How Branden Condy Went From a Homeless Teen To a Successful Entrepreneur

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Homeless Entrepreneur Branden Condy
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Branden Condy knew the importance of hard work ever since his family was forced out of their home. He decided that he'd never face this type of financial burden again and did everything possible to create a brighter future.

Destined for Greatness

"Not too long ago, I was a broke bartender," said a now successful Branden Condy. As a teenager, he and his family experienced crippling financial difficulties. But his early life certainly didn't discourage him from paving a better future.

Homeless Millionaire Branden CondyHomeless Millionaire Branden Condy
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The hardships he faced only motivated Branden to work even harder, and after betting on himself, he eventually built his own business from the ground up. From living on the streets to running a successful company, Condy's achieved the lifestyle of his dreams.

Branden's Childhood

Branden Condy was born in Virginia to a loving single mother. She genuinely wanted the best for her children and was willing to do whatever it took to keep them happy and healthy. As the household's sole provider, his mother worked tirelessly to put a roof over her children's head.

Tough Childhood Branden CondyTough Childhood Branden Condy
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Branden's mother's strong work ethic taught him the importance of hard work and never giving up on his dreams, no matter how impossible they once seemed. Little did he know, his life would take a drastic turn, and he'd have to take on additional responsibilities during his teenage years.

Tough Upbringing

Things weren't always easy for Branden and his family. His mother was extremely hardworking, but some weeks she spent more time trying to earn a living than she did at home. "I was often left home alone while my mom worked long hours to pay the bills and keep food on the table," Branden revealed.

Childhood Homeless Branden CondyChildhood Homeless Branden Condy
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"She tried so hard and loved us so much, but things were often really difficult back then." And unfortunately, things would become more challenging before they got better for the Condy family. "When my mother lost her job, we were asked to leave the house with a 12-hour notice and had to sleep outside," Branden explained.

"I Was Scared and Lost"

Branden's mother loved her children more than anything and wished to provide them a stable home, but sadly, they were homeless for some time. "We had to use public bathrooms daily and eventually start jumping between different friends' homes," Condy explained.

Homeless Branden CondyHomeless Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"At that time, I was scared and lost," Branden continued. "This is where my drive comes from because I never want to have anyone in my life be in that position ever again." He didn't continue to live in fear; Branden used these emotions to push him towards a brighter future.

He Started Working at 16

Branden was determined to help support his family, so as soon as he turned 16, he began working. He started washing dishes in a restaurant and eventually became a bartender. He essentially did anything he possibly could to earn some extra cash in hopes of never having to live on the streets again.

Working Teen Branden CondyWorking Teen Branden Condy
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A few years later, Condy picked up work cleaning luxury yachts, and suddenly, he began to envision a future for himself. He saw these boat owners living a luxurious life, and Branden decided that someday he'd be living that lifestyle too. And once he got this idea in his head, he couldn't be stopped.

It Wasn't Enough

Working these part-time jobs certainly helped Condy earn some money, but this wasn't what he wanted to do forever. He needed to explore what other opportunities were out there. "When I was younger, I saved up all the money I earned and began to work on growing my Instagram following," he said.

Determined Millionaire Branden CondyDetermined Millionaire Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

He was incredibly open to learning new skills, so Branden began reading books about becoming successful and speaking with anyone who could provide some guidance. "I read a book that told me to get exposure and attention, and so I thought that focusing on social media would do just that," Branden said.

He Became an Influencer

"Life was a struggle. But then I decided to reject reality and build a better future," said Condy, as he brainstormed ways to establish himself in the business world. "The first step I took was to rethink all of my beliefs and decide to reinvent myself."

Reinventing Himself Branden CondyReinventing Himself Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"In just about 45 days, I got involved with Instagram and became an influencer," he continued. Establishing a strong social media presence seemed like the best place to start. It didn't cost him anything, and it would allow Condy to connect with other passionate and successful individuals.

He Looked Up to Entrepreneurs

Aside from becoming active on social media, Condy admired entrepreneurs and was eager to find out how exactly they reached their level of success. "I also followed different entrepreneurs who had the lifestyle I wanted and reached out to them to find out how to get there myself," he revealed.

Admired Entrepreneurs Branden CondyAdmired Entrepreneurs Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

Essentially, Branden had spent years "working all these different jobs like cleaning cars or being a boat boy, or as a bartender, just to know that I was so much greater than that." He explained that "he had a dream to start all these businesses," and it was only a matter of time before he made his dream into a reality.

He Wanted to Be His Own Boss

Condy was so fascinated by entrepreneurs because he loved the idea of building a business from the ground up, the way he'd envisioned it. Plus, he thought this was the path that would lead him towards wealth. "I knew that working for someone else eight hours a day was never going to make me rich," Condy recalled.

Entrepreneur Branden CondyEntrepreneur Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"I see plenty of people living paycheck to paycheck, and I didn't want to be one of them," he added. Branden also desired assurance of financial stability without having to work countless hours each week. "So I turned to passive income. I thought, how cool would it be if I could make money while I sleep?" he recalled.

Making Connections

Branden reached out to "serial entrepreneur" Austin Lewis, hoping for some advice about launching his own successful business. "From then on, I created a team of hundreds of affiliates, built connections, amassed thousands of dollars in revenue, and turned my world upside down in the best way possible," he explained.

Networking Entrepreneur Branden CondyNetworking Entrepreneur Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

Branden knew that making connections was a key factor here, so he reached out to every entrepreneur he possibly could. "I started talking to some guys in Arizona who ran a successful Instagram marketing business," Branden explained. "After a few conversations online, they invited me to visit them."

A Taste of the Future

So, Branden flew across the country; He met with some entrepreneurs that he'd connected with online, and this reassured him that this was the path he wanted to go down. "I saw the cars, the money, the success, and wanted to be in their shoes," he explained.

Networking Entrepreneur Branden CondyNetworking Entrepreneur Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"We met up, and I loved everything about what they were doing." The only thing left for Branden to do was quit his bartending job, pick up his life, and move to Arizona to move forward with this next chapter. "Before leaving, I said that they'd see me back there in 30 days, as I planned to return to start my own business."

Risking It All

For Branden, the choice had already been made; He was ready to relocate and put his all into this. But the entrepreneurs he'd met with weren't sure if he was serious about it. "They didn't believe me until on Christmas Day I quit my job and drove across the country to start a new marketing company with them," Condy explained.

Risk Business Branden CondyRisk Business Branden Condy
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But once Branden quit his bartending job and made the move, it was clear that he had what it takes to create a successful business from the ground up. He began working closely with the other men, and "they became my mentors for a while," he revealed.

The Idea That Changed Everything

When Branden decided to quit his bartending job, he wasn't entirely sure that his business idea would be a success, but he chose to believe in himself anyway. Ultimately, if he didn't show these entrepreneurs that he was confident in his own idea, why would they believe in it?

Self Confidence Branden CondySelf Confidence Branden Condy
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"Everything starts with an idea and a belief," he said. "If you believe that you'll never achieve anything, you really won't. But if you encourage self-reliance and confidence, you'll attract the right people and opportunities." So, Branden chose to bet on himself and see where this journey would take him.

Branden Condy LLC

Branden first entered the business world when he launched an Instagram marketing company called Branden Condy LLC. With this new mindset of making money quickly and efficiently, Branden continued to network and research, so he could take his company to the next level.

Amazon Business Branden CondyAmazon Business Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"And then, I discovered Amazon Automation. I built a number of online stores that function according to the drop-shipping model," he explained. "This way, I'm able to sell thousands of products internationally. I'm creating my own future," Condy shared as he learned more about entrepreneurship.

"This Has Become a Game Changer for Me"

As a proud business owner, Branden had the privilege of working entirely on his own terms, from the hours he spent in the office to the tasks he completed each day. "In essence, I have the freedom to work however much I want whenever I like to, and this has been a game-changer for me," he explained.

Freedom Entrepreneur Branden CondyFreedom Entrepreneur Branden Condy
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This turned out to be quite the perk, as it gave Condy extra time to explore other areas, such as Amazon Automation and the real estate market. From a young age, Branden never wanted to focus on just one thing, so this was the perfect opportunity for him to simultaneously conquer many of his dreams.

Paying the Knowledge Forward

After starting his journey to success on Instagram, Branden realized that more companies and entrepreneurs should be taking advantage of all that social media has to offer. So, he and his fellow employees at Branden Condy LLC essentially teach other businesses these same strategies.

Instagram Branden Condy LLCInstagram Branden Condy LLC
Instagram via @brandencondy

They help these companies and individuals implement systems to optimize their time and results on Instagram efficiently. Condy also helps businesses increase their social media presence to have greater numbers on their followers, as that's what's led him to success.

He Needed a Team

Just because Condy's a proud entrepreneur who turned his life around on his own, that doesn't mean he's not open to getting some help. "Starting the business is hard, but what's harder is maintaining and growing it," Condy revealed. "So I turned to teamwork. No matter how talented someone is, they could always use help."

Teamwork Branden CondyTeamwork Branden Condy
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So, he put together a team of intelligent individuals, who "keep motivating each other and pushing the status quo every day," he said. Plus, he's also learned to look out for his colleagues. "Over the years, I have learned that it is not about me, it's about my team eating first, then myself," Branden shared.

The Fear of Going Back

As a successful businessman and influencer, Branden continues to remind his followers that he's had a far different journey than many of his colleagues. "A lot of people just seem out for cash and recognition," he explained. "If they fail, they have family and friends who'd bail them out in a heartbeat."

Unique Journey Branden CondyUnique Journey Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

Condy never had anything to fall back on, so to live this lifestyle he'd dreamed of, he had to prove himself in a cut-throat world. "My rise comes from a somewhat different place, and though I almost hate to admit it, a lot of it is fear that my future will look a whole lot like my past," he shared.

A Day in the Life

You might be wondering, now that he's achieved success, what exactly does Branden do each day? Does he still go into the office to work beside his colleagues, or does he let them do the heavy lifting? "Every day, I wake up with a plan to grow myself physically, spiritually, and mentally," said Condy.

Entrepreneur Millionaire Branden CondyEntrepreneur Millionaire Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"Once I have taken the important time for myself, I then move on to making sure my team is taken care of as well because when it comes to a team, you are only as strong as your weakest link," he added. Through years of hard work, Branden learned that taking care of business isn't the only thing that matters.

His Plans For the Future

As for what's next in Branden's life? Well, let's just say he's only getting started and has a lot more in store. "I've got big plans for the future," he said. "I want to grow my Amazon business exponentially, and I know that this is not a solo venture. I will be relying on my team a whole lot more."

Future Entrepreneur Branden CondyFuture Entrepreneur Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"I don't ever plan on slowing down, and I hope that my followers take inspiration from my passion and translate it into their daily lives and work," Condy continued. So, with each day comes new goals and aspirations, as he now knows that he's capable of just about anything he sets his mind to.

Life Goals

Condy's had quite a few goals in life; As a young adult, he dreamed of owning a yacht and living with financial stability. As for today? "My goal with social media is to get the point across that anybody can change their life," he shared. "I want people to open their eyes to the possibilities."

Instagram Goals Branden CondyInstagram Goals Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"The fact that you've been poor before doesn't mean that you'll always be poor," Branden continued. After all, he was once living on the streets and washing dishes, but he made a significant change for himself. "You need to feel the passion, create a plan, and not quit at all cost," said Condy.

He'll Never Forget Where He Came From

Having gone from homelessness to complete financial security, Branden's constantly reminded of where he started. "I work hard because I've experienced first-hand poverty and that feeling of not stacking up to where the rest of society thinks I need to be," said Branden.

Homeless to Millionaire CondyHomeless to Millionaire Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

Therefore, Branden never takes his wealth for granted and will continue working hard for many years to come. "Struggling through hunger and homelessness leaves an incredible mark on your soul, and I made a promise to myself that I'd never be in a situation like that ever again."

Source of Power

When it comes down to it, Condy credits his childhood for his strong work ethic. "I didn't want my future to look like my past, so I knew that I had to do things differently," he explained. "I'm highly motivated, but it's not just my inner motivation."

Family Childhood Branden CondyFamily Childhood Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

At the end of the day, "it's my family and friends that I care about, too," he revealed. "This is my source of power." And today, Condy's proud to be able to help his family financially after his mother worked day and night to keep a roof over his head in the past.

Net Worth

Evidently, Branden's hard work and determination paid off; He's achieved an estimated net worth of over one million dollars, according to The Sun. By running his original company, Branden Condy LLC, and other online businesses, the entrepreneur accomplished exactly what he'd dreamed of.

Net Worth Branden CondyNet Worth Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

Today, Branden's able to travel the world with the freedom to work on his own time. With 237 thousand followers on Instagram, Condy's constantly influencing other passionate people while bringing in that passive income he'd hoped for. Chances are, his success will only continue.

His Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As someone who started off by contacting successful entrepreneurs on social media, Condy is proud to have made it to the other side. With that being said, he's always looking to guide other passionate and driven people towards their dream careers. "Fully believe in yourself and always take that risk," he recommends.

Advice Branden CondyAdvice Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"Because trust me, I have lived it, and it is worth it. Bet on yourself!" Condy added. Branden explained that he relies greatly on his colleagues, so he also told followers, "I recommend that any aspiring entrepreneur devise a strategy and surround him or herself with smart, talented, dedicated people."

Millionaire Mentor

Part of what Condy loves about the life he's created for himself is the opportunity to educate other aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to providing followers with words of inspiration and encouragement, Branden offers individual coaching sessions for those who are starting in the same position he was once in.

Millionaire Mentor Branden CondyMillionaire Mentor Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"I got to where I am by providing value to many people in different ways," Condy shared. "You have to be willing to network if you want to make it in business. Everything is a two-way street." So, he looks forward to speaking with other motivated individuals that need some guidance.

Believe in Yourself

One of the biggest takeaways Branden's gotten from his career is that it's crucial to believe in yourself. According to Condy, no matter how knowledgeable a person is, if he or she doesn't believe in themselves, they're limiting the possibilities. "Your business is only as successful as the people driving it," he said.

Believe In Yourself CondyBelieve In Yourself Condy
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"I believe that the employees are the most important part of any business looking to scale," Brandon shared. As he said early on, every opportunity starts with an idea or belief, and to achieve your goals, you must believe in yourself and the work you're doing.

His Nontraditional Route

"If you want to create lasting change, you need to reinvent the game," Condy said, reflecting on his last few years. "If I had done the whole college and nine-to-five office job, I'd probably be still struggling today, paying off a mortgage and fighting for an illusory that really isn't there."

Untraditional Entrepreneur Branden CondyUntraditional Entrepreneur Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

Instead, Branden put everything on the line and had some faith in himself, hoping for the best possible outcome. "Going against the economic status quo, to me, meant creating other opportunities from what was accepted," he explained. And Branden hopes that other motivated individuals will follow in his brave footsteps.

Making an Impact

Condy might be best known for his journey to success, as he used his drive and passion to become a millionaire, but to him, there's much more to the world than success. Coming from a difficult childhood, Branden wants to influence others to pursue their dreams as well.

Positive Impact Branden CondyPositive Impact Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"Whether it's building a business, working out, or simply helping build others' confidence through my sense of style, that is how I want my legacy to continue," Branden shared. Through his social media posts, personalized mentorships, and other services, he'll never give up on his goals.

Leaving His Legacy

After hearing his story, it's no secret that Branden's come a long way since his teenage years. And he's incredibly proud of what he's accomplished, hoping to make a positive impact on the world. "I want to be known as the guy that everyone respects," he shared.

Legacy Success Branden CondyLegacy Success Branden Condy
Instagram via @brandencondy

"In everything I do, I always keep the term 'leave your legacy' in mind because we are only here for so long," Condy continued. But building a thriving business isn't all that he wants to be known for. "I want to be remembered as the guy that helped build others up to reach their full potential," he said.