Balenciaga Meets Lays Potato Chips in Spring/Summer 2023 Collection


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2022

By Elizabeth Russo
balenciaga pfw lays 2023
Instagram via @demnagram

Just when we think we've seen it all, Demna surprises us with a new drop we definitely haven't seen before. During his fashion house's Summer 2023 "The Mud Pit Show" presentation at Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga gave audiences a show we'll never forget - featuring viral fashion pieces, specifically the brand's latest handbag: an empty Balenciaga branded Lays chip bag.

For those that missed the iconic runway show, models strutted their stuff on layers of mud and terrain as they modeled Demna's latest creations. Even Ye was in attendance, but this time the Donda singer was also stomping down the runway, putting the Summer '23 pieces on display. While the models were making their way through the mud, audiences noticed they were carrying what looked like an empty chip bag - and they were right (sort of). The luxury brand recently partnered with the Frito-Lay brand Lay's, which resulted in Spanish artist Santiago Sierra and Demna's latest creation - the chip bag.

kanye pfw balenciaga 2023
Jacopo M. Raule / Stringer via Getty Images
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The accessory may look like a bag of chips found at the corner store for $4, but with Balenciaga's spin, the Lay's x Balenciaga Potato Chip Bag Clutch sells for a whopping $1,800. The summer bag is a take on the classic snack bag, constructed of leather printed with a graphic image of the Lay's bag design with Balenciaga branding. The clutch is finished with a zip at the top and metallic silver lining and will be available later this year. It remains a mystery as to what the luxury brand and the chip brand inspiration stems from, but plenty of people are finding themselves inspired by the accessory, creating knockoffs with the $4 version. 

If you recall, this isn't the first time this year Balenciaga surprised us with an unprecedented accessory. During the luxury houses fall-winter 2022-2023 presentation, Demna dropped the $1,790 Trash Pouch for the world to see, which oddly resembles an extra-large Hefty garbage bag. According to Demna, he" couldn't miss the opportunity to design the most expensive trash bag in the world because who doesn't love a fashion scandal?" Well, we definitely do.

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