Stephen A. Smith Thinks the NBA Should Allow 'Conjugal Visits' to the Bubble

Mahlik Campbell

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Stephen A. Smith

While the NBA bubble has provided incredible competition on the court, like Damian Lillard's recent 61-point outburst against the Mavericks, not much is being said about how life off the court is taking shape. 

Discussing Jaylen Brown's comments about how the bubble has impacted his mental health and made him feel like he's "at work all the time," sports personality Stephen A. Smith had an idea to help players' "loneliness."

"You better let somebody come up in there and see 'em," he said on ESPN's First Take, inferring that players would benefit from having sex. "You understand what I'm saying to you?"

He continued by saying that he would "strongly advise" the league to allow players' one invite for their significant other before Aug. 30 when families of those in the playoffs are able to begin staying in the Orlando bubble.

"You can let a wife or a girlfriend come," he suggested. "I would strongly advise the NBA to facilitate that happening. Before August 30 – not after."

When co-host Max Kellerman asked Stephen A. to clarify whether he was "advocating for conjugal visits in the bubble," he responded with an emphatic "YES!" five times in a row. "Somebody gotta say it," he explained.

Fans of Stephen A. know he's not ashamed of his own horniness. He once revealed his love for cake on Snoop Dogg's GGN show, calling himself a "bottom feeder" despite his employment with the family-friendly Disney company.