Dress To Impress! Check Out These 38 Best Clothing Brands to Shop From in 2023


| LAST UPDATE 08/01/2023

By Ray Zhang
Best Clothing Brands to Shop From

We've put together some of 2022's best clothing brands - and don't worry fashion fanatics, we'll keep the list updated monthly. These lines will amp up your wardrobe from top designer brands to more affordable fashion pieces.

Ami Paris

Ami Paris, a French fashion brand, has been providing us with Parisian prowess since 2011. The brand offers men’s and womenswear for a contemporary lifestyle, striking the perfect balance between formal and casual cool. AMI, the initials of founder Alexandre Mattiussi’s name, also translates to 'friend' in French, reflecting the brand's values of friendliness, authenticity, and nonchalance.

Mattiussi's vision for AMI was to create real clothes for real people, making luxury fashion accessible. Today, AMI is a globally recognized fashion house, with Mattiussi continuing to lead the brand with a humble and genuine approach to fashion.

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Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons, often abbreviated as CDG, is a renowned Japanese fashion label founded by Rei Kawakubo in 1969. The brand is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and Paris, France. The name "Comme des Garçons" translates to "like boys" in French, inspired by Françoise Hardy's 1962 song "Tous les garçons et les filles." The brand gained popularity in Japan in the 1970s and added a menswear line in 1978.

It made its debut in Paris in 1981, where Kawakubo's use of black distressed fabrics and unfinished seams was initially met with criticism. Over the years, Comme des Garçons has become synonymous with avant-garde, punk-influenced aesthetics. The brand has multiple lines designed by Rei Kawakubo and other designers like Junya Watanabe and Tao Kurihara

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Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a luxury fashion house founded by its namesake, Jil Sander, in 1968 in Hamburg, Germany. The brand is best known for its minimalist and clean designs. In 1999, the brand was acquired by Prada, but Sander left her label due to creative differences. After several changes of ownership, the Jil Sander brand was acquired by the Italian fashion group OTB in March 2021.

Luke and Lucie Meier were named co-creative directors of Jil Sander in 2017, succeeding Rodolfo Paglialunga.Jil Sander launched its first women's collection in 1973, and the men's collection followed in 1997. The brand's boutiques were designed by New York architect Michael Gabellini. In the 1980s, Sander presented her collections at the Milan fashion shows.

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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy has an air around him that justifies his claim to the title of London’s favorite designer of excessive party and streetwear. Quickly rising to the upper echelons of the London fashion world, he’s arguably the current young talent everyone has their eyes on.

He was a creative force who took Somerset House by storm when he arrived, and the various awards bestowed upon him further stress his relevancy to today’s time and generation. From the LMVH Prize nomination to the British Emerging Talent prize at the Fashion Awards, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy has much more to offer to the fashion world, and we feel he is just getting started.

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Founded as a passion project in 2014, YUK FUN is a home studio on the south coast of England that creates small batches of clothing, which their customers massively love.  Designed with inspiration from the art and design courses they took at Leeds Metropolitan University, Lucy Cheung and Patrick Gildersleeves create art you cannot help but be pleased about.

With designs that take elements from Chinse folk art, Japanese woodcuts and textiles, you’ll find that their clothing would appear ageless – it’s the kind of thing you may think is childish on others but looks great when you try it on yourself.

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Harris Reed

If the British fashion industry needed an outlet to express its overarching culture and spirit in everyday clothing, Harris Reed would be the one to keep an eye on. At just 26 years of age, he’s propelled to unimaginable fame. With the experience of working with superstars like Harry Styles, Beyoncé and Lil Nas X, he is undoubtedly a major crowd-puller at today’s fashion shows.

With elements of master craftsmanship that pay tribute to the ways of old and new, his gender-fluid styles are incredibly relevant and place him as the poster boy for what the British fashion industry stands for.

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Daniel w. Fletcher

GQ’s 2020 breakthrough designer, nominee for 2017’s LMVH Prize and the holder of the titled “King of fashion’s scrap heap”, Daniel w. Fletcher has always maintained one philosophy about his design – “How can I find ways to reduce the environmental impact and waste output from my designs?”.

With his designs now made out of patchworked fabrics, the designer is also known for constantly donating his proceeds to charities. By turning his sustainability interests into a full-time business, he shows the path to what should be the future we must all aspire to.

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Saint Sintra

Designed for women of all body types, Saint Sintra is a cult favorite among celebrities particularly music stars, finding itself on album art to the TV screens through the Tonight Show. Sintra Martins, based out of New York, explores themes around fantastical femininity and finds inspiration from feudalism, heraldry and retro TV shows like Star Wars in her latest collection.

Designed for the people of New York, her designs give off an attitude that is part of the air surrounding the Big Apple. Her love for fairy tales reflects in her work – her designs are fantastic and contain a dash of sparkling magic.

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Combine elements of the New York rebellious style with a fierce free spirit in equal proportions and use it to focus on clothing that speaks about a social topic every season – you will begin to understand the meaning behind PRIVATE POLICY’s inclusive clothing style.

The designers blend in designs from both the Western and Eastern worlds and manage to captivate the fashion industry with a genderless, smoothly blending design that allows people to wear whatever they want at the moment. With a number of strong collaboration projects and carefully handpicked social causes, PRIVATE POLICY is a brand that will continue to make headlines, and we’d wish for nothing else.

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Aimé Leon Dore

Based in New York, Aimé Leon Dore focuses on luxury streetwear including accessories. Why does this brand find its way on our list? The unique patterns form a pleasing aesthetic while maintaining a simple yet powerful feel to the clothes.

With inspiration taken from the 80s and 90s, the classic styles they bring to the table are versatile and will spice up your wardrobe routine for those special occasions. Their best form of marketing is their customers, who keep raving about the quality of their products. We think highly of this brand and add it here for you to give it a chance.

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Balenciaga is the brainchild of creative director Denma Gvasalia, widely acknowledged as an influential figure in luxury fashion. Headquartered in Paris, they changed how people think about women’s fashion, by introducing designs that present the mid-20th century in a new light.

Jacopo M. Raule Via gettyimages.com

Positioned as a luxury brand, Balenciaga is a favorite among celebrities and movie stars, and we’re not wrong in calling it the hottest fashion brand in the world. Their collaborations with Fortnite, Simpsons and Kanye West further propel their popularity, making it the talk of the town on TV, in online forums and on social media.

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Ahluwalia is the brainchild of London-based Priya Ahluwalia, who infuses sociocultural events with a nuance craft to bring out a clothing line that has taken the market by storm. The color blends and styles are a visual treat, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone on whom this brand doesn’t do justice.

But with every season bringing its own themes and stories that define our global culture, Ahluwalia is a brand to look out for, because clothing that really makes you think and understand the story about its origin is rare, and thus to be much treasured.

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Puppets and Puppets

Puppets and Puppets is an indie brand that successfully defined itself as a contender in costumes and couture. The brand also doubles down on its brand core of theatricality and grandeur, owing to designer Carly Mark’s previous life as a fine artist.

As the brand grew to where they are now, it made it a necessary prerequisite to minimize the waste and energy they generate, by working with limited stock and reusable materials. Puppets and Puppets add a new flavor to the typical New York fashion scenes, and it’s a much-welcome addition in our opinion.

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Edvin Thompson, the founder of Theophilio, wanted to find a way to celebrate the Black community in an open and more personal way, by allowing customers to submit their family portraits which would then be printed on T-shirts. When this became wildly successful, they knew that Theophilio is a brand that had more than just the name as its moat- they had a community of people but vastly diverse experiences backing them.

We know this because of their loud statement across the fashion shows they’ve participated in. They’ve stayed true to this root, by incorporating colors that inherently speak for the Black culture.

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Buck Mason

Buck Mason is a brand we instantly loved, because of its focus on making durable and sustainable clothing for men. Considering the significant star power donning the brand, which includes Ryan Gosling and Tom Brady, it’s poised to become a sizable player in the men’s clothing market.

The customer reviews vouch for their authenticity, making users point to show their love for Buck Mason’s minimalist design by multiple variants of the same clothes. Their 365-Day return policy is also hassle-free, which leaves them in a good light even with customers who end up unhappy with the final product.

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Think simple, modern, and versatile – Everlane probably comes to mind. Sourcing only the finest materials from ethical factories around the world, their brand understands that the right choice for clothing can come if they practice Radical Transparency, which is one of their brand missions. By not exploiting the traditional “brand tax”, Everlane manages to provide high-quality clothing made to last, at a much more affordable price.

They are also serious about the environmental goals, by offering annual updates on their Carbon Commitment goals. Everlane is a market leader in terms of innovation and share in the direct-to-consumer ecosystem, and with their constant drive to change, we think they are here to stay.

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L.L. Bean

Founded by Leon Leonwood Bean, L.L. Bean is a family-owned, century-old clothing business focused on designing for the outdoors. Because they are family-owned, their focus on customer service, both online and in-store, is a pillar for this brand’s success. Their customers typically span across generations, because brand referrals within families can be trusted more than any marketing.

L.L. Bean is an outdoor clothing brand accepted by the elite of our society. The brand manages to be a sensation that a worldwide audience waits for, without trying too hard to be relevant. So if you’re looking for something cozy to wear, chances are you already have this brand in your mind.

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Performance-driven clothing – it’s a heavy claim to make, but Rhone manages to pull it off year after year after year. Rhone incorporates versatility without forgetting about the requirement of an active life without compromising fit or comfort. The brand manages to create a real community, and the Rhone Rewards and Trainers Program adds to the building of this community.

If you’re the person who gets it all done within 24 hours, chances are that Rhone’s outfits play an important role in helping you perform. We simply suggest you go ahead with this brand because money should not be a constraint for superb comfort.

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Acne Studios

Jonny Johansson, founder of Acne Studios took a different approach to building this behemoth of a luxury fashion brand. He blended in photography, art, architecture, and contemporary culture into the trendsetting ready-to-wear collections. While luxury brands normally expect superb quality, Acne Studios has yet to face accusations about the quality of its collections.

The 12-month guarantee further enhances the trust customers have in the quality. Because they are a luxury brand, Acne Studios caters to a customer base with high expectations, and we think they’re a winning brand when it comes to exceeding quality at a sub-luxury price.

Joe Freshgoods

Joe Freshgoods has streetwear merch like no other. The popular clothing brand is named after its founder, who was born and raised in Chicago's west side. Freshgood's city upbringing inspires his popular clothes, along with a mix of other "historical and cultural references," per the designer's website.

Best clothing brands, fashion
Instagram via @joefreshgoods

Since rising in the fashion world, Joe's work has appeared in the likes of Vogue and GQ. And don't even get us started on Freshgoods' endless collabs. The fashion brand partnered with New Balance in 2020. And in 2021, Joe dropped a line with ... wait for it ... 7-Eleven. The unique merch is inspired by the founder's visits to the store.

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Denim Tears

This top clothing brand entered the scene with a bang: Denim Tears' debut collection was a collab with Levi's and reflected on America's history of slavery. Tears' founder Tremaine Emory explained that his goal was to "inspire confidence in African-American people" by telling a story of Black history through the designs.

Fashion brands, designer brands
Instagram via @denimtears

And that's been a general theme in Tremaine Emory's famous clothing brand: telling stories through pieces that redefine African American history and inspire the Black community. So if Denim Tears' bomb designs weren't enough to get fashion lovers hooked, the line's special meanings and historical references just might be.

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Next on our list of this year's top clothing brands is Rhude. The famous fashion line produces some pricey - but worthwhile - button-downs, shorts, track pants, hoodies, and more. Not only does this popular brand have countless fire pieces, but they also have some big faces representing them.

Best, Popular clothing brands
Instagram via @rhude

We're talking, of course, about their collab with Future; Rhude's first fashion campaign featured the High Off Life rapper. With the artist's face previously gracing Hollywood billboard ads, Rhude has since only gotten bigger and better. But don't take our word for it - check out their online store for yourself.

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If you've yet to hear about Stüssy, consider this your lucky day. The clothing brand lands a spot on our list of 2023's best, but it's been around much longer than we have. Stüssy has shaped the world of streetwear fashion for more than four decades since its Laguna Beach, California founding in 1980.

top clothing brands, popular
Instagram via @stussy

So what can you expect while surfing their site for some stylish goodies? From logo hoodies and tees to unique sweaters, jackets, and blazers, Stüssy's got it all. And the top fashion brand has some legendary collaborations up its sleeve, including partnering with Nike to relaunch its Air Huarache line.

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Union Los Angeles

Next up, is another good clothing brand crucial to the rise of streetwear. Founded in New York City in 1989, Union Los Angeles dominates the fashion scene and gets a place on our list. Their motto? "We walk the line of fashion and function," reads Union's website. "We like to offer functional clothing that has subtle fashion sensibilities."

top designer brands, clothes
Instagram via @unionlosangeles

But don't let the word "subtle" fool you - wearers of Union Los Angeles are sure to turn heads with their pristine cuts and innovative looks. And like some other top designer brands on this list, the fashion house's collections are often inspired by Black history.

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Fear of God

In need of some neutral-colored staples to add to the wardrobe? Then Fear of God might be the perfect place to search. "I grew up with Christ as the center of my household," brand founder Jerry Lorenzo explained of the name he chose for his famous clothing line. "It was intertwined with everything we did."

most popular clothes, brands
Instagram via @fearofgod

During its 2013 beginnings, Lorenzo's designs were inspired by the few secular figures the creative knew about. Influenced by Kurt Cobain and The Breakfast Club's John Bender, early pieces were quite a grunge. But the brand's latest collection is filled with sleek lines and a neutral aesthetic.

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Daily Paper

This Amsterdam-based brand has flourished and received international popularity in recent years. And their exciting name is not without reason: the famous clothing brand began as a streetwear style blog that featured a few T-shirts with the publication's logo. But those simpler times are long gone.

famous clothing brands, fashion
Instagram via @dailypaper

Founders Jefferson Osei, Abderrahmane Trabsini, and Hussein Suleiman's designs are inspired by the trio's African roots and Dutch upbringings. The result? A range of stylish pieces from printed denim to pastel hoodies. And with prices starting at $55, it's arguably one of the more affordable popular streetwear brands.

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Bricks and Wood

Looking for that Yeezy-sleek style without breaking the bank? Then this might be the perfect solution. Not to say that Bricks and Wood don't have their personality. According to its website, the Los Angeles-based brand was founded in 2014 and "is focused on storytelling through manufacture, design, and collaborations."

Good clothing brands, trending
Instagram via @bricksandwood

The site continues, "Our standard is a high-quality presentation of contemporary streetwear garments collaborated with everyday functional goods." Union Los Angeles's unisex sweatsuit sets, shirts, and hats are the epitome of comfort mixed with style. Their tees begin at around $30, while bigger items like hoddies start at $90.

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This legendary name has a net worth that's reportedly in the millions, if not billions, so it's hardly a shock that the famous clothing brand is one of 2023's best. Supreme probably needs no introduction, but we'll go ahead and give you some background anyway.

Top, Best clothing brands
Instagram via @supremenewyork

The New York brand was started in 1994 by James Jebbia. Supreme was initially designed with mostly skater culture in mind. Today, it's an ode to both skateboarding and hip hop. With two collections released each year (but not all pieces at once), the popular brand's merchandise is almost guaranteed to sell out each time.

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With a motto like, "It's not for you - it's for everyone," Telfar immediately got our attention. This famous clothing brand was making genderless clothing cool before many of us even heard of the notion. Telfar is dedicated to being an inclusive brand that has beautiful pieces for every person.

Popular clothing bands, designer
Instagram via @telfarglobal

Proof of its success? Well, one of its handbags was on "Oprah's Favorite Things" holiday list; Queen RiRi once rocked a Telfar track jacket in ways only the Barbados babe could; the brand has partnered with the likes of Converse. Need any more reasons to shop away?

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Kith changed the world of streetwear when it first stepped into the scene in 2011. A decade later, we can't think of street style without the New York-based clothing brand coming to mind. It's most recent work that has us going wild? A whole collection inspired by the hit animated series The Simpsons.

Good, Famous clothing brands
Instagram via @kith

Kith has other impressive collections on its track record, including a collab in 2020 with the New York Knicks. Since then, they've gone international and opened stores in Japan and France. So if you're in need of some streetwear staples this year, Kith can help you up your wardrobe game.

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Darryl Brown

With a unique history, it's no wonder Darryl Brown has become one of the more popular clothing lines this year. The founder is a former railroad engineer who reps the same name as his brand. That explains the workwear-inspired pieces. Need more reason to trust the man's designs? We have two words: Kanye West.

Top, best clothing brands
Instagram via @knarlydb

Aside from having "engineer" on his resume, Darryl Brown also previously worked as Yeezy's lead stylist. So fashion-lovers in the mood for some quality pieces that'll help you look casually cool in your daily work life, this is the brand for you. From cargo pants to comfy tees, Brown's got all the essentials.

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Next up on our list of 2023's top designer brands is Post-Imperial. Those who have never heard of them are in for a treat. Niyi Okuboyejo established the Harlem-based menswear line. Niyi was born in Lagos and raised in Texas, and you can bet his background inspires the brand's pieces.

Most popular clothes, brands
Instagram via @postimperial

This brand is for bolder fashion icons. While plenty of calm earth tones are involved, Post-Imperial's recent collections also involve some funky patterns and striking tie-dye bucket hats. If these pieces sound guaranteed to turn some heads, that's because they are. But again, don't take our word for it; surf their online store yourself.

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Let us introduce TIER, the clothing line giving streetwear a fresh take. The brand was founded in 2014 by friends and artists Nigeria Ealey, Victor James, and Esaie Jean-Simon. Since its beginnings, the designers have blessed us with stylish denim, essential tees, "Black excellence" merch, and more.

Designer, clothing brands, best
Instagram via @tier_nyc

But this rising brand is on our list for more than their on-point designs. TIER is leading the eco-conscious and social justice game with its sustainable and inclusive practices. With pieces starting at $35 and going up to the hundreds, the fashion brand has a little something for everyone.

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Chrome Hearts

Remember when The Weeknd wrote (another) song about Bella Hadid and sang "She got Chrome Hearts hangin' from her neck" in Escape From LA? Well, if you didn't know, the Grammy winner referenced the famous clothing brand often repped by the supermodel. And Bella's not the only one loving Chrome Hearts merch.

Most popular clothes, brands
Instagram via @chromeheartsofficial

The brand has been around since the '80s and styled everyone from Rolling Stones members to Guns 'N Roses. But in recent years it has been breaking into the streetwear world with the likes of Drake and 21 Savage repping their pieces. Chrome Hearts makes unique designs and chunky jewelry that are sure to spice up your wardrobe.

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Adidas Originals

This brand needs no introduction. It might be much bigger than many of the smaller designer brands on this list, but Adidas Originals earns a spot as one of 2023's best clothing brands to shop from. The sportswear company has been around since 1949 but its more fashionable extension was launched in the 2000s.

Good, famous clothing brands
Instagram via @adidasoriginals

Adidas Originals provides fashion and sports lovers alike with casual and stylish pieces - with a sporty feel, of course. But they're no strangers to branching out. The top clothing brand has previously partnered with Diesel for their "Originals Denim" collection. Shoppers can count on Originals for street-style staples and sporty pieces.

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Pyer Moss

The founder of this famous clothing brand was named the Council of Fashion Designers of America's 2020 American Menswear Designer of the Year. With that in mind, it's no wonder we've included Pyer Moss on this list of 2023's best lines. So what can fashion enthusiasts expect from their trend-setting merch?

Top, best, clothing brands
Instagram via @pyermoss

The luxury streetwear brand has everything from perfectly fitted sweats to higher-end pieces (sported by none other than Vice President Kamala Harris at the U.S. inauguration). Founder and designer Kerby Jean use his Haitian-American roots to challenge mainstream narratives of Black culture and history through fashion. Sound iconic? It is.

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The Brooklyn Circus

With a dope name like Brooklyn Circus, we expected big things from this popular clothing brand even before actually getting a glimpse at their collections. But one look into Circus's merch did not disappoint. Designer Ouigi Theodore mixes city street style with retro vibes for one-of-a-kind creations. The goal behind it all?

top, popular clothing brands
Instagram via @thebkcircus

Theodore hopes to "refine the image of urban America" with his unique designs. The brand originated in 2006 in - you guessed it - Brooklyn. Today, Circus also has stores in San Francisco and Chicago. On their site, shoppers can find everything from well-fitted trousers to graphic tees with designs inspired by Black history.

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Aimé Leon Dore

Want a new (and more dope) take on the classic New York Yankees cap? Or how about some colorful loafers? Famous clothing brand Aimé Leon Dore has all the bases covered. Their collections include everything from street-style tees to fancy sweaters and moccasins. To top that off, they've welcomed some pretty impressive partnerships.

Best clothing brands, desogmer
Instagram via @aimeleondore

Aimé Leon Dore collaborated and continues to work with New Balance, Porsche, the Yankees, and other sports teams. It looks like there's nothing the famous brand can't handle. So go ahead and peek at their site to give your 2023 wardrobe a nice upgrade.

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