The Untold Truth About Patrick Mahomes: From Rising Baseball Star to NFL Legend


| LAST UPDATE 02/15/2023

By Dylan Henson

It's no secret that Mahomes is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL. But what many people don't know is that he was actually a promising baseball star before he made the switch to football. Here's a look at where it all began

Meet Patrick

Patrick Mahomes, now the famous and beloved star of the NFL, is a 27-year-old born and raised in Tyler, Texas. Growing up, he was a multi-sport athlete with aspirations that someday he would make it big in professional football.

Patrick Mahomes NFL CareerPatrick Mahomes NFL Career
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

Through many years of dedication, Mahomes saw his dream come true. He was drafted in 2017, and since then, there’s been no stop to his success or popularity. Despite all of his glory, life before this point was not without challenge; but with hard work and progress put into all aspects of his game, Mahomes has achieved the unachievable.

Born an Athlete

With a natural athletic ability, Patrick Mahomes was born to compete. Growing up in Texas, the son of former Major League Baseball pitcher Pat Mahomes, Patrick had sports in his blood from an early age. He was a multi-sport athlete from a young age showing potential in everything he put his mind to.

Patrick Mahomes NFL SuccessPatrick Mahomes NFL Success
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

Reports even say that as a tee-ball player, he showed so much talent that he was traded to another league for pitch coach! It's clear that with these experiences in such an early stage of his life, Patrick's passion for athletics was deeply rooted and has helped shape him into the prodigy quarterback we know today.

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School Success

Everyone knew Patrick Mahomes was something special, even at a young age. As a 10-year-old, his pitches soared to impressive distances – some reported that he could throw over center field from home plate, around 200-220 feet. It was moments like these that had him stand out on the pitch.

Patrick Mahomes NFL KansasPatrick Mahomes NFL Kansas
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

It was easy to see that he far outpaced his tee-ball teammates, and with incredible potential like this, it's not hard to see why he quickly made the transition to bigger leagues. No one could have predicted then how significant of an impact this small kid would have on the sports world today.

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High School Hero

And when high school finally rolled around, Mahomes had already made quite a name for himself playing both baseball and football. He was living the high school dream life, being a part of two major sports teams. His family may have been convinced he was destined to make it big in America's Pastime, but he had doubts.

Patrick Mahomes NFL DraftPatrick Mahomes NFL Draft
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

This was a kid who wanted nothing more than to become a sports superstar. Someone must've known what they were seeing when Mahomes crushed his buddy in a quarterback showdown… Even then, you could tell there was something special about him on the field with all those improvises and strong throws.

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Baseball or Football?

He wasn't recognized like the other football hopefuls. Still, he had a natural talent that earned him a place on college teams. He started high school late and never attended camps for aspiring athletes - but during his senior year, after an incredible 50-touchdown season, he made it impossible to go unrecognized.

patrick mahomes nfl careerpatrick mahomes nfl career
Kevin Sabitus via Getty Images

His unwavering commitment was evident - while scouted by Major League Baseball teams, Patrick stuck with what he knew. His heart belonged to football. He was so confident of this choice that, upon being offered opportunities with MLB club, he rejected them by requesting $2.5 million bonuses. No team could meet the demands.

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Hello Texas Tech

After turning down all his offers to play baseball, Patrick Mahomes found himself at Texas Tech University. Despite starting out playing both sports, he decided to quit the diamond in favor of the gridiron during his sophomore year and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers as a 37th-rounder.

Patrick Mahomes Young CollegePatrick Mahomes Young College
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

It was a win-win. Mahomes had scored his winning team and vice-versa. Yet, it didn't stop there. His luck continued when their quarterback David Webb got injured right before football season started; it finally gave him an opportunity to showcase what he could do on the field, which entirely paid off.

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Rising Star

During one game, in particular, he stepped in for Davis Webb. This was the moment Patrick Mahomes' career as a professional football player began to take off. His remarkable sophomore season saw him rack up over 4,000 yards and 36 touchdowns with just 15 interceptions.

Patrick Mahomes Texas Tech CareerPatrick Mahomes Texas Tech Career
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

He then one-upped himself during his junior year, throwing an incredible 5k plus passes with 41 TDs & 10 INTs under his belt - enough to break the NCAA record of 819 total offensive yards despite losing against Baker Mayfield's Oklahoma team. No one could believe the talent.

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Time To Draft

As Patrick Mahomes was experiencing favorable success on the college football field, he decided to take it up a notch by entering himself into the NFL draft. His initial projection as a mid-round pick wasn't enough for him, with time and an influx of interest in his potential.

Patrick Mahomes NFL Draft RoundPatrick Mahomes NFL Draft Round
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

Of course, confidence was key, and by now, he must have proved himself to be good enough. Mahomes moved from being potentially drafted anywhere after round one all the way up to possibly going first or second overall. He had every intention of fulfilling his wish of landing with this particular team, proving extreme dedication.

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Eyeing the Chiefs

Mahomes had his sights set on the Kansas City Chiefs during draft season, not knowing that he'd be the one to bring them from their past struggles and help transform them into a powerhouse team. The historic club dates back over 60 years ago with three AFL championships under its belt, but struggled for decades - until Mahomes' arrival.

patrick mahomes nfl gamepatrick mahomes nfl game
Michael Owens via Getty Images

Now considered amongst some of the best in today's league, it was no doubt that this phenomenal quarterback played an essential role in catapulting KC into greatness. Mahomes clearly did have not only the physical traits but also the passion and teamwork to take the Kansas City Chiefs to the top.

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Enter Matt Nagy

It was a dream that had been brewing for the majority of his life. Mahomes had his sights set on the Chiefs and was willing to do whatever it took to make the 2017 NFL Draft. Fortunately, he piqued some interest from an influential figure in Kansas City - Matt Nagy.

Patrick Mahomes NFL CoachPatrick Mahomes NFL Coach
David Eulitt via Getty Images

Considering his experience throughout high school and college, Nagy went pro while joining with Arena Football League. When Andy Reid became head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, he joined as quarterback's coach before following him over when Reid moved on to become head honcho at KC Chiefs three years later.

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An Amazed Andy

Matthew Nagy was instrumental in ensuring Patrick Mahomes got the opportunity he deserved. It turns out that when they were both with the Chiefs, Matt stayed up all night helping to prepare Pat for his meeting with head coach Andy Reid - unaware of what had gone on beforehand.

Matt Nagy Patrick Mahomes NFLMatt Nagy Patrick Mahomes NFL
Jamie Schwaberow via Getty Images

Mahomes appeared on Travis and Jason Kelce's New Heights, to which he made some surprising announcements. He shared, "Matt Nagy was the offensive coordinator then, and he really liked me, so he gave me the plays they were going to go over the night before… I stayed up all night studying those plays." And the rest is history.

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Climbing up the Ladder

Mahomes really impressed Reid and knew he was on the rise in the draft. Teams had made it clear they would select him higher up - so when discussing with KC's team reps, he used their interest to his advantage. Mahomes was doing whatever it took to be heard and seen.

Patrick Mahomes College CareerPatrick Mahomes College Career
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

"I kind of gave a little inside info to the Chiefs," he confessed. Leveraging his position in the draft, he made sure he would nab a spot playing for his dream. "Hey, if you all let me go anywhere, I didn't know about the Saints spot; below 12 or below, I'm going to get drafted by someone else," Mahomes had warned the Chiefs.

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Behind the NFL Draft

The NFL draft is an exciting moment that aims to bring the best college football players into the league. How does it work? To decide their picks, teams' win-loss records are ranked from most victorious down in order – meaning whoever had a rough season can expect some good luck on draft day.

Patrick Mahomes NFL Chiefs InterviewPatrick Mahomes NFL Chiefs Interview
Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Drafting starts with team number one and goes all the way up to Super Bowl champions, who get pick 32. After seven rounds - during which any club has the option of trading away high picks for multiple lower ones– there's your new crop of talented rookies ready to lead us into another fantastic year.

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When Dream Becomes Reality

Only the ones who go through the same process could understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into an NFL process. After months of anticipation, Mahomes finally made it to the 2017 NFL Draft day. Although, he had a few teams that expressed interest in picking him up. "I had a couple of teams that said they were gonna draft me," he recalled.

Patrick Mahomes Kansas Chiefs DraftPatrick Mahomes Kansas Chiefs Draft
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

"It's not like these coaches are making it up - I talked to them in the draft process, and they were like, 'Hey, if you're there, we're gonna take you,'" he added. Fortunately, Chiefs traded two first-round picks plus one third-round pick so that they could secure his spot. That paid off as Mahomes became the 10th overall pick - solidifying his reign.

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Gaining Traction

Mahomes had a late start to his rookie season, but he made sure it ended by pulling through with some major touchdowns. Despite limited playing time throughout the year, in the last game of the regular play, the Chiefs' quarterback coach, Mike Kafka, saw something special.

Patrick Mahoms NFL VictoryPatrick Mahoms NFL Victory
Kevin C. Cox via Getty Images

He revealed that there were even moments during practice where Mahomes showed off plays no one else could make: "He was staring at the sideline and just flicked it right over Justin Houston's head - that was the big one. That was the one where other coaches started noticing."

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Moment of Glory

In the offseason, Mahomes made his move to take over as QB for the Chiefs. He faced some early questions when training camp started with a high number of interceptions being thrown, but those were quickly squashed once game time rolled around. Just three games in, and it was already clear that this kid was the one.

Patrick Mahomes NFL Chiefs SuccessPatrick Mahomes NFL Chiefs Success
Jason Hanna via Getty Images

He had achieved 900 yards passing, 13 touchdowns, and not 1 single interception. His performance catapulted them into an impressive 9-1 record at the season's end. It was all thanks to 31 touchdown passes from their star player, the one and only Patrick Mahomes. No one could see this coming, not even Patrick.

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Becoming MVP

Mahomes drafting to the Kansas City Chiefs was no doubt a major win. His shocking game highlights captivated audiences worldwide, and it's not hard to see why he won MVP that same year. Breaking down his exceptional throws further - from side arms to lefty throws with jumping included.

Patrick Mahomes NFL Interception Patrick Mahomes NFL Interception
Dylan Buell via Getty Images

The gifted athlete credited all of this success to practice; despite their jaw-dropping complexity each time, these were moves crafted through endless preparation. "I know there's a chance I could make those throws in a game," he said. The world had gotten front-row seats to his unique talent - molded by sheer dedication. Now, fans were waiting to see more.

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Thanks to Baseball

The football superstar Mahomes is no stranger to success. Taking a look back at his wins, he won MVP honors in the NFL in 2019 and was voted as one of its Top 100 players by his peers. His dedication to football also earned him an ESPY Award for the best player that year.

Patrick Mahomes Baseball MLB Patrick Mahomes Baseball MLB
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

Interestingly enough, baseball might have been what set him up for greatness. According to Kevin Clark from The Ringer, it was Mahomes' experience with pitching during his pre-football days which gave him a unique advantage a quarterback would need. This enabled Mahomes to throw passes over 90 yards on the field casually.

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"Off The Charts"

Mahomes' ability to throw a baseball with precision and accuracy is undoubtedly a result of his years of training. His teammates have been impressed by what they've seen too. One team player, Matt Moore, the Chief's backup quarterback, gushed about Patrick's special skill for seeing the field in ways he can't comprehend.

Patrick Mahomes NFL RecordPatrick Mahomes NFL Record
Andy Lyons via Getty Images

"It's something I've never done," Moore gushed. "When the ball leaves my hand, I'm looking at the target and making sure we hit it. The ball will literally leave his hand, and he'll just find where the other guys are. His spatial awareness is off the charts. He knows where everybody is at, at all times... It's really amazing." 

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Tom Brady, the Mentor

After suffering an agonizing defeat in the 2018 AFC Championship, Patrick Mahomes received wisdom from none other than Tom Brady that would shape his destiny. In a broadcast interview, the Chiefs' star QB expressed the advice he was given: "be who you are... and take advantage of every single day."

Patrick Mahomes Tom Brady NFLPatrick Mahomes Tom Brady NFL
Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

"When you hear it from a guy like that... you know you've got to take advantage... if you want to be great. I used that to just make sure that I did everything to prepare to be in this moment now - and not be sitting at home." Armed with this insight from Brady, Mahomes powered KC all the way to Super Bowl LIV - yet another victory.

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"Surreal" Super Bowl LIV

After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a miraculous victory in Super Bowl LIV, Patrick Mahomes sent shockwaves through the NFL. Down by 10 points late against the San Francisco 49ers, his 44-yard pass to Tyreek Hill helped them take home one of their greatest wins ever.

Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl ChampionPatrick Mahomes Super Bowl Champion
Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Following Brady as one of the GOATs of football, he announced, "I mean, it really is amazing… Just to be here is surreal, finding a way to win in the end with these guys I have around me. We'll enjoy this for a long time. I mean, it truly is historic to be here and to win this game." Mahomes nabbed two touchdowns and 141 yards during the game.

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Making Money Moves

After capturing Super Bowl MVP honors, expectations for Mahomes' follow-up were sky-high - and he crushed them. He secured a 10-year contract extension in 2020 worth an eye-popping $477 million with additional bonuses that brought it up over an astonishing half billion dollars.

Patrick Mahomes NFL Contract SalaryPatrick Mahomes NFL Contract Salary
Cooper Neill via Getty Images

Not only was this the most significant professional sports deal ever signed at the time, but he made history as America's first athlete to sign such a monumental agreement. Clearly, his skill on the field has been acknowledged with incredible financial compensation. The Chiefs knew he was bound to make it this far, just not this fast.

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The Ultimate Blow

After an incredible regular season, in 2021, Patrick Mahomes was hit hard by a tackle from the Browns' Mack Wilson and suffered a concussion. However, he bounced back quickly with even more determination to help lead his team all the way to their second Super Bowl appearance.

Patrick Mahomes NFL InjuryPatrick Mahomes NFL Injury
Patrick Smith via Getty Images

Despite ultimately losing against Tampa Bay in February of this year, teammates still voted him at #1 for NFL Player Rankings. This earning solidified him as one of football's brightest stars. It's crazy to think how this football championship title started with a baseball. Little did Mahomes know it would lead him to NFL victory.

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15 & The Mahomies

Patrick Mahomes' football abilities have earned him legendary status, but his commitment to making an impactful difference off the field is just as inspiring. Mahomes doesn't just give back on the field but to his loyal fans too - and in 2019 he created the 15 and The Mahomies Foundation.

Patrick Mahomes Mahomies Foundation Patrick Mahomes Mahomies Foundation
Instagram via @15andmahomies

The Mahomies Foundation was built to work with children, focusing on improving their health & wellness initiatives and providing resources for underprivileged communities. His generous spirit was recognized in 2020 when Times Magazine named him one of their 100 most influential people.

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Business Savvy

After starting a children's foundation and becoming an NFL pro, Mahomes began making headlines as a quarterback and as a businessman too. In the past 3 years alone, he's become involved with several sports teams, including his hometown Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC Soccer team.

Patrick Mahomes Baseball CareerPatrick Mahomes Baseball Career
Ed Zurga via Getty Images

Not only did he dedicate time and effort to creating the foundation, but he also made notable investments to start his own non-profit organization and become part owner of an up-and-coming Pro Pickleball Team based in Miami. It looks like no matter what this guy does, it is sure to be successful. He might have outdone himself.

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Signing Endorsements

After winning the Most Valuable Player in 2018, Mahomes soared to fame and became a sought-after endorser. One of his early deals was with Hunt's Ketchup as he proclaimed himself "chief ketchup officer." Additional endorsements included Oakley eyewear, State Farm insurance company, DirectTV services provider, Essentia Water, and others.

Patrick Mahomes Brand Edorsement Deal Patrick Mahomes Brand Edorsement Deal
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

But perhaps his highlight had to be his partnership with famous sportswear brand Adidas where they released the signature shoe collab called 'Mahomes 1 Impact FLX.' A deal for any athlete is considered an incredible achievement. More so, Mahomes had achieved these multiple wins by the time he reached the young age of 26.

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Family First

Patrick Mahomes is leading his life with a Hollywood glow. At 27, he has become an A-list football star and successful businessman who always makes time for philanthropy. This model of success expanded further when the Texas native married his long-term girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, in Maui.

Patrick Mahomes Wife KidsPatrick Mahomes Wife Kids
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

Everything was coming into place. After ten years together, all dreams came true as their family grew to four thanks to baby Sterling Skye followed soon after by little brother Patrick Lavon III - AKA Bronze. An overjoyed Mahomes said that he feels "blessed" to have such great children at this young age.

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Bittersweet Battle

Unfortunately, Mahomes had to experience some losses to snap back into reality. After an unsuccessful 2021 season for KC, Patrick Mahomes had only one goal in mind: to take home the championship title. He was determined, and it showed during his remarkable 2022 performance.

Patrick Mahomes NFL Pro BowlPatrick Mahomes NFL Pro Bowl
David Eulit via Getty Images

Thankfully, he picked himself back up. In 2022, he earned himself a fifth Pro Bowl spot and even became the first quarterback in history to reach 5,000 passing yards by Week 17. Today marks a momentous day for him as all that hard work has led up to this victorious point - with another Super Bowl win under his belt.

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Super Bowl LVII

In reality, 26 is a fairly young age. He had experienced things far ahead of his time, and by the time he reached 27, Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs made waves in football history. Football is not a game for the weak, and after playing through an ankle sprain, he helped bring his team to the championship.

Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl LVIIPatrick Mahomes Super Bowl LVII
Kevin C. Cox via Getty Images

Not only did he help the Chiefs qualify for their third Super Bowl with him as a quarterback, but they also competed against the Philadelphia Eagles with hopes of bagging their 3rd title. And that they did! On February 12th at State Farm Stadium in Arizona, Mahomes made history after welcoming a 38-35 victory.

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Just Getting Started

Patrick Mahomes has quickly become known as one of the greatest football players in history - and it all comes down to his fast-paced accomplishments. From one baseball throw to becoming the King of the Kansas City Chiefs, his team battled it out for a third Super Bowl win with their beloved leader at the helm.

Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl 2023Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl 2023
Instagram via @patrickmahomes

Looking back on his entire career process, he can't help but acknowledge where it all began. "I am proud," he gushed, right before being crowned the 2023 Super Bowl winner. "We came a long way… I'm happy that we're going to be on this stage… in the biggest game of them all." Safe to say, his story is just getting started...

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