great? With a slip-on design and Hexalite hexagonal cushioning for extra support, get ready to hit the streets in comfort - and style, of course. Unfortunately, you might have to wait a while before you can cop a pair. The popular colorway is currently sold out on Reebok but be sure to stay tuned online for their next restock. In the meantime? Keep scrolling for more drops we're sure you'll want to get your hands on.

Adidas UltraBOOST DNA 1.0

In case you haven't already heard, Ultraboost DNA 1.0 has been turning heads - not only thanks to its sleek design. The kicks are made with Primeblue, a high-performance recycled material made with Parley Ocean Plastic. And with Adidas' signature Boost technology incorporated in the soles, these eco-friendly kicks might just be your new favorite running shoes. And, of course, you'll be giving back to the environment, so there's that.

Best Sneakers Designer Shoes

The best part? With a lace-closure "sock" fit, these sneakers are so versatile you can wear them every day. And with a Primeknit textile upper, textile lining, and Continental™ Rubber outsole, you'll be happy to. Not to mention, the lightweight kicks are only about 11.6 ounces which makes them that much easier on the feet. Well, what are you waiting for? Get a better feel for the collection and its 2 colorways right here at Adidas.


Bodega x Vault by Vans Style 36 LX “High Note”

In honor of Bodega's 15th anniversary this year, the fashion retailer is teaming up with Vault by Vans to bring us the gift we never knew we needed: the limited-edition OG Style 36 LX or the "High Note." You'll probably notice the familiar Vans design, but don't get it twisted: These special kicks are decked out with fine detailing such as snakeskin, uncut suede, and a Damier pattern similar to Louis Vuitton's.

Cool Sneakers White Converse

But that's not all. You'll also find touches of magenta in both the inner shoe and its outsole - and there's good reason for that. The purplish hue is set to represent royalty, part of the vibe Bodega was going for. And with 15 years of shaking the sneaker game, it's safe to say the retailer's latest drop won't disappoint. But we'll let you be the judge of that one. Check them out for yourself here at Bdgastore.

Nike SB Dunk High "Hawaii"

Each year, Nike Skateboarding gets us in the "4/20" mood with their special and super-chill drops right in time for the annual holiday. Luckily, we've already copped a peek at what we can expect this time around. In April, the sneaker giant revealed its upcoming shoe design, dubbing it the "Maui Wowie." And we can't wait to get our hands on 'em on April 23.

Nike Cool Shoes Sneakers

At first glance, it might seem like just a sneaker with some flowers on it. What gives? Well, think again. The floral print is actually designed to wear off over time and reveal a completely different one featuring lush greenery, Hawaiian sunsets, and turquoise waters. But perhaps our favorite part? The secret stash pocket on the tongue to store valuable, ahem, things. To cop the shoes, head on over to Nike.

New Balance BB9000

New Balance is making a push to take over the hardwood. Their latest basketball lifestyle kicks, the BB9000, are bound to make you a star both on and off the court. Featuring NB's signature hoop high-top design, the sneakers come in two colorways: white with blue detailing and white with red undertone. Look familiar? The retro kicks are inspired by classic models like the 480 and 550, with New Balance's vintage logo plastered on the side.

Fashion Sneakers Cool Shoes

But forget the old-school detailing 'cause New Balance's drop is ahead of its time. With a foam tongue and wax-dipped lace aglets, the BB9000 is bound to put you ahead of the competition. The midsoles also feature the same FuelCell technology you've seen on models like Kawhi Leonard's "KAWHI." From the look of it, these kicks are capable of boosting any jump, all while retaining comfort. If you wanna snag them yourself, head on over to New Balance. 

Air Jordan 5 Toro Bravo

MJ has been dominating the court for as long as we can remember. But forget his stats for a second. The NBA legend's sneaker choices have also changed the world of ball forever. After first stepping out in the Air Jordan 1 back in the '80s, Jordan's kicks have continued to sell out ever since. But it appears an upgrade is officially in order.

Best shoes Hottest Sneakers

Take a look at the revamped Air Jordan 5 "Toro Bravo" that hit shelves on April 10th. The latest silhouette will introduce a noticeably tweaked design to the cult-favorite style. Along with the shoe's bold shade of University Red, the kicks will also sport a layer of trimmed suede that we haven't seen before. With stitched graphics and heritage branding, the familiar Air Jordan detailing will still be upheld. Make sure to head on over to Nike to be a part of history.

Air Jordan 1 Centre Court

Good news: The low-cut, court-inspired take on the Air Jordan 1 has finally hit shelves. The kicks' revolutionary design merges the world of vintage Michael Jordan with a modern aesthetic. According to Nike's website, the silhouette actually "fuses" the two worlds with a flavor "popularized by classic tennis shoes" to "capture the best of both worlds."

White Nike Sneakers Trending

Available in University Red and White on White, the shoes seem to be living up to their promise, sporting stitched graphics featuring crescent patterns. And with the Air Jordan logo embossed at the suede heel? There's an extra dose of swag. From the meticulous detailing to the everyday comfort, we'd say this drop is certainly worth investing in. Cop a pair for yourself at Nike.

Kim Jones x Converse Chuck 70 (Black/Egret)

For all of our Converse lovers, we've got a feeling you're going to like this next design. One look at the Kim Jones x Converse collab and it's like we've just stepped back into the '90s. Inspired by utilitarian UK streetwear, Dior menswear director Kim Jones wanted to exude a retro feel, all while honoring Converse's famous silhouette. And we'd say he did a pretty good job. Go ahead and check 'em out.

Cool Shoes Sneaker Brands

For starters, the kicks feature the classic canvas upper our Converse lovers are all too familiar with. But, the thing that really stands out here is the unique custom plastic shell, which wraps itself around the shoe. The rubber overlay makes these sneakers perfect for any given day - rain or shine. But you'd better hurry, these weather-proof kicks are limited edition. In other words? They won't last long. Head on over to Converse to cop yourself a pair.

New Balance 57/40

Looking for style and comfort? Look no further than New Balance's latest drop, the 57/40. It may look familiar, as the sneakers are a revamp of the brand's iconic 574s. You'll even find the familiar 574 "lines," which were tweaked a bit for a more modern-day take on the classic kicks. The famous New Balance logo is also bigger on these sneakers, reminiscent of past releases such as the 327.

Hottest Sneakers Cool Shoes
@newbalance via Twitter

With the 57/40, New Balance has blessed us with a taste of both the '80s and '90s. For one, you'll find two midsoles on the kicks. One was inspired by style in the '90s and the other was a traditional 574 look. NB's latest collection also comes with rainbow-colored details on a neutral canvas. But there are even more colorways set to hit the shelves in the future, making for the most expressive model across the 574 collections. If you want to join in on the action, head on over to New Balance.