Did Ronaldo Really Score the World Cup #HairGoal?


| LAST UPDATE 12/04/2022

By Stormy Lindon
Ronaldo Fernandes Fifa Goal
Visionhaus / Mohammad Karamali/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

It's time to get our heads in the game. The FIFA World Cup 2022 is on the go in Qatar, and fans are supporting their players daily, match after match. As a new week commences, the tournament is heating up. But, for one Portuguese player, his questioned victory has left users divided. Yes, we're talking about Ronaldo and his #HairGoal.

Since the global tournament commenced, soccer fans have tuned in or flown into Qatar to catch 49 games so far. We have seen the highest and lowest performance from the nation's favorite players, but countries continue to show a brave face, whatever the result. However, when it comes to Christiano Ronaldo, things have been quite eventful. The Portuguese center-forward has collectively achieved 34 senior trophies in his career and marked himself FIFA's footballer of the year 5 times. Only during his latest match, the stands should have been cheering for someone else - and it's all thanks to the Adidas In-Ball sensor. 

Ronaldo Fernandes Fifa Hair Goal
ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images
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Following the Portugal Vs. Uruguay match on the 28th of November, there had been speculation over whether Ronaldo really deserved his 'header' victory cheer. Social media users turned to their platforms following the brain-blustering issue, riling up other fans over the discussion of Ronaldo's potential #hairgoal. The second half had begun, and it was the 9th minute in. Viewers turned to the small screen as Portugal players gathered near the goal in an attempt to make the shot. Fellow teammate Bruno Fernandes made his way just past the halfway line to shoot and SCORE! The ball swiftly made its way into the goal. However, Ronaldo saw it coming and took a chance to throw in a header shot. The Portuguese team wanted proof from FIFA that Ronaldo contributed to the goal, especially after a mass celebration. But, Adidas, the official sponsor of the tournament, noted the built-in In-ball sensor did not track this information. The sportswear brand's advanced piece of machinery, the 500Hz IMU sensor and "Connected Ball Technology," did not detect any external forces to provide evidence that Ronaldo had slight contact with the ball. The sought-out investigation has finally come to a close and was even announced on Twitter via the official Sky Sports Football page. 

Though Ronaldo might be disappointed the win was not down to his famous skills, his teammate deserved the recognition for a legendary shot. This #hairgoal gate might go down in history, but let's see how the World Cup ends first. There might be a few up-and-coming hesitations on the way. Until then, keep up with the countries that are making it to round 16.

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