29+ Sports Team Victory Songs, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2022

By Elizabeth Russo

Take Me Out to the Ball Game may be universally known. But for decades, sports teams have also been coining victory anthems. We're counting down some of those celebratory tracks, based on reviews from varying critics.

30. Atlanta Braves: Load Up The Bases

Proving that 'die-hard fans' is not a term to be taken lightly, the country group Whisky Falls created the victory song for the Atlanta Braves during their 2008 season - and it's been turning heads ever since.

MLB Victory Songs Braves MLB Victory Songs Braves
 Kevin C. Cox via Getty Images

Load Up The Bases became the victory song for the famous baseball team, playing both before the game and after a win at Truist Park! Brave fans even sport the “tomahawk chop” arm-waving gesture and chant, making it one of the most talked-about in MLB history.

29. Minnesota Twins: Beautiful Day

This baseball team has chosen U2's Beautiful Day as their victory song, and honestly, we get it. No matter the weather, it's always a beautiful day to win a game. Since 2002, the Twins have blasted this track after celebrating a winning match - as well as Prince's Let's Go Crazy after the team scores a home run.

MLB Victory Songs Ranked MLB Victory Songs Ranked
Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Along with the iconic victory song is the Minnesota Twins rally song, We're Gonna Win, Twins! Coined by Dick Wilson, an exec and jingle writer, the tune quickly became synonymous with Twins baseball. The song is played at every home game as the team takes the field. Talk about catchy.

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28. Cleveland Guardians: Cleveland Rocks

Although Ohio is home to the one and only LeBron James, not too many people are making songs claiming their love for the Buckeye State, or more specifically, Cleveland. However, the Cleveland Guardians luckily have adopted Ian Hunter’s famous song, Cleveland Rocks, for their post-win crowd anthem.

MLB Victory Anthems GuardiansMLB Victory Anthems Guardians
Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Replacing Todd Rundgren’s Just One Victory in 2009, Cleveland Rocks is the official victory song played at Progressive Field after the Guardians take home a win. My Town by a local Cleveland musician, Michael Stanley, follows the victory song as fans ecstatically leave the stands.

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27. Washington Nationals: Go Go, Red White and Blue

Devoted Nationals fans actually created the Washington Nationals victory song! Susan Mooring and her husband James Cooke had the idea in 2016 to make a song for their home team, saying, “There were so many things that we wanted to say about baseball and our love for the team.”

MLB Victory Anthems NationalsMLB Victory Anthems Nationals
Mitchell Layton via Getty Images

Mooring suffers from glaucoma, so for her baseball games are primarily auditory. “I love the atmosphere of being in the stadium and hearing the fans and being able to cheer along with them,” she gushed. The team has played the song post-win, with hopes to make it the official theme song.

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26. Memphis Grizzlies: We Don’t Bluff

NBA All-star Zach Randolph is to thank for the Grizzlies' victory anthem, We Don't Bluff. In 2012, after getting ejected from a game for nearly fighting with another player, Z-Bo, let out the phrase, "There's a lot of bluffing going on on the court, that's all. And I don't bluff."

NBA Victory Songs RankedNBA Victory Songs Ranked
Andy Lyons via Getty Images

This phrase became the team's motto. And soon enough, the team's victory song was born from Randolph's famous phrase. A Memphis native himself, DJ Paul of the rap group Three 6 Mafia, made a song, We Don't Bluff, to honor the team. "They call us the Grizzlies/ Beat 'em with our bare hands," he raps.

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25. Arizona Diamondbacks: D-Backs Swing

Traditionally played after the Arizona Diamondbacks bring home a win, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers' D-Backs Swing is blasted throughout Chase Field. Clyne has even performed at the ballpark right on top of the dugout at Games 3 and 4 of the 2011 NLDS—both ended up as victories for the San Diego team.

MLB Victory Songs RankedMLB Victory Songs Ranked
Christopher Pasatieri via Getty Images

According to president and CEO Derrick Hall, "Roger is a big baseball fan and a big D-backs fan, and he asked if he could write a song for us," so they "decided after we heard it that we were going to play it anytime the team won." And fast forward some time, the anthem has stuck!

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24. San Diego Padres: San Diego

Unfortunately for San Diego, there aren't too many songs praising the sleepy California town. Despite it being one of the most gorgeous places in the world, rockstars seem to choose different California cities to sing about more often. Luckily for the Padres, one rock band decided to give it a go.

MLB Victory Songs RankedMLB Victory Songs Ranked
Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres via Getty Images

In 2016, the legendary band that is Blink 182 dropped the song, San Diego, as part of their seventh studio album, California. It served as an homage to the city the band grew up in. The Padres gladly adopted the California tune and played it as part of their winning tradition!

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23. Miami Marlins: Let’s Groove

The Miami sports team with an iconic victory song is none other than the Miami Marlins. The Marlins are known for celebrating to this Earth, Wind & Fire song - and both the fans and the players over the years have seemed to love it, so it just stuck.

MLB Song Let's GrooveMLB Song Let's Groove
 Bryan Cereijo via Getty Images

The infamous disco track Let's Groove by Earth, Wind, and Fire is a definite crowd-pleaser, to say the least! There's nothing like listening to "Let this groove, set in your shoes, stand up, alright" and watching the Marlins fans take home a hard-earned win. Just us?

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22. Miami Heat: Oh We Winning

The Miami Heat is notoriously known for changing their victory song here and there. But recently, one that caught on really quickly is the track, Oh We Winning by Will Saulsky. The NBA team has gone from the Miami Heat Theme song to We Already Won and a few more songs before landing on the most famous, Oh We Winning.

NBA Victory Miami HeatNBA Victory Miami Heat
 Mark Brown via Getty Images

The Miami Heat are known for not taking themselves too seriously, so constantly changing their anthem must just be a part of their traditions. Fans have had a lot to say about their music choices, but when the team takes home the win, the crowd forgets about all of that.

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21. Milwaukee Brewers: You Make My Dreams

This postgame tune has gone down in history for the Milwaukee Brewers as their victory anthem. The iconic 1980 Hall and Oates song, You Make My Dreams, blasts throughout the American Family Field after the team celebrates a big win on any given day.

MLB Victory Songs RankedMLB Victory Songs Ranked
 Justin Berl via Getty Images

It's really just a fun track that gets everyone up and their feet dancing - and for Brewers fans, their dreams are coming true when this Hall and Oats song comes on! The Milwaukee Brewers have not won a world series to date, but here's to hoping that this song still gets the fans going!

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20. Philadelphia Eagles: Fly, Eagles Fly

Philly is known for holding down the fort when it comes to loyal sports fans, especially with their beloved NFL team. Most of us can recall when the Eagles took home their first Super Bowl win in 2018 - and, of course, their victory song, Fly, Eagles Fly, took over the crowded stands.

Eagles Super Bowl VictoryEagles Super Bowl Victory
 Tim Nwachukwu via Getty Images

The original Eagles' Victory Song was created back in the 60s' but lost popularity in the 90s. The re-done anthem, Fly, Eagles Fly, was reintroduced in the 1999 season and traditionally played after every score and win. Fans everywhere are chanting "Fly Eagles Fly! On the road to Victory" to celebrate their beloved team.

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19. Chicago Bulls: Sirius

Legend has it, in 1984, Bulls announcer Tommy Davis heard the Alan Parsons Project instrumental Sirius while sitting in a theater waiting for a movie to start. Apparently, he then decided to bring it back to the United Center in Chicago for the Bulls to rock out to after a winning game.

NBA Victory Songs RankedNBA Victory Songs Ranked
 PETER PAWINSKI/AFP via Getty Images

Before fans knew it, Sirius was being blasted through the stadium as the team's victory anthem. The hit song became synonymous with Michael Jordan and his team stealing the court, leading them to the six NBA championships they won while Jordan was on the hardwood.

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18. Chicago Bears: Bear Down, Chicago Bears

With Chicago comes fanatic Chicago sports fans - and for the Bears, it's no different. The catchy song, Bear Down, Chicago Bears, was released about one year after the Bears won the 1940 NFL championship by defeating the Redskins 73-0. Remember that?

NFL Victory Songs BearsNFL Victory Songs Bears
Steph Chambers via Getty Images

Sold to the Bears in 1941 by Al Hoffman, the catchy fight song is not only played after a victory but every time the Bears score at Soldier Field.  Famously sung for fans to singalong, "Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown. You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down."

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17. Philadelphia Phillies: High Hopes

High Hopes, by late Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Kalas, has traditionally been played after the Philadelphia Phillies successfully win a game after a night at the ballpark. The team regularly plays a clip of Kalas singing the original Sinatra song during his 2002 Hall of Fame acceptance speech at Citizens Bank Park.

MLB Victory Anthems RankedMLB Victory Anthems Ranked
 Rich Schultz via Getty Images

After Kalas sang High Hopes in the Pittsburgh visitors clubhouse during the 1993 NL East Divison Championship celebration, the song gained fame among the Phillies and their fans. The videographer snagged it on tape, and he even performed it live during the 2007 and 2008 division title wins.

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16. Utah Jazz: Hava Nagila

NBA's Utah Jazz have used the Jewish folk song Hava Nagila as their victory anthem for as long as anyone can remember. The upbeat and exciting song is traditionally sung at Jewish celebrations - and winning an NBA game is definitely something to celebrate!

NBA Victory Hava NagilaNBA Victory Hava Nagila
Gene Sweeney Jr. via Getty Images

Madeline Crandall, the team's communications director, said, "The rejoicing of the fans and the memorable beat of the song have proven to be a popular way to commemorate a Jazz win." The song "feels celebratory and fun, and it has just stuck," she explained. Clearly, Utah Jazz fans love having something to celebrate.

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15. Pittsburgh Steelers: Here We Go

One of the most legendary NFL teams in history, the Pittsburgh Steelers are recognized all over the country for their incredibly catchy fight song, Here We Go. Written by Roger Wood in 1994, the song has sold over 120,000 copies since it was released! Not too shabby...

NFL Victory Steelers SongNFL Victory Steelers Song
Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The tradition began in '94 and has stuck ever since, with a few updates here and there. Some of the lyrics for the 2021 version include, "The Steeler Nation has the best fans, we are from Pittsburgh the six times Super Bowl Champs... We go to Najeewhen we need a touchdown, and if you get in his way, he's going to knock you around."

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14. Kansas City Royals: Kansas City

Kansas City, known as the Heart of America, is home to the Kansas City Royals, two-time World Series Champs. This Midwest team has a Beatles classic as their victory song. Kansas City by the Beatles has become the Kauffman Stadium's victory song when the Royals end the night in victory.

MLB Victory Anthems RankedMLB Victory Anthems Ranked
Kyle Rivas via Getty Images

Charlie Finley, the owner of MLB's Oakland Athletics, had something to do with this one! He copped the franchise in Kansas City before moving it to California in '68. When The Beatles were going on their first American tour in '64, Kansas City was not on the list, and Finley got them to Municipal Stadium, where the Athletics played.

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13. Los Angeles Clippers: California Love

This L.A. team reps a Westside classic by one of the most influential rappers in music history, Tupac. NBA's Los Angeles Clippers blast California Love throughout the stadium when they take home the win. Now, as a Lakers fan, things might get a little complicated…

NBA Victory Anthems TupacNBA Victory Anthems Tupac
Jonathan Bachman via Getty Images

"Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild west," the late rapper famously raps. Everyone is familiar with one of Makaveli and Dr. Dre's most famous tracks, Clippers fan or not - including the players themselves. Players from Blake Griffin (above) to Sasha Vujacic have been seen singing along to the catchy tune.

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12. New Orleans Saints: When The Saints Go Marching In

Some of these songs are starting to make sense, huh? Well, for this highly praised NFL team, it makes all the more sense that this has been their victory song for ages. When The Saints Go Marching In has been coined as the New Orleans home teams proud anthem.

NFL Victory Anthems RankedNFL Victory Anthems Ranked
Steph Chambers via Getty Images

We've all heard this tune once or twice. Maybe not at a Saints game for all those Atlanta Falcons fans, but still, we know the catchy tune at our core. Often referred to as The Saints, the track was recorded in 1938 by jazz legend Louis Armstrong and still blasts throughout the Caesars Superdome on winning nights.

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11. Cleveland Cavaliers: Come On Cavs

The Cavs might have a few anthems, but perhaps their most famous one is the 1974 jingle, Come On Cavs. This song really knows how to pump up the crowd. Loyal fans everywhere know that when this one comes on, their team has taken home the win for their city.

NBA Victory Anthems CavaliersNBA Victory Anthems Cavaliers
Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Cavaliers' victory song was actually written by a local radio personality, Larry Morrow, back in the 70s and sung by Julien C. Barber. The tune cost $10,000 to make, but hey, it led the team to the famous "Miracle of Richfield" season back in '76!

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10. Toronto Blue Jays: OK, Blue Jays

Even though they're a Canadian-based team, the Toronto Blue Jays are a part of the MLB as members of the American League's East division. The team commissioned Ok, Blue Jays in 1983, so some of the references might be a little outdated - but everyone just sings the fun chorus anyways!

MLB Victory Anthems RankedMLB Victory Anthems Ranked
 Bob Levey via Getty Images

"The funniest thing about it," Jack Lenz recalled, "was that [Beeston] said, 'Look, we're an expansion team. We've only been around for a few years. We don't want to promise too much, but we want the song to be fun and be something people can sing along.'"

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9. New York Mets: New York Groove

Known as the Amazin' Mets or the Amazins, the New York Mets are another team born and raised in The City That Never Sleeps. Besides the Yankees, the New York Mets bring out die-hard fans from the five boroughs of New York and the tri-state area who all come together to celebrate their love for baseball at Citi Field.

MLB Mets Victory AnthemsMLB Mets Victory Anthems
Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

There are tons of tunes written about New York; it's one of the most famous cities in the world. So to find a song that celebrates the Big Apple wasn't all too hard for the Mets. Ace Frehley's New York Groove has been deemed the victory song for this iconic team, giving their fans a little something to dance to after a W.

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8. San Francisco Giants: I Left My Heart In San Francisco

American jazz legend, Tony Bennett, released the song I Left My Heart In San Francisco back in the 60s, and it has become his signature song ever since! So naturally, a San Francisco-based team would pick up the classic track as their victory song.

MLB Giants Victory AnthemMLB Giants Victory Anthem
Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants have coined Bennett's I Left My Heart In San Francisco as their home victory song, and the singer himself has even performed the song live at their home field in Oracle Park! The singer performed before games in the 2002 and 2010 World Series, so maybe he was their good luck charm?

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7. Pittsburgh Pirates: We Are Family

Thanks to Sister Sledge, the iconic song, We Are Family, became the Pittsburgh Pirates rally song leading to their 1979 World Series Champion win. The Pirates were known as one of those teams that would get off to a late start but find a way to make it to the top - and in ’79, it was no different.

MLB Victory Anthems RankedMLB Victory Anthems Ranked
Justin Berl via Getty Images

That year, the Pirates were up against the Padres when a rainstorm halted their game. To pass the time, the players would blast the top hits at the time. During ’79, the number four song on the Billboard charts was none other than We Are Family. After the team took home the W that season, the lucky song just stuck!

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6. Miami Dolphins: Dolphins Fight Song

Between its non-stop nightlife, beautiful beaches, incredible climate, and highly-celebrated sports teams, The Magic City, has it all. The two-time NFL champion team, the Miami Dolphins, is not only valued at an estimated $3.4 billion but has one of the catchiest fight songs in NFL history.

NFL Dolphins Victory AnthemsNFL Dolphins Victory Anthems
Michael Reaves via Getty Images

Written by Lee Ofman in 1972, the Miami Dolphin Fight Song has been engraved in part of the team's franchise ever since. It's so catchy, it's almost impossible not to sing along. The iconic track was even remixed by Floridian rapper T-Pain back in 2009, despite him not being a Dolphins fan himself.

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5. Chicago Cubs: Go Cubs Go

Naturally, Chicago is going to make it on this list a few times with the number of sports teams they have under their belt. Besides the "Windy City" having tons of victory anthems, the Chicago Cubs hold a high spot with their winning anthem, Go Cubs Go.

MLB Victory Anthems RankedMLB Victory Anthems Ranked
Joe Sargent/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Chicago native Steve Goodman created a long-standing masterpiece for the Cubs. Fans crowd Wrigley Field to sing this iconic victory song, which even reached the Billboard Charts after the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. When Goodman passed away, his ashes were even scattered on Wrigley’s pitching mound.

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4. The Yankees: New York, New York

This list wouldn't be complete without New York's most famous baseball team. Known for their die-hard fans and legendary stadium in the Bronx, this team's victory song has been compared to the Dodgers anthem time and time again. However, don't compare a Yankees fan to a Dodgers fan - things could get heated.

MLB Yankees Victory AnthemsMLB Yankees Victory Anthems
 Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox via Getty Images

Appropriately, this team's victory song is in the hands of Mr. Frank Sinatra himself. Yep: the winning track is New York, New York. However, things can get a little complicated here. Even though every Yankees fan and NYC citizen has this song memorized, the team also plays it when they lose, making it slightly less exciting.

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3. Chicago Blackhawks: Chelsea Dagger

Chi-town is famously known for its love of sports. Between all their high-ranking teams, players, and fanatic fans, who can keep up with all that's going on over there? The Chicago Blackhawks, whose last Stanley Cup was in the 2014-2015 season, coined this tune a few years before.

NHL Victory Anthems RankedNHL Victory Anthems Ranked
Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Ironically enough, the Blackhawk's victory song, Chelsea Dagger, was penned by Scottish indie rock band The Fratellis - who never even went to a U.S. sporting event, let alone a hockey game, when they dropped the track. However, the song stuck after it was played during the team's first Stanley Cup in 49 years in 2010.

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2. Boston Red Sox: Dirty Water

Founded over a century ago as one of the League's eight charter franchises, there is something special about the Boston Red Sox. Between standing in the pumped-up crowd at Fenway Park and the loud Bostonian accents filling up the place, Red Sox fans are known to stay loyal to their team - and their victory anthem(s).

MLB Red Sox WinMLB Red Sox Win
Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox via Getty Images

Although Dirty Water by The Standells is the team's most iconic victory song, they've had so many wins the team couldn't stop at just one track. So they picked up a few more! After Dirty Water comes on, Dropkick Murphy's Tessie follows - along with Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. That's a whole lotta victory to celebrate.

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1. The Los Angeles Dodgers & Lakers: I Love L.A.

Los Angeles is known for its iconic sports teams and die-hard fans. From Shaq to Maury Wills, L.A. is home to some of the best athletes of all time and teams of all times. So, of course, the City of Angels has two teams reppin' this very famous hit.

Dodgers Lakes Victory AnthemsDodgers Lakes Victory Anthems
Thearon W. Henderson via Getty Images

Both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers use the pump-up anthem, I Love L.A. by Randy Newman, to celebrate their wins. There's something about the high energy and immense amount of pride for L.A. that really gets the people going. It seems it's just so good, two teams had to use it.

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