Under Armour, Steph Curry Advance Partnership With Curry Brand Launch

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Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

Under Armour is cementing its long-term association with Warriors point guard Stephen Curry via the launch of its new Curry Brand division. Curry Brand will reportedly allow Under Armour to better compete with other namesake subdivisions, most notably Nike's Jordan Brand. 

Products featured in the upcoming line range from clothing to footwear and apply to several sports like basketball and Curry's second athletic passion, golf. Items are set to go live on this week, and Friday, Dec. 11, will bring a signature hoops shoe, the Curry 8.

Via Under Armour

While additional NBA stars are expected to join the Curry Brand roster, the larger plan is to eventually sign athletes from other sports, too. Curry chose to sign a deal with UA in 2013 after Nike's infamous mispronunciation of his name during a pitch meeting.

Speaking on the fresh logo seen above, Steph told Bleacher Report that, similar to his previous style, the graphic is inspired by his S and C initials along with "the uniqueness of my signature and the flowing curves." He added, "It has [a] higher arc which stands for standing for a higher purpose outside of what you do and what your skill set is."

The 3x NBA champion's alma mater, Davidson, is already rocking the logo on its basketball uniforms. In a recent golf match involving Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley and Phil Mickelson, Curry wore an unreleased hat stamped with the Curry Brand graphic.

One of the core missions of the brand is to give back to underserved communities and provide greater access to youth sports, reflected by the slogan "Change The Game For Good." Curry said that he and UA are investing $1 million into the "four P's" comprised of people, programs, products and places. "So it’s all about living out our purpose and impacting as many kids as possible," he added.

You can catch an early look at the white and gold colorway of the Curry 8 below. Last week, the 32-year-old was also spotted working out in a simple white and black design.

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