Introducing the Wags of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


| LAST UPDATE 11/15/2022

By Stormy Lindon

As the FIFA World Cup approaches, the players are getting ready to jet to Qatar. But aside from the eager crowd, their biggest fans will be by their side cheering them on. Here are the wives and girlfriends we'll likely see…

Annie Kilner

English footballer Kyle Walker, who plays for Manchester City, has been with his childhood sweetheart, Annie Kilner, for 12 years. The pair met when he was 18 and she 16 - and they've been inseparable ever since.

Wags Fifa World Cup QatarWags Fifa World Cup Qatar
Alexander Hassenstein via Getty Images

But Walker is not just famous for scoring goals on the pitch, rather also in relationships. In 2018, he revealed in a tweet that it was "love at first sight." According to The Sun, they continued to date for nine years but split in May 2019. Yet, the two could not stay away from each other and secretly tied the knot in November 2021.

Perrie Edwards

From the X-Factor stage to the Wag lifestyle: Little Mix star Perrie Edwards met Liverpool player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after a messy split from One Direction's Zayn Malik. Rumors began to brew in 2016, but Edwards made their romance Insta-official in 2017 with a snap of a late-knight kiss.

Perrie Edwards boyfriend footballerPerrie Edwards boyfriend footballer
Michael Regan via Getty Images

After six years of dating, they took their relationship to the next level when Edwards revealed her pregnancy in May 2021. The couple now has a beautiful baby boy. Just when things couldn't get any better, Oxlade-Chamberlain got down on one knee in June 2022, with a ring costing a rumored £408k (about $467,000).

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Anna Lewandowska

According to SportingFree, Polish footballer Robert Lewandowski and his wife began dating in 2008 - and have been going strong ever since. The two welcomed their first daughter in May 2017 and their second in May 2022. However, aside from being the wife of a pro athlete, Anna had made a name for herself already.

Anna Lewandowska hottest wagsAnna Lewandowska hottest wags
picture alliance / Contributor via Getty Images

Apart from being a supportive wife, Anna has established her passion for fitness. After winning three medals at the Senior World Championships for Karate, the Instagram influencer with 4.6 million followers has made a profession in promoting nutritious lifestyles. Plus, her tips and tricks can be found on the app store.

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Pilar Rubio

Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos thought he had everything until he finally married his wife, Pilar. Their love story started in 2012 when Ramos was 26 and Rubio was 34. While they have secured a family of six, Ramos always had eyes for Rubio. The Spanish center-back really did dream of his future wife, manifesting their current reality.

sergio ramos fifa qatarsergio ramos fifa qatar
John Berry / Contributor via Getty Images

But while we all expected to catch him in Qatar, things have recently taken a sudden turn. According to SportsStar, Ramos is bummed after his calf injury cost him a place in the 2022 World Cup. "The World Cup? Of course, it was one of those big dreams I wanted to realize. It would have been my fifth, but... I'll have to watch it at home."

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Sara Botello

So what did Aymeric Laporte and Sara Botello have in common? While the two are magic on their feet, the professional ballerina danced her way into the footballer's life. When Laporte played for his youth football club within the Athletic Club, he established himself as a proficient center-back and came across Botello.

aymeric laporte wife wagsaymeric laporte wife wags
@sara_botello via Instagram

The Spanish sensation had continued to dance and perform in Spain and England for larger concerts - and even cheered for a local basketball team before her she did for her husband. The couple manage to keep their relationship private, but with a new baby in town, their fans seem to be more excited over this than the FIFA cup...

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Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriquez is now one of the most famous Wags in the world. How can she not be after becoming the other half of one of the richest athletes in the world? Rodriquez started her career by working as a shop girl, but now is embracing her rags-to-riches story after appearing in a Netflix documentary.

georgina cristiano ronaldo girlfriendgeorgina cristiano ronaldo girlfriend
SERGEI SUPINSKY / Contributor via Getty Images

Rodriquez's life transformed after meeting Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo in a Gucci store where she was working. Ronaldo described it as "true love" in an interview with ITV. Though she went from a cramped share house to spacious yachts, the pair still continue to gush over each other after taking care of five children.

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Sofia Balbi

According to TalkSport, Sofia was a "real pillar" in Luis Suárez's life during his time at Liverpool. In an exclusive interview, the quick-on-his-feet footballer wasn't originally dedicated to his life on the pitch. The 15-year-old street sweeper met Sofia and fell in love - but went through many hurdles to make their relationship work.

sofia balbi luis liverpool
sofia balbi luis liverpool
Europa Press Entertainment / Contributor via Getty Images

After maintaining a long-distance relationship, Suarez had his chance to play in Europe, which was an easy decision to be "by her side again." Besides being the wife of the year, Sofia is an entrepreneur of several businesses, including a first-ever European outlet, Sarkany, which she founded with friend Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi's wife.

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Antonella Roccuzzo

There must be something in the Argentinian water because we can't get over the love story of Lionel Messi and his wife, Antonela. The couple met at 5 years old - however, Messi moved to Spain at the age of 13 to pursue his career in football. Although a tragedy bought the two back together, it was a blessing in disguise.

Messi wife world cupMessi wife world cup
Europa Press via Getty Images

The 33-year-old model was always Messi's love, and previously a medical student studying dentistry. The iconic duo married in 2017, which was reported as "the wedding of the year," according to Hollywood Life. The Ligue 1 player and fitness enthusiast together have three sons, which according to FC Barcelona, helped Messi "grow."

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Daniela Jehle

The picture-perfect wife of famous German footballer Marc-André Ter Stegen has been in Ter Stegen's life for many years. It's been at least a decade of romance, showing love for each other and also the fans. They are not shy when it comes to expressing their love, flooding feeds with snaps from their wedding and of their first child.

famous wags german footballersfamous wags german footballers
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty Images

Three years after meeting, they made their first public appearance as a couple in 2015 and wed in 2017. Throughout this time, they have traveled across the world together and welcomed four beautiful children. There is no doubt the man who is quick on his feet is head over heels for his Wag.

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Lisa Müller

German footballer, Thomas Müller, seems to have three loves in his life - ball, beer, and Lisa. The midfielder married his soulmate all the way back in 2009, and it didn't take long. The pair were only dating for two years before he knew she was a keeper. Though, after 12 years of marriage, there is no time for children just yet.

thomas muller bayern munich thomas muller bayern munich
Alexander Hassenstein / Staff via Getty Images

The couple supports each other in both hobbies. When Lisa is not in the stands cheering on the Bayern Munich player, he is there behind the hay watching Lisa compete as a semi-professional equestrian. Considering both their busy schedules, Thomas admitted he's "very busy," and it's "hard to be a footballer and a full-time dad."

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Katie Goodland

Top of the league's Tottenham Hotspur player, Harry Kane, fell in love with his fitness instructor wife, Katie - but they have known each other for longer than we think. The pair attended school together, and she has watched his career flourish from the start. Though she found it crazy after fame, Kane knew she was the one.

Wags Fifa World Cup QatarWags Fifa World Cup Qatar
Alexander Hassenstein UEFAUEFA via Getty Images

They really are soccer's sweethearts. The professional striker asked his wife for her hand in marriage when he was just 23 and proposed on the Bahamian golden sand in 2017. He had announced he married his "best friend" in an Instagram post. The pair have three children together and continue to be each other's best supporters.

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Fern Hawkins

Another Manchester United player set to play for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is Harry Maquire, and he's not attending alone. Not to mention, these two are also childhood sweethearts. Maquire met his wife, Fern, when they were teens, at 18 and 16, and they continue to love each other to this day. Not to mention, he married a genius.

manchester united fifa wagsmanchester united fifa wags
Jean Catuffe via Getty Images

Fern Hawkins is not only a successful Wag but also has a first-class degree in science and physiotherapy. However, her rise to fame is also thanks to her career as a fashion model and blogger. As a woman of ambition, Maquire made the decision to tie the knot in a low-key and almost secret ceremony in May 2022.

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Sabrina Kvist Jensen

The pair first began dating in 2012 and definitely went in the right direction. They relocated and settled in England, where they had plans to take things to the next level. In 2017, the two announced on Instagram they were expecting their first child. Fast forward 9 months, and Alfred was born in June 2018.

Wags Fifa World CupWags Fifa World Cup
John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images

When Sabrina isn't busy being a glam Wag, Christian Eriksen's girl spends time as a trained hairdresser, working at a clothing company, and supporting charities for kids in need. Though she enjoys keeping a low profile, with a private Instagram account of only 292 followers, she will be in Qatar to support her long-term boyfriend.

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Sasha Attwood

Jack Grealish, midfielder for Manchester City, has known his girlfriend, Sasha since they were kids. They have been on and off since the age of 15 and 16 after meeting at school. However, it has not been an easy ride. After many years together, the tabloids have tried to question their relationship and intentions.

jack grealish girlfriend sashajack grealish girlfriend sasha
@sasha__rebecca via Instagram

The 26-year-old model and influencer has stuck by Grealish's side after bad press, including alleged affairs with other TV personalities. Attwood's social presence grew after establishing her relationship with Grealish and there are also recent engagement rumors. After all the ups and downs, we hope to see her in Qatar!

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Michele Lacroix

The University of Hasselt alumni began dating the Belgium international footballer in 2014. They met when Kevin De Bruyne was playing for Wolfsburg. But he has undergone big changes in his career since he met his lucky lady. After playing for Chelsea, it was his wife's pregnancy that influenced his swap to Manchester City.

kevin de bruyne wifekevin de bruyne wife
GABRIEL BOUYS / Contributor via Getty Images

The couple became newlyweds in 2017 in Italy. After a year, they welcomed their firstborn and are now the proud parents of three children. However, while it is reported Michele was not a regular attendee at the start of De Bruyne's career, she was present at his Premier League Win in 2018. Perhaps history will repeat itself in Qatar?

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Noémie Happart

Belgium footballer Yannick Ferreira Carrasco met his wife in a bar in Liege. The best part of this love story? She didn't know he was one of the most famous players, taking part in 120 games. For that matter, their fling began as pure as it could. More importantly, their first conversation went down on Facebook chat.

Noemie Happart fifa wagsNoemie Happart fifa wags
Jean Catuffe via Getty Images

But Happart was Miss Belgium 2013, so it was surprising Carrasco didn't recognize her as well. She recalled, "when he told me he was a professional player, I was pretty suspicious." Nevertheless, the two hit it off, with Carrasco famously kissing Happart alongside the trophy after Atletico Madrid won the 2016 Champions League Final.

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Rafaella Witsel

Alex Witsel, now 33, met his long-term wife, Rafaella, when he was in his twenties. Their journey began in 2008 when she was still in college, and he was on his way to becoming one of the most successful Belgium footballers. Considering their commitment, they faced split rumors and even affairs. But this only made them stronger.

hottest wags world cuphottest wags world cup
Nico Vereecken Photonews via Getty Images

In 2015, two years after all the drama, the couple tied the knot. Rafaella gained a large amount of publicity, considering she was the latest Wag on the scene. However, she has passions of her own: She has beauty, brains, and even her own baby photography company, RawHighlights. Most importantly, she continues to be a big supporter.

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Megan Davison

It seems footballers can't stay away from their childhood crushes. Another Wag set to join her husband in Qatar is Jordan Pickford's wife, Megan Davison. Davison is a regular when it comes to supporting her hubby and has been by his side since the age of 14.

jordan pickford wife wagjordan pickford wife wag
Jean Catuffe via Getty Images

She has stuck around for everything - from Pickford's transfer to Everton to the World Cup to watch her man in goal. In March 2020, Megan was spotted wearing a diamond ring, sparking rumors, which inevitably were true! Although they welcomed a baby boy in 2019, the couple made it official in the Maldives in 2022.

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Emma Rhys-Jones

Emma Rhys-Jones married one of the highest-paid footballers in the world. So, it is understandable why she has gained so much recognition. She is well-known among the other players and definitely a crowd favorite. She is always there beside hubby, Gareth Bale's side, so it's no surprise everyone loves her.

british footballers gareth balebritish footballers gareth bale
Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

The Welsh love birds met as teenagers, both born in Cardiff and just a few miles apart. They tip-toed around each other during high school but finally began dating in the early 2000s before Bale was famous. Now, with two daughters and a fairytale wedding, she couldn't be more proud of her man.

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Paige Milian

Just a couple of teenage dirtbags fulfilling their teenage dreams. Manchester City star Raheem Sterling is committed to his girlfriend, Paige. They met during Sterling's participation with Queen's Park Rangers, and she quickly gave up her JD Sports gig to live with him in Liverpool. Today, they are living comfortably in Cheshire.

manchester city players girlfriendsmanchester city players girlfriends
Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images

After his transfer to Manchester City and cohabitating, Sterling popped the big question in March 2018. They planned to become husband and wife in 2020, but it was delayed for obvious reasons. Milian has gained a large social following since the start of their relationship but has proved her Wag worth after having three children.

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Raiane Lima

The most recent Arsenal addition, Gabriel Jesus, has been on a journey with his current girlfriend, Raiane. The 21-year-old has been supporting her man since he was playing for Manchester City, especially after their Premier League win. Though, Lima has previously been under fire for romance rumors with a politician.

arsenal gabriel jesus girlfriendarsenal gabriel jesus girlfriend
@raianelima8 via Instagram

Despite the rumors, Lima continues to support her football player, and their romance has since flourished into a family. Although she has a large social following online, she limits her posts and doesn't share too much. However, Jesus-Lima fans are blessed to see the many posts of their baby girl and can't wait to see what comes next.

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Edurne Garcia Almagro

Edurne is famous for being the Wag to Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea. The couple started dating in 2014, and it seems they have been inseparable since. Although they kept their wedding date under the radar, fans continue to follow their journey. It turns out Edurne had different ventures before her Wag status.

edurnity david de geaedurnity david de gea
@edurnity via instagram

In 2006, she kicked off a music career and even released her first studio album named after herself. She went on to achieve platinium status where other songs made it to the top 20. She later dropped three more albums, but eventually, she turned to motherhood after the pair welcomed their daughter in 2021. What a boss lady!

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Erika Choperena

So how did a French footballer fall in love with a Spanish beauty? It turns out Antoine Griezmann was pursuing a career in the Spanish league and eventually signed for Real Sociedad. It was a career change that altered his life professionally... and personally.

famous french footballer wagsfamous french footballer wags
FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

Back in 2011, they were both in San Sebastian. Erika was studying at a boarding school next to where Antoine was training, and the two had a spark from the beginning. He scored and won over her heart after a year. In 2017, the pair wedded in a private ceremony. Today, Erika makes sure to never miss a moment, including Qatar.

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Oriana Sabatini

For Oriana, she had her own life before becoming a Wag to the Argentinian pro footballer. While growing up in a wealthy family, she ventured into modeling and acting. She began her career at 13 years old and has been a part of elite brands, including L’Oréal, in 2017 - the same year she came across Paulo Dybala.

juventus footballer fifa wagsjuventus footballer fifa wags
Nicolo Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Dybala was simultaneously playing for Juventus and falling in love with Oriana. She proved her support for the forward player on the pitch and made their relationship public in 2018. They have taken their love a day at a time but don't have plans for future baby ballers. With Oriana's social presence, we hope to see some Qatar snaps.

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Annekee Molenaar

The Dutch daughter of former footballer Keije Molenaar is the perfect candidate as Matthijs de Ligt's Wag. Annekee became a model at 16 years old and climbed to fame after a family Vogue photoshoot. She was also born into an athletic family, so sports are definitely her forte.

Annekee Molenaar keije matthijsAnnekee Molenaar keije matthijs
@annekeemolenaar via instagram

The surfer/model met De Ligt through mutual friends in Amsterdam. They have been dating since 2018, but they had apparently known each other for much longer. She has expressed her love for De Ligt in various interviews and has experienced an array of journeys with him. Qatar will hopefully be the best one yet.

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Anna Modler

The Tottenham Hotspur center-back and his model partner have just revealed they are engaged! After sharing a romantic Instagram post, the two have proved to be in it for the win. According to The Sun, "Anna is smitten and has told friends Eric could be 'the one.'" But Eric Dier isn't the first footballer she has gone crazy for.

anna modler eric dieranna modler eric dier
@annamodler via Instagram

The couple went public recently, in September 2022. Just two months later, their romance was sealed with a ring. But, prior to dating Dier, Modler was dating ex-Arsenal player Alexis Sanchez. But, the model Modler has made it clear her heart belongs with the Spurs midfielder. The soon-to-be wifey should be there in Qatar!

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Georgina Irwin

We can hear the wedding bells. Georgina Irwin is a keeper for Arsenal player Aaron Ramsdale as they recently announced their romantic engagement on Instagram, securing Irwin's appearance in Qatar. The couple, 24 and 26, began dating in 2019 when she was originally a British Airways hostess. Now, this is first class.

georgina irwin arsenal wagsgeorgina irwin arsenal wags
@georginamay_ via Instagram

When Ramsdale is not playing for Arsenal, the couple enjoys traveling around the world and sharing snaps with their fans. But, besides being a Wag, Irwin is also the proud co-owner of a sustainable gym wear brand Gymnetix. While she can model her own brand, she also has a passion for fitness - and her new fiancee, of course.

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Rebecca Burnett

The central midfielder for England, Jordan Henderson, will most definitely be bringing his wifey to Qatar. Burnett tends to stay low-key and let her husband take the limelight. That being said, she is more than happy being known as Henderson's wife. They met in 2008 and became hitched in 2014. And the rest was history.

Fifa World Cup Qatar teamsFifa World Cup Qatar teams
Jean-Catuffe via Getty Images

Though they used to live in Sunderland, once Henderson joined the Premier League Liverpool team, they relocated to Merseyside. Nevertheless, they are now living happily with their three children. Though Henderson is in the headlines from time to time, the family enjoys their privacy and rarely shows face on social media.

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The Life of a Wag in Qatar

As the trek to Qatar looms, it turns out the Wags will not be able to be by their hubbies' sides as much as they thought. According to The Daily Mail, girlfriends, partners, and relatives of all British players will be cruising in a luxury liner during the World Cup. However, they were not originally going to be settled at sea.

british wags fifa 2022british wags fifa 2022
Jean-Catuffe via Getty Images

Originally, the ladies were offered to stay in apartments and studios that were offered to the traveling party. However, it seems the athletes' other halves were not too eager. Players such as Kane, Henderson, and Sterling opted for a luxury cruise liner, estimated by Daily Mail to be worth £1billion (about $115 billion).

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Which Wags Will Attend?

According to StyleCaster, fans want to know more about Neymar da Silva Santos. The member of the Paris Saint-German Football Club has had a vast history of Wags, some of which he shared with a fellow player. Back in 2015, Neymar was interviewed by SporTV, where he opened up about marriage and settling down. But with who?

neymar fifa world cupneymar fifa world cup
Bruno de Carvalho/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Neymar and his ex-girlfriend Carolina Dantas dated from 2010 until 2011. Though short but sweet, Carolina gave birth to their son, Davi. However, his most recent squeeze was Natalia Barulich who he met in 2018 and dated for two years. It is unknown who he is currently committed to, but only time will tell...

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