Trade Talks Slow: Lillard Wants Miami, Harden Prefers Clippers


| LAST UPDATE 07/05/2023

By Amelie Durham
Damian Lillard NBA trade
Anadolu Agency / Contributor via Getty Images

With NBA offseason in full swing, trade negotiations for Damian Lillard and James Harden are moving slowly, with both players expressing clear preferences for their next destinations. The situation has put the incumbent teams in a difficult position as they try to negotiate deals that meet the players' wishes.

Lillard has stated his desire to play in Miami, while Harden has expressed interest in joining the Clippers in Los Angeles. The Sixers and Blazers are exploring multi-team trades to accommodate these preferences, with Philadelphia prioritizing Joel Embiid's championship aspirations and Tyrese Maxey being off-limits in trade talks. While the Clippers could be a pragmatic trade partner for the Sixers, offering expiring contracts and a potential landing spot for Harden, Lillard's desire to only play in Miami complicates any potential exit from Portland. This has made it difficult for the Blazers to find a suitable trade partner, as Lillard's contract and commitment to professionalism make it uncertain if he would resist joining an unexpected team. Moreover, Miami lacks the assets to offer a trade package similar to what Brooklyn got for Kevin Durant or what Utah received for Rudy Gobert. The Blazers are considering moving Tyler Herro to a third team in any trade with Miami, but this transaction is complicated by the surplus of young combo guards in their backcourt.

James Harden NBA trade
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For the Sixers, the priority is optimizing Joel Embiid's championship aspirations, and they are therefore considering any trade scenario that benefits Embiid. However, given the high cost of acquiring Lillard or Harden, the Sixers are proceeding with caution and exploring all available options. It is worth noting that the Heat are operating as though they are in pole position to land Lillard, with reports indicating that they are preparing for a roster-altering transaction. While Miami does not have the surplus of draft capital or blue-chip prospects to offer a sizable package to Portland, they are actively working towards building a deal that satisfies both teams. The slow pace of negotiations is understandable, given the high stakes involved in any trade scenario. Nevertheless, it is clear that teams are exploring all available options and working towards finding a deal that meets the preferences of all parties involved.

So while the Lillard and Harden trade situations remain unresolved, it is clear that teams are exploring all available options and working towards finding a deal that meets the preferences of all parties involved. The NBA offseason is a time of great activity and speculation, and anything can happen as teams work towards building championship-caliber rosters.

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