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Meet Larron, The Man With a Wife and Serious Girlfriend

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"Let's be honest, when we started this journey... we didn't exactly know what we were getting ourselves into," Larron confessed. Sure enough, after welcoming a stranger into his marriage, his life has never been the same.

Three Times the Love

Larron and Jennifer Armstead thought they had it all figured out. Together, they had all the love they needed - they were sure of it. Or at least that's what they thought. Safe to say, fate had other plans.

Larron, Jennifer, Throuple, CoupleLarron, Jennifer, Throuple, Couple
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"We didn't know what to expect or what was to come," Jennifer confessed. Sure enough, after inviting a third partner into their marriage, she and Larron's relationship has been taken on one whirlwind of a ride. From jealousy and suspicion to judging spectators, here's their unconventional journey to finding love.

The Moment They First Met

How did one man and his wife come to gain a girlfriend after 10+ years of marriage? Safe to say, it was exactly as complicated as it sounds. But long before Larron and Jennifer's controversial reality took the online world by storm, things actually looked very different.

Larron, Jennifer, Throuple, TrulyLarron, Jennifer, Throuple, Truly
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Back in 2005, as the then 18-year-olds first crossed paths, things were actually very... simple: From the moment the two first laid eyes on one another, they knew they'd just met their soulmate. The sparks were simply instant. And it wasn't long before their love story truly took off.

They Got Married

As for what that called for? In the blink of an eye, the two went from strangers to significant others as they started planning a future together. Little did Jennifer know, though, that her boyfriend was actually ten steps ahead of her. And on a fateful day in 2007, she was about to find that out for herself.

Larron, Jenn, Polyamorous, CoupleLarron, Jenn, Polyamorous, Couple
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After a typical evening spent together, the events that followed were anything but: Larron Armstead got down on one knee as he began to ask Jennifer to marry him. Of course, the answer was easy. And in 2010, they exchanged "I Do"s as they vowed to stay together - for better or for worse. If only they knew what that'd call for.

They Welcomed a Child Together

But we're not there just yet. And their latest chapter as Mr. and Mrs. called for nothing but pure bliss. They couldn't wait to start a family of their own - and that's exactly what they did. As fate would have it, in 2012, the Armsteads welcomed their very first child, Austin.

Larron Armstead, Throuple, PolyamorousLarron Armstead, Throuple, Polyamorous
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To the naked eye, things couldn't seem to have been going better. Everything had aligned exactly as the childhood sweethearts had once imagined. But things were about to change. As they were about to find out, their euphoria was about to reach new heights.

Welcoming 4 More Children

First, it was son Aydon. Then it was their 3rd child, Aerolynn. But after just 7 years, the Armsteads had officially morphed into a family of 7: They had welcomed 4 more children - as well as 4x the love. So long as they stuck together, they could make it through anything. Right?

Throuple, Armstead, Girlfriend, PolyThrouple, Armstead, Girlfriend, Poly
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Little did they know, that same thought was about to be put to the test like never before. A special somebody was waiting right around the corner -only this time, not even Larron or Jennifer could have prepared for the madness they'd bring. Any guess who we're talking about?

Larron Noticed Amia Online

Of course, the charming stranger about to stumble into Larron's life: On a fateful day in 2019, as the husband made his rounds online, suddenly, everything was about to change. As the father of 5 stared at the mysterious woman now smiling back at him from his Facebook, nothing would ever be the same.

Larron Armstead, Throuple, FacebookLarron Armstead, Throuple, Facebook
Facebook via Amia Armstead

As he put it, there was something special about Amia Munningham, he simply couldn't place it. The 27-year-old consultant had officially caught his eye online. But who even was she? It was almost as if she appeared out of nowhere. He had questions, lots of 'em. And as he hit that "Friend" button, he was about to get his answers.

How Did Amia Feel

But how did Amia feel? Did she share Larron's same curiosity? Sure enough, as the young woman stumbled through her latest Facebook notifications, she was left... confused. Who was this stranger? Surely there had to be more to the story. She was eager to know more.

Armia Armstead, Throuple, CoupleArmia Armstead, Throuple, Couple
Facebook via Amia Armstead

After all, Larron Armstead was a married man. What did the father of 5 want with her? Sure enough, as the two got to talking online, those questions slowly began to fade. The strangers had struck up a sudden friendship, something neither of them ever expected. What was really going on here?

Larron Told His Wife About Her

As the two continued talking, those questions only continued to pile on. The lines between friendship and flirting were officially beginning to blur. And after 2 weeks had swiftly passed them by? Larron was more confused than ever before. Only he wasn't the only one in need of answers.

Larron, Jennifer, Armstead, ThroupleLarron, Jennifer, Armstead, Throuple
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He had to tell his wife, to come clean about everything. But where would he even start? After all, he didn't even know what was going on. Sure enough, after much consideration, Larron took a deep breath and sat his wife down. Little did he know what was to come.

She Met Amia Online

As for what happened next? Jennifer was also confused, perhaps more than ever before. But if there was one thing Mrs. Armstead knew for certain: She had to meet this mystery woman for herself. Who was this stranger suddenly on her husband's mind? She had questions, lots of them.

Larron, Jen, Armstead, GirlfriendLarron, Jen, Armstead, Girlfriend
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Only as she came face to face (virtually) with her husband's new friend, suddenly everything became clear: "My first impression of her was that she seemed carefree and funny," Jen revealed. "We laughed, made jokes, and became comfortable pretty fast."

They Began Considering an Open Marriage

Sure, Jen was equally as impressed with her husband's new pal. But where would that leave the married couple? They were headed down a slippery slope, they knew that much. But more importantly? They also knew that they wanted to spend more time with their newfound friend.

Jennifer, Larron Armsted, Throuple, CoupleJennifer, Larron Armsted, Throuple, Couple
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"Larron and I... were considering many things," Jen confessed. With the thought of an open marriage suddenly on their minds, soon came another: "Larron and I are pretty emotional people," she explained. "We knew that [an open marriage] wouldn't have been the right dynamic for us."

Was There Really Room for 3?

Was there really room for three? Mr. and Mrs. Armstead didn't know what to think anymore. Only as they continued to get to know the woman behind their screen, they decided it was time to listen to their instincts: Perhaps there was room, after all...

Armstead, couple, throuple, AmiaArmstead, couple, throuple, Amia
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"As discussions progressed, we started to share thoughts of possibly adding someone to the relationship," Jen revealed. "I had had previous feelings that I was 'bi-curious' - although, nothing had been set in stone." And so, after much deliberation, the couple finally reached a decision: They were going to give it a shot.

Their First Date

As Larron and Jennifer hopped in the car and headed towards their local bar, they couldn't fight the butterflies suddenly hijacking their stomach. There was no going back now. They were really doing this. But what if Amia wasn't who they thought - or hoped - she was?

Amia, Armstead, Girlfriend, ThroupleAmia, Armstead, Girlfriend, Throuple
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Safe to say, as soon as they got to talking, all of those concerns suddenly vanished: "We started off just having fun - drinking and getting to know each other," Jennifer explained, as the trio came face to face at an adult arcade bar. But how did Amia feel?

Things Continued to Progress

Sure enough, she was just as excited about her newfound "friends." And after meeting up for several more dates, the unexpected trio couldn't get enough of each other. Sure, it was complicated. It was confusing. But their feelings were all too clear.

Throuple, Armstead, Girlfriend, WifeThrouple, Armstead, Girlfriend, Wife
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As the weeks continued to pile on, so did the inexplicable bond between the 3 of them. They simply couldn't get enough of each other's company. And when they weren't together? They were already planning the next time they would be. Perhaps that's why it's no surprise what came next...

Becoming a Throuple

"When we began our poly journey, we didn't know exactly where it would go," Jen confessed of the events that followed. Just four months later, on September 21, 2019, the Armstead family welcomed its newest member as Amia Munningham joined Larron and Jen's marriage.

Amia Armstead, Throuple, GirlfriendAmia Armstead, Throuple, Girlfriend
Facebook via Amia Armstead

Unfortunately, the Armsteads' newfound relationship was about to be met with a brutal wake-up call. And as they continued to embrace their latest chapter with open arms, they had no idea the troubles that would soon follow. What went wrong, exactly?

Trouble in Paradise

It should have been the happiest time in their lives. They officially had 3x the love. Instead, though, the triad's latest chapter came with triple the concerns. After all, there were now 3 hearts on the line - 3x the potential heartbreak. But that's not all.

Armstead, Throuple, Polyamorous, GirlfriendArmstead, Throuple, Polyamorous, Girlfriend
Facebook via Amia Armstead

Even if they came to adjust to their challenging chapter, would everyone else feel the same way? There were lots to consider, with the stakes higher than ever before. And as the Armsteads continued down a romantic path, they were about to find out just what that called for...

Jennifer Struggled To Adjust

While a polyamorous relationship may not have been something new for Amia, her newfound partners didn't quite share that same experience. And when it came to Jennifer, their throuple was a lot trickier than she initially realized. What happened exactly?

Armstead, Throuple, Girlfriend, PolyArmstead, Throuple, Girlfriend, Poly
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To put it simply: "It's been a learning process," as Jennifer explained. "Especially on how to have a relationship with a woman… to have a successful romantic relationship is a little [challenging]." Unfortunately, though, that wasn't where her concerns ended.

Jealousy Arises

In welcoming another person into her marriage, Mrs. Armstead also welcomed a new wave of emotions - ones she never saw coming. "You don't really know what to expect... feelings started to arise that I hadn't expected," Jen confessed. Only as the days continued to grow, so did the wife's crippling concerns.

Amia, Armstead, Throuple, GirlfriendAmia, Armstead, Throuple, Girlfriend
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"I was scared that he would lose love for me," the wife confessed of the suspicions that began to creep up on her. Was her husband going to replace her with their new partner? After all, they were spending a lot of time together. It was a thought she couldn't bear to face.

Working Through the Hardships

Jennifer didn't know what to believe anymore. From raising 5 children to struggling to read her husband - to now, juggling yet another partner - her mind was officially running wild. But as anxious as she was about the future was also as eager as she was to fix it.

Armstead, Throuple, Wife, GirlfriendArmstead, Throuple, Wife, Girlfriend
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From communication to patience to self-growth, the trio stopped at nothing to make things right. "We struggled through this, but we conquered through," the trio proudly revealed. They were a family now, and nothing was going to tear them apart. Or so they thought...

Breaking the News to Their Families

Unfortunately, there was still lots more to worry about. After all, their newfound family went much farther than just the 3 of them. How would those near and dear feel about their latest chapter? Would they share their same optimism? What if they didn't?

Girlfriend, Wife, Throuple, ArmsteadGirlfriend, Wife, Throuple, Armstead
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Sure, Amia's parents had already known about her polyamorous ways. But for Larron and Jen? Their Jehovah's Witness and conservative families, respectively, had never expected this. And you can bet they had lots of questions. "They were shocked," Jen confessed of the moment they came clean about everything.

Telling Their Children

But how would their children feel? After just 5 dates, Mr. and Mrs. Armstead were about to find out: They slowly began to bring their new "friend" - as they put it - around the house. Only things didn't go as planned. "The older kids started to notice that she was not just a friend, and questions started to arise," Jen recalled.

Throuple, Armstead family, PolyamorousThrouple, Armstead family, Polyamorous
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After much deliberation, they decided to sit their eldest son down to set the story straight. Only instead of clearing the air, they were met with 4 cutting words: "She's not my mom." Adding another member to their family was proving to be a lot trickier than they ever dreamed. What if their children never came around?

Amia Wanted To Start a Family

Their little ones clearly needed time, they knew that much. But in telling their children about their triad, the Armsteads soon came to a new realization: "Amia expressed that she would like to have kids," Jen revealed. But was parenthood a path they really wanted to revisit?

Throuple, Amia, Armstead, GirlfriendThrouple, Amia, Armstead, Girlfriend
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"In the first few months, I had a hard set boundary: NO KIDS," Jen explained. "I thought that if someone else had his child, I'd lose the last thing I had left of him," she confessed of her childhood sweetheart. And yet, just 7 months into their relationship, here Amia was. What now?

She Got Pregnant

On the morning of January 25, 2021, all of those questions were about to be answered: Amia was pregnant. Like it or not, the Armsteads officially had a 6th child on the way. And as Jen took in the sudden news, she was met with a new wave of emotions.

Amia Armstead, Throuple, GirlfriendAmia Armstead, Throuple, Girlfriend
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Sure, Jennifer never intended on having more children. But as Amia woke her up that morning to reveal the two lines on that pregnancy test, suddenly none of that mattered anymore. They were going to be a family of 8! She was... pleasantly surprised.

Preparing for Baby #6

"I got to experience something so special... just me and her, as she walked in the room and told me she was pregnant," the proud wife gushed. "The pure happiness that came over both of us was so special... I'll never forget it." The trio couldn't wait for their latest arrival.

Amia, Jennifer, Throuple, PolyAmia, Jennifer, Throuple, Poly
Instagram via @threestylelife

No, it wouldn't be easy. Yes, their children would need time to digest the news. Nonetheless, they would ride out their latest chapter by each other's side. "I can't wait to build this family with you… and to our husband: Get ready for number 6!!!" Jen gushed.

They Went Viral

From childhood sweethearts to expecting a child with their new partner, nothing about the Armsteads' journey to finding love was ever ordinary. Perhaps that's why it wasn't long before it found its way online. And you can bet it took the internet by storm.

Armstead, Truly, Throuple, PolyArmstead, Truly, Throuple, Poly
YouTube via Truly

From news headlines to a feature on Truly - a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing striking stories - the polyamorous family had officially gone viral. And spectators had lots to say. Unfortunately, the triad was about to find that out the hard way...

They Faced Endless Accusations

"I'd never let another woman be with my husband." "You're ruining your kids." The cutting comments hurled the couple's way were seemingly endless. And they hurt, badly. Unfortunately, there was lots more where that came from. After all, their newfound skeptics went far beyond strangers behind the keyboard.

Throuple, Wife, Girlfriend, ArmsteadThrouple, Wife, Girlfriend, Armstead
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"For those of you who wonder if we get stares when we are out together? The answer is YES... we absolutely do," the couple confessed on Instagram. Were they missing something? As Larron and Jen saw it, they had so much love to give. Why couldn't others see it that way?

"It's Okay To Live a Life Others Don't Understand"

After endless hours spent scrolling through the latest comments, Mrs. Armstead had officially seen it all. But in doing so, the viral housewife soon came to a sudden realization: Who cares what others think? "When it really comes down to it, I don't live my life according to what others deem 'accept-able.'"

Larron, Armstead, Throuple, GirlfriendLarron, Armstead, Throuple, Girlfriend
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After being propped under the spotlight, she was finally done hiding: "The older I get, the more I understand that it's okay to live a life others don't understand," Jennifer proudly assured. Sure, people might not always agree with it - but suddenly, none of that mattered anymore.

Their Story Inspired People

Ever since sharing their love story, the Armstead family has done a whole lot more than just prove skeptics wrong. They've also gone on to rally an army of supporters. "Our journey has inspired many, and we are so grateful for all of the love you guys have shown us," the trio gushed.

Armstead, Throuple, Poly, GirlfriendArmstead, Throuple, Poly, Girlfriend
Instagram via @threestylelife

"Way to get your story out there. One day, God willing, relationships of this nature will be accepted," one user commented. "Man, if I could like this 10x I would," another wrote. Safe to say, almost everybody had an opinion on the matter. Which brings us to our final question...

Where Are They Now

From opening the lid on their journey to inspiring many in the process, Larron and Jennifer's unconventional romance left spectators captivated. But where does that leave them today? Have they continued to heal old wounds? Or perhaps have those feelings of jealousy come back to haunt them?

Throuple, Poly, Armstead, GirlfriendThrouple, Poly, Armstead, Girlfriend
Instagram via @threestylelife

Fast forward to today, and their relationship still has 3x the love. Unfortunately, though, it's also been met with immense heartbreak. Despite taking prenatals and precautions, the Armsteads lost their future child one tragic day in February. "It may not be our time at this exact moment, but it will be soon," they assured.

Moving Forward

Safe to say, the Armsteads have taken us on one rollercoaster of a ride. But despite facing more highs and lows than most of us will ever imagine, they wouldn't want it any other way. "It's been a crazy ride this year, we have had some ups and downs, but it's been life-changing," they gushed.

Throuple, Armstead, Girlfriend, WifeThrouple, Armstead, Girlfriend, Wife
Instagram via @threestylelife

As for what's next? "Every day we come closer together, discovering things about each other… laughing at the silly things… loving each other more," they gushed. "As we sit back and think about this past year, we have overcome so much, and we can't wait to build more memories."

The Takeaway

When Larron and Jennifer first crossed paths at 18-years-old, they had no idea what awaited them. But despite the heartbreak and hardships, they've faced along the way? They've never stopped taking risks, embracing their authentic selves in the process. And perhaps there's something beautiful to be learned from that.

Armstead, Throuple, Poly, WifeArmstead, Throuple, Poly, Wife
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"These past few years, I've grown a backbone and decided that my happiness is important," Jen Armstead gushed of her latest chapter. "You only get one life... LIVE IT! Happy.... free.... and unapologetic." Safe to say, the Armstead's beautifully unconventional clan have done exactly that...