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Couple Falls for the Same Woman and Becomes a Throuple

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Maira was barely 18 when she met Eliana and Nazareno, yet her age gap with the couple didn't get in the way of developing a friendship. But the three soon realized their feelings went beyond the friendzone... This is their unique story.

A Proud Dad

This throuple story started long before the partners came together. Prior to the three-way relationship, there was just one man: Nazareno Fernandez. Born in Argentina, Fernandez was a proud dad of three.

Poly relationships, true storyPoly relationships, true story
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Nazareno had three daughters by the time he met the loves of his life, and each child was shared with a different mom. "He's not a man of just one woman," his girlfriend joked. The father-of-three had a big heart and soon found someone new to share it with.

Partners in Life and Business

And that's where Eliana Cuchietti comes in. About thirteen years younger than Nazareno, the two clicked almost instantly when they met. It didn't take long for the lovebirds to become a serious couple, involved in each other's lives in more ways than one.

Poly families, throuple familiesPoly families, throuple families
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Nazareno and Eliana were not only partners in life; they were also business partners. The couple managed a call center in Mendoza, Argentina together. For a while, it seemed like things couldn't get any better. But then their relationship took a turn.

Something Was Missing

Eliana and Nazareno were happily in love and found joy in their day-to-day lives. While some couples might get overwhelmed by living and working together, it worked well for this dynamic duo. Or at least it did for a while. Then something changed in the relationship.

Poly relationship, real storyPoly relationship, real story
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Maybe it was less that something changed and just more that something was absent. But the lovebugs couldn't figure out exactly what it was. They still loved each other deeply and didn't want to break up, but Nazareno and Eliana couldn't help but feel a piece missing from their puzzle.

A New Girl at Work

The partners in love and business felt a void in their romance, but they were not ready to give up. Eliana and Nazareno still had an undeniable connection and continued powering on both at home and work. And then they hired someone new... And that was the moment that everything started to shift.

Throuple relationship, true storyThrouple relationship, true story
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Neither of the lovers knew it at the time, but hiring Maira Fernandez at the Mendoza call center would turn out to be a life-changing decision. The new employee soon hit it off with both of her managers and felt right at home in the office. None of them imagined where this would lead.

She Was Only 18

Maira, Nazareno, and Eliana felt unexpected chemistry between each other. The three became close friends despite their age gap: when they met, Maira was about 18 years old, while Eliana was around 23, and Nazareno was about 36. But that didn't seem to matter in their friendship.

Throuple relationship, real storyThrouple relationship, real story
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And it wasn't long before the three friends started seeing each other outside of the office, after work hours. The couple loved hanging out with their new friend. Nazareno, Eliana, and Maira could spend hours chatting, going out, and eating together.

Something Wasn't Right

Eliana and Nazareno almost couldn't believe their luck: not only had they hired a stellar new employee, but she also turned out to be an amazing friend. The lovebirds even started hanging out with Maira one-on-one, building individual relationships with her respectively.

Three-way relationshipThree-way relationship
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And that's when things started to feel wrong. "The three of us got together without problems, but if I got together just with Eli, we would miss the other one. Something was going on," Maira explained. "If there were just two of us, whatever we did, we would miss the other person."

Eliana and Nazareno Missed Her

So the new friends tried to hang out with all three together as much as possible since when it was only two, it didn't feel right. When they all got together, it was a total blast: Eliana, Maira, and Nazareno spent hours laughing and chatting. And then the couple realized something.

Couple falls for womanCouple falls for woman
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Eliana and Nazareno didn't just miss each other when they hung out one-on-one with Maira. They also missed Maira when they were alone as a couple. The lovebirds talked about it openly and agreed that everything was just better when their new friend was also around.

A 3-Way Friendship

And so the co-workers turned friends decided to hang out as much as possible all together. But they couldn't deny something unique was taking place. "We started to see that we felt things we didn't understand," Maira confessed. "If I got together just with Eli, we would miss Naza. Something was happening."

Couple became throupleCouple became throuple
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"If there we just two of us, no matter what we did, we felt that there was someone missing," Eliana added. "That led us to raise the issue of how we would continue in the future." There was one aspect of the friendship that had yet to be acknowledged.

There Was Attraction

Unlike the average friendship, these three couldn't get enough of each other. "At the end of the day, it seemed that the ten hours we shared together weren't enough. There was always an outing that amused us, a talk, a meal together," Maira explained.

Couple becomes throupleCouple becomes throuple
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Eliana, Nazareno, and Maira eventually admitted that there was something outside of the friendzone happening between them. The truth was, they were physically attracted to each other and cared for one another in ways that friends did not. But still, no one made a move.

Eli and Maira Were New to This

Maybe the reason things remained platonic even after the friends acknowledged their mutual attractions to one another was that all of this was new in more ways than one. Eliana and Nazareno had never been attracted to the same person, and Maira had never fallen for a couple.

Woman joins couple, throupleWoman joins couple, throuple
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Not only that, but neither of the women had ever been in any sort of same-sex relationship. There was definitely a spark there, but it seemed that no one was ready to act on it for now. Until one night, as the three shared another friendly meal, everything changed.

They Wanted to Prank Him

"We had organized a date at our house, and we decided not to go out dancing," Eliana recalled. "It was a dinner after we spent the whole day together." As usual, it seemed that all of the hours in the day were not enough for the trio; they couldn't get enough of each other.

Couple opens up relationshipCouple opens up relationship
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And so, the three prepared a delicious dinner to share at Eliana and Nazareno's place. And as the two women got some alone time, they started planning a little prank for Nazareno. Little did they know, this "joke" would change everyone's lives as they knew it.

The Moment That Changed Everything

So what was the life-altering prank the women planned? "With Mai, at one point, we decided to make a joke on Naza, saying that we were going to be girlfriends with each other because we no longer liked men," Eliana shared. Only it didn't turn out to be such a joke after all.

Couple became polyamorous Couple became polyamorous
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"We ate dinner, and I offered him wine," Eliana continued. "He said no, and she accepted. And that's when we gave each other a kiss. Everything became clear." The women finally took the next step in admitting their attraction to each other, but how did Nazareno feel?

He Couldn't Believe It

As the two women kissed, Nazareno couldn't believe his eyes. After all, he was watching his long-term girlfriend kissing another woman - something he could've never imagined not too long before. But meeting Maira had changed everything and brought his romance to an unexpected place.

Poly throuple relationshipPoly throuple relationship
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The three had already admitted their attraction to each other, but now that liana and Maira actually did something about it, did Nazareno feel jealous? "As a man, it's a normal fantasy. I was in the middle of two beautiful women," he confessed. Where would things go from here?

They Went All In

Nazareno was not upset one bit about the kiss, but he also didn't expect things to then go as far as they went. "I never believed that now I would begin to be part of a relationship of three," the Argentine-native shared. But that's exactly what happened next.

Poly relationships, true storyPoly relationships, true story
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From that moment on, the three decided to go all in. "It was all-natural and without problems from that first time. What we were feeling happened: the three of us loved each other," Maira said of the kiss. "It was what the relationship was lacking, because before we had already noticed that only two of us felt incomplete," Eliana added.

Getting Intimate

Eliana and Nazareno naturally had plenty of experience being intimate with each other. But doing things as a throuple, with Maira now a part of the picture, was totally new. How did the two lovebirds feel about having a third partner join in on the fun?

Poly relationships, real storyPoly relationships, real story
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"It's discovering something new every day," Nazareno shared of getting intimate as a throuple. But for Eliana and Maira, there were no words to describe it. "There is no word that defines it. It's unique," said Eliana. Maira added, "I agree with what my girlfriend says."

Just One Problem

But as the couple-turned-throuple got to know each other in all possible ways, there was just one problem: their furniture was not prepared for a party of three. Eliana and Nazareno shared a queen-sized bed, but with Maira in the picture, things got complicated.

Threesome relationship, throupleThreesome relationship, throuple
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"We had to buy a bigger bed because, with the other one, it was impossible," Maira laughingly shared. "We had a queen-sized, and it died, all the springs broke. To top it off, when we bought the new one, it was so big it wouldn't fit through the door." But eventually, the throuple faced bigger problems than broken furniture.

A Netflix Show Helped Them

It felt good to finally come to terms with their feelings for one another. After acknowledging their attraction and desire to be a throuple, the partners were living their truths. But that didn't mean it was all rainbows and butterflies: adjusting from a couple to a throuple wasn't easy.

Unique love story, storiesUnique love story, stories
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Thankfully, a popular show helped them. "It helped us a lot to see a series that's on Netflix, and it's called You Me Her; I recommend it," Nazareno said. "We didn't have parameters for what we did; it was a whole process of self-discovery. That series gave us the parameters," Eliana added. But what would their families think?

Not an Open Relationship

Watching You Me Her, a comedy-drama about a married couple who enter a three-way romantic relationship, helped the newly-formed throuple understand themselves better. It gave Eliana, Nazareno, and Maira an idea of how they wanted to label their relationship.

Age gap couple, storiesAge gap couple, stories
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The conclusion? "We have a polyamorous and threesome relationship. We do not maintain an open relationship, we are not swingers. We are a threesome, and we love each other," the throuple declared. Now that "what" they were was defined, it was time to tell their families...

Telling His Daughters

The lovebirds felt overjoyed at their decision to become a throuple. It was new territory, and they had a lot to learn, but it felt right: Maira, Eliana, and Nazareno were all in love. But now it was time to tell their families. Which, for Nazareno, meant opening up to his father and daughters.

Age gap love storyAge gap love story
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Fortunately, he had no trouble being accepted by them. "[My dad] always accepts what I do," Nazareno shared. As for his three kids, the proud dad only told the two older girls about his throuple. As of this article's writing, Nazareno hadn't yet explained the nature of his relationship to his youngest daughter.

Telling Eliana's Family

For Eliana, things were a little different. Nazareno didn't hesitate much in telling his family since he expected unconditional support from his dad. But Eliana was a bit more nervous: how would her parents react to the news that their relationship now included another woman?

Age gap throupleAge gap throuple
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Once Eliana felt more comfortable herself with the new label, she opened up to them. "Today, we can share everything," Eli said. "But at first, telling my parents cost me a bit because I knew it was a different paradigm. But once I told them, they accepted it." Now there was just one more family left to spill the beans to...

Maira's Dad Didn't Approve

Nazareno and Eliana's families might've been surprised to hear the news, but they were ultimately supportive of the decision. Unfortunately, Maira's situation was a different story. She initially only told her parents about Nazareno, knowing the age gap alone would be an issue.

Age gap poly coupleAge gap poly couple
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Maira was barely nineteen when she started seeing the couple, and Nazareno was well into his 30s. "I was very young, and I started by telling my dad that I had a relationship with Naza," she explained. "it was a problem, and it was hard for him to accept it." What would happen once he heard the full story?

He Came Around

Maira's father eventually accepted that his daughter was in a relationship with a man about two decades her senior. And once that was a non-issue, it was time to tell him the whole truth about their romance. Maira's mom had picked up on what was going on and was able to support her daughter.

Throuple stories, relationship, polyThrouple stories, relationship, poly
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"When [my dad] accepted [the age gap], then it was time to tell the other. My mom had noticed and saw it coming, so I told her about it," Maira recalled. And while things were tough at first, her father ultimately came around, too. "He did a process, and now he asks me more about them than about me," she said.

Did They Fight a Lot?

Their families finally accepted the throuple's three-way relationship. But things were just getting started. Past the romantic honeymoon phase came the challenging parts of a romance: keeping the spark alive, making it last, and getting along. Luckily, being three people helped with that last one.

Poly relationships, true storyPoly relationships, true story
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According to the throuple, having a third person around made resolving arguments a whole lot easier. "We realized that in a discussion it is better to go to the third point of view. It was fun to understand that," Maira explained. "The tiebreaker helps a lot," Nazareno added.

Moving In Together

Maybe it was the tiebreaker that became the throuple's key to relationship success. While some people might've doubted that the three of them could make it work in the long run, Eliana, Maira, and Nazareno proved them wrong. The couple stayed together for years.

Poly families, throuple familiesPoly families, throuple families
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And after celebrating four trips around the sun together, the threesome took things to the next level. Maira moved in with Nazareno and Eliana, who had already been living together in Mendoza for quite some time. Would sharing a home as a throuple workout?

They Want Kids

For now, it has. And the throuple also shared their big plans for the future: "We would like to be parents," Nazareno said. "We already have it planned and diagrammed, but it's still too early," he laughingly added. But with Eliana and Maira both capable of carrying a child, which one of them wanted to get pregnant?

Poly relationship, real storyPoly relationship, real story
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"We have talked, and we want to both get pregnant at the same time," the women explained. "We would like it very much. But, of course, it cannot always be achieved, so if one of the two of us gets pregnant before, there are no problems. And we will see."

Getting Engaged

With no kids planned for the near future, the three lovebugs enjoyed basking in their child-less romance. And after about a year of living together and five years as a throuple, Eliana, Maira, and Nazareno were ready to make their commitment more official.

Throuple relationship, true storyThrouple relationship, true story
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The throuple planned an engagement party. "We want to have an engagement party between September and October, even though our anniversary is in June," they shared. But in a world largely accustomed to monogamous relationships, legally tying the knot was not a choice for them.

"We're Complete"

But the lovebugs didn't need government approval to feel secure in their love. As far as Maira, Eliana, and Nazareno could tell, they were living the absolute dream. Five years in and the throuple was still head-over-heels for one another, with no plans to call it quits.

Throuple relationship, real storyThrouple relationship, real story
Facebook via Nazareno Carlos Damian Fernandez

"Now, I have everything," Maira lovingly said. And her partners couldn't agree more. "The energy we feel being three of us is very intense," Nazareno commented. Eliana added, "Being three, we are complete." But the throuple soon learned that the rest of the world didn't see their relationship the same way.

International Attention

After years together and with their families' approval, the throuple decided to tell the whole world about their love. Eliana, Maira, and Nazareno appeared on television, did radio interviews, and spoke with local newspapers about their experience as a poly throuple.

Three-way relationshipThree-way relationship
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"The impact was incredible. We received messages from all sides," Nazareno said. And while many people showed their support for the throuple, writing things like, "Something that few are encouraged to do. Congratulations to all three," others were not so nice...

Not Everyone Was Supportive

The throuple received messages of support and admiration from people around the world. Others took a more humorous approach, writing, "All good, but he has two mothers-in-law." And, as always happens on the internet, some people hated on the three-way relationship.

Couple falls for womanCouple falls for woman
Facebook via Nazareno Carlos Damian Fernandez

"I respect everyone's wishes, but there is no need to post personal topics," commented an Instagram user on a post about the throuple. Others questioned how long the romance would last. "Don't leave us with the intrigue of how long it lasted, please," wrote someone, likely unaware that the throuple was already together five years and counting.

They Didn't Care

But whether they got messages from admirers, lovers, or haters, it didn't make much difference to the throuple. Eliana, Maira, and Nazareno shared their story to show the world another kind of lifestyle that can work, but they didn't need anyone's approval.

Couple became throupleCouple became throuple
Facebook via Nazareno Carlos Damian Fernandez

The three partners felt confident in their relationship. Some might've questioned it, but Eliana and Nazareno remembered that feeling of incompleteness they felt as a couple until Maira came into the picture. This throuple wouldn't have it any other way.