Sheck Wes Drains a Three in Paris Pro Basketball Debut


| LAST UPDATE 06/07/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Sheck Wes
Amy Harris/Invision/AP via Shutterstock

J. Cole isn't the only rapper who's pursuing an alternate career as a professional hooper overseas. Sheck Wes, a member of Travis Scott's Cactus Jack label, recently played in his first game for the Paris Basketball team.

Sheck dropped a quick 4 points on 1-2 shooting in 6 minutes of playing time. Here he is draining a 3-pointer and helping his team secure a 99-74 win against Vichy-Clermont as part of the LNB Pro B league, the second-tier of pro basketball in France.

The 22-year-old signed with the Paris Basketball club back in March, several months after all 30 NBA teams passed on him during the 2020 draft.

"Playing basketball and going to play pro in the @nba is something that I always strived for," he announced via IG. "Tonight that dream comes true!' (Damn.)

Sheck's second and final single of 2020, "#BEENBALLIN," also followed his draft night disappointment. "B***h, I don't need class / I'm leaving high school, I'm headin' straight for the draft," he raps.

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Fun fact: The song's bridge – "I let it rain, I clear it out" – interpolates the 2006 hit "Chicken Noodle Soup," which was born out of Harlem, Sheck's home neighborhood in New York.

Hoops has been an integral part of Sheck's aesthetic and inspiration ever since he blew up in 2018 screaming, "I be ballin' like a mothaf****n' pro!" on "Mo Bamba," titled after the Orlando Magic center.