Tristan Thompson Confuses Pop Smoke Fans With Press Conference Look


| LAST UPDATE 11/02/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Pop Smoke
Suazanne Cordeiro via Getty Images

Sacramento Kings power forward Tristan Thompson – also known for being Khloe Kardashian's on-again, off-again boyfriend – had Pop Smoke fans trippin' the other day with his press conference look.

"Wait this not a Pop Smoke costume?" one person asked.

Thompson's velour sweatsuit, stitch braids and Cartier Buff glasses confused fans and made them think the 30-year-old was trying to channel elements of Pop Smoke's signature style. Take a look for yourself. Do you see any resemblance?

Asked about the comparisons, Thompson claimed, "I do my hair like that all the time." But that time only stretches to "the beginning of summer." (Pop passed away in Feb. 2020.) Though he did refer to Pop as "one of the legends," Thompson isn't giving him full credit for his look.

"My hair's fire," he said, then adding, "Literally everyone's like, 'Yo, were you trying to be Pop Smoke for Halloween?' I'm like, 'No, bro. I just do my hair like this all the time.' I just like this look, you know? My daughter likes it, so I keep it going."

Thompson even asked teammate Buddy Hield whether he was feeling his braids, and he presumably responded with a supportive answer.

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While Thompson didn't mean to dress like a rapper for Halloween, many rappers themselves made headlines for their creative holiday fits. G Herbo dressed as the iconic Dr. Evil from the 'Austin Powers' franchise and had his son, Essex Wright, play the role of his "mini-me."

Fans also praised Rihanna for hilariously trolling Gunna, outdoing him with his own viral fit. Gunna’s known for his sometimes questionable yet innovative style choices, so people were quick to react to Rih’s costume.

While some fans made jokes at Gunna's expense, he loved the shout-out and later changed his IG profile photo to Rihanna's imitation of him.