Snoop Dogg's Price Is Going Up Following Iconic Commentary During Tyson Fight

Mahlik Campbell sports /
Joe Scarnici via Getty Images

There was no shortage of highlights and memes stemming from this past Saturday's Triller-sponsored fight night, i.e., Nate Robinson getting bullied on the ropes and Mike Tyson pounding Roy Jones Jr.'s ribs.

Outside of the ring, the leading topic sparking chatter among viewers was Snoop Dogg's unmistakable, off the cuff commentary. The 49-year-old OG's humor, swagger and honesty meshed together perfectly, matching the bizarreness of the main events.

There was this quote in the first round of Tyson vs. Jones Jr.: "This s**t like two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue. 'Meet me in the backyard, I'm tired of this s**t.'" (His fellow hosts couldn't help but burst out laughing.) He even offered the latter some free advice while the fighter was averting Tyson's fierce hooks. "Get up in there, then, Roy!" he said. "In and out."

Then, when Jake Paul initially dropped Robinson to the mat, teasing the knockout that would happen only seconds later, Snoop broke out the last line of defense for the former NBA player: a hymn. "Lord, take my hand," he sang. "Lead me on. Let me stand." You know one of the other commentators had to break out the "dropping it like it's hot" bar.

Of the many qualities that make Snoop, Snoop is that he's more than comfortable acknowledging and appraising his greatness. With that being said, he thinks his full-time commentator price moving forward should be no less than $5 million per year, sharing this tweet to his more than 55 million IG followers.

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