From Hulk Hogan to The Bella Twins: 27+ Richest People in Wrestling, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 01/11/2022

By Felicia Brown

Whether they're being body slammed in the ring or promoting from the sides, these legendary names in wrestling have earned some serious bank. Here's a list of the industry's top-earners, ranked by net worth.

38. Eddie Guerrero - $6 Million

During his short career, Eddie Guerrero fought his way into the hearts of millions of fans. And for that reason, his sudden passing at the age of 38 hurt the WWE community around the world - he left behind a legacy.

richest wrestlers in WWErichest wrestlers in WWE
J. Shearer / Contributor via Getty Images

But beyond that, the late wrestler also passed away with a fortune built under his successful stint in the WWE. Since debuting in 1986, the El Paso native climbed the ranks and ended up with a net worth estimated at roughly $6 million, according to Celebrity Networth.

37. Jeff Hardy - $ 7 Million

From the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match to The Hardy Boyz, Jeff Hardy took WWE to a whole new level during his multi-decade career. Ever since stepping into the ring in 1994, the North Carolina native has gained a loyal fan base full of diehard WWE fans from around the world.

richest wrestlers wrestling historyrichest wrestlers wrestling history
Facebook via AK wrestling news

And with such a successful career under his belt, it's no surprise that the 44-year-old wrestler has a bank account to match. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the six-time World Champion has got a whopping $8 million in the bank. His secret to success? Always learning from his opponents, according to a 2008 interview.

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36. Dean Ambrose - $7 Million

Coming in at a whopping 225 pounds and over six feet in height, it's no surprise that Dean has gained a reputation as a menace in the WWE. From Raw Tag Team Champion to Intercontinental and United States Champion, this Cincinnati-born scrapper has seen his fair share of action.

wealthiest wrestlers in WWEwealthiest wrestlers in WWE
Marc Pfitzenreuter / Contributor via Getty Images

But with all the carnage has come with a good deal of cash as well. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 35-year-old wrestler (AKA Jon Moxley) is sitting comfortably with a net worth of $7 million. Think that's a lot? Keep scrolling for more million-dollar body slammers...

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35. Randy Orton - $7 Million

When it comes to Randy Orton, it's safe to say that wrestling was in his DNA from the day he was born. He comes from a long line of wrestlers including his dad and grandfather, both named Bob Orton. But the difference? Randy has taken the family biz and run with it alllll the way to the bank.

WWE millionaire wrestlers listWWE millionaire wrestlers list
Gallo Images / Stringer via Getty Images

And with Celebrity Net Worth estimating his bank account at $7 million, most would agree that the Knoxville, Tennesee native has done pretty well for himself. What sets him out from the crowd? According to Orton, "it's the small things" that put him on a different level than his rivals.

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34. Wade Barrett - $7 Million

While most of the roundup entries are American-born and bred, there are a small number of million-dollar WWE legends who have found major success despite having come from abroad. And Wade Barrett is a perfect example of foreign star power. He was actually born in the United Kingdom!

list WWE richest wrestlerslist WWE richest wrestlers
Moses Robinson / Contributor via Getty Images

During his 12-year career in the ring, which ran from 2004 to 2016, the wrestler-turned-actor-turned-commentator gained a WWE fanbase. Whether he was fighting as Bad News Barrett or King Barrett, Wade made quite the presence during a fight. And according to Celebrity Networth, he's earned $7 mil for his hard work.

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33. Sheamus - $7 Million

And just like his English counterpart, Sheamus is another foreign wrestler who found major success with an American audience. The Irish fighter got his start at Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory in 2002 before moving on to the Irish Whip Wrestling school in Ireland. But it didn't take long for the WWE to start knocking.

richest wrestlers ever rankedrichest wrestlers ever ranked
Chris Ryan - Corbis / Contributor via Getty Images

He made his WWE debut in 2006 and since then, it's been the ride of a lifetime for Sheamus. From ranking in the top five wrestlers in Pro Wrestling Illustrated to Celebrity Networth's estimation of $7 million in the bank, this King of the Ring winner has made quite the name for himself over the years.

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32. Jerry Lawler - $7 Million

With a passion for wrestling like Jerry Lawler, it's tough to ever really say goodbye to the ring. And that's why at the age of 71, he has yet to officially retire from the WWE. He still regularly provides color commentary and captivates the fans with his charisma.

WWE wealthiest wrestlers rankedWWE wealthiest wrestlers ranked
Moses Robinson / Contributor via Getty Images

And with over 50 years in the game, this legend has gained a larger-than-life status including a 2007 induction to the WWE Hall of Fame. But according to Celebrity Networth's reports, his estimated $7 million in the bank can't hurt much either. What a career!

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31. Bret Hart - $7 Million

During his legendary career, Bret Hart became quite the fan-favorite thanks to his charismatic energy. This Calgary native dominated across WWF, WWC and WWE and carried on the legacy of his father, Stu Hart. Celebrity Net Worth estimated that 'The Hitman' is worth $7 million.

Bret Hart Net Worth Bret Hart Net Worth
John Barrett via Shutterstock

Hart's reputation took him to the WWE Hall of Fame not once, but twice and although he's since retired, he definitely left his mark. When looking back on his career, he had a lot to reminisce: "It was an adrenaline rush, and at times it was daunting, but I loved it," he reflected.

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30. Vickie Guerrero - $8 Million

From wrestler to manager and storyline lover, Vickie Guerrero has done it all - and then some. And while the crowd wasn't always cheering her on, it didn't seem to phase the WWE veteran. In fact, she even embraced the hate and "villain" persona thrown her way.

wealthiest WWE fighters everwealthiest WWE fighters ever
Instagram via @guerrero_vickie

Her tough-as-nails attitude might have lead to some tough love from the crowd, but it certainly didn't stop the money from pouring in. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 53-year-old WWE lifer is sitting on $8 million in the bank. Guess her "excuse me!" punchline is worth a whole lot more than the crowd thought!

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29. Sting - $8 Million

Credit where credit is due: Sting was often referred to as 'The Franchise of WCW' throughout his impressive career. After 35 years in the ring, many fans came to see him as the face of professional wrestling, and he definitely has the resume to prove it.

Stinger WWE richest wrestlerStinger WWE richest wrestler
Instagram via @stinger

The WWE Hall of Famer certainly has a lot to be proud of. All the titles came with some hefty looking checks and today, Celebrity Net Worth estimated the Scorpion Death Dropper is sitting on approximately $8 million. With such a fierce reputation, he's definitely carved a place for himself in history.

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28. Kane - $9 Million

Whether you know him as Kane or Glenn Thomas Jacobs, this Spanish-born wrestler is not someone that you want to mess with. Need more proof? His 12 WWE Tag Team Champion wins and three-time World Wrestling title can do most of the talking... Plus his enormous build, of course.

richest wrestlers all timerichest wrestlers all time
Don Arnold / Contributor via Getty Images

But Kane's career wasn't always a success. Back in 1992 when he started under the name of Unabomb, Kane circulated around the independent circuits before finding mainstream success. But now? It seems like nothing can stand in his way. And he's got $9 million in the bank to prove it according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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27. Seth Rollins - $9 Million

From the moment Seth Rollins entered the ring, fans knew he was one of the greats. The Iowa native climbed through the independent circuit before crashing through the door of WWE back in 2010. And since then? Rollins has been racking in the titles.

Seth Rollings WWE richestSeth Rollings WWE richest
Marc Pfitzenreuter via Getty Images

The only wrestler to simultaneously hold the WWE and United States Championship titles, Rollins (born Colby Lopez), has certainly earned himself a nice living. He's believed to be the future of WWE, and for that amongst other things, Celebrity Net Worth estimated him at an easy $9 mil.

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26. Sable - $10 Million

Coming in next is former WWE wrestler, Sable. This fighter's impressive career lasted 12 years and even earned her a WWE title. Today, Celebrity Net Worth estimated that this champion's sitting on roughly $10 million. But she doesn't owe her riches just to wrestling...

Sable wrestling richest womenSable wrestling richest women
Handout via Getty Images

The Florida native has always been comfortable in front of the camera both in and out of the ring. Her popularity as a model also helped build up the bank. With 3 Playboy covers under her belt and several television appearances, it's clear there's nothing this powerhouse can't do.

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25. Kevin Von Erich - $10 Million

Celebrity Net Worth estimated Kevin Von Erich's net worth to be a staggering $10 million. This former footballer and wrestler made some serious bank back in his day. But after years in the ring, Erich decided to enjoy some seriously well-earned retirement time in Hawaii with his family.

Kevin Von Erich WWEKevin Von Erich WWE
Facebook via Kevin Von Erich

Even with 2 successful careers and countless titles under his belt, this heavyweight champ never lost himself in the fame and fortune. Millions in the bank and Kevin's still got his priorities right in life. According to him, "family is what's it all about."

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24. Diamond Dallas Page - $10 Million

With a wrestling career spanning over 2 decades, former pro fighter Diamond Dallas Page made quite the name for himself. Celebrity Net Worth estimated Page, known as DDP in the ring, has earned himself a comfortable $10 million. A man with many talents, Diamond is also a fitness instructor, motivational speaker, and actor.

Diamond Dallas Page WWEDiamond Dallas Page WWE
Facebook via Diamond Dallas Page

Page did not come up like your average rookie. He started out as a manager in the American Wrestling Association before breaking onto the scene at the age of 35. No doubt an underdog, Diamond says his late start helped him grow as an athlete, "I got my a** kicked. A lot. But I learned from all of the mistakes that I made."

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23. David Otunga - $10 Million

In his short 6 years in the ring, David Otunga made quite a name for himself. But the talents don't stop there: after dabbling in wrestling, he moved to acting while keeping time to do color commentary for WWE. The former wrestler and actor sits with a comfortable $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

David Otunga richest wweDavid Otunga richest wwe
Instagram via @wwe

There's no doubt this Illinois native turned pro wrestling into an A-list lifestyle. He's no stranger to working hard and David's clearly got his mind focused: "I'm obviously smarter than everyone else, so once I slow down and really think about it, there's no stopping me," he said.

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22. André the Giant - $10 Million

Widely recognized in both the ring and on the big screen, we're not surprised that Celebrity Net Worth estimated André the Giant's net worth at $10 million. The late pro wrestler was one of the greatest and is missed by the masses. While gone too soon, he definitely left a mark in the wrestling world.

andre giant wealthiest wrestlerandre giant wealthiest wrestler
B Bennett via Getty Images

André was as beloved as he was strong. The 7'4" wrestler certainly had a lot to be proud of, having left home at an early age to prove to himself he could really "be somebody." There's no doubt about it, André the Giant was a force to be reckoned with.

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21. Roman Reigns - $12 Million

The money's in the name with this beast. Roman Reigns is a reigning WWE Universal Champion and has no plans of slowing down. With so many titles under his belt, it's no surprise that Celebrity Net Worth estimated this athlete's got $12 mil on deck. This hard work, as well as other endeavors definitely paid off.

Roman Reigns richest wrestlersRoman Reigns richest wrestlers
Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery via Getty Images

Success came to Roman Reigns beyond the ring. Having played football during his time at Georgia Tech, he made it to both the NFL and CFL before turning to wrestling. So what's this pro athlete's secret you may ask? Well, Roman said it perfectly: "Man, I just know when it’s time to pull my trigger."

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20. Daniel Bryan - $12 Million

Daniel Bryan has had quite a run during his time in the wrestling world. It's taken him all over the globe since his start and also introduced him to his better half. Today, Celebrity Net Worth estimated that he and his wifey, Brie, are sitting on a net worth of $12 million combined.

daniel bryan wwe wealthdaniel bryan wwe wealth
Chris Ryan-Corbis via Getty Images

After years scrapping it out as an underdog, this fighting machine finally made it big thanks to the love from his fans. The "Yes" movement started by crowd chants really paid off for wrestler. But Bryan isn't done yet: He says he's hooked on the "pursuit of constantly being better." Onwards and upwards, Danny!

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19. The Miz - $14 Million

It's clear Michael Gregory Mizanin was born to entertain. After dropping out of college, The Miz took his career from reality star on The Real World: Back to New York, to fierce dominator in WWE. However, the switch didn't come easy to the now 8-time Intercontinental Champion title holder.

Miz WWE wealthiest wrestlerMiz WWE wealthiest wrestler
Moses Robinson via Getty Images

The Miz was determined to show his worth and defy the sceptics and haters. "Through hard work and dedication, I proved everyone wrong," he reflected in interview. Celebrity Net Worth estimated that today he's sitting on $14 million... Man he showed them!

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18. Mick Foley - $14 Million

This total beast had nearly as many personas as he did titles. Widely known as Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love and many more, he made history in 1998 as the only wrestler to fight under 3 different names. Celebrity Net Worth estimated this machine, along with his wife Maryse, to be worth $14 million.

Mick Foley wealthiest WWEMick Foley wealthiest WWE
KMazur via Getty Images

With all the fame and fortune, 2013's WWE Hall of Famer remained humble. Although Mick was rewarded with some hefty paychecks for his legendary fights, the retired wrestler admitted that it was all for the fans: "I hope that people feel like they’ve been on a little bit of a journey with me by the time the show is over," he said.

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17. Maryse Ouellet - $14 Million

Coming in next is another boss wife of WWE. Maryse Ouellet made serious waves after her 2006 debut in WWE's Diva Search. She quickly climbed the ranks with crowd-pleasers like the French Kiss DDT. Combined with husband Mick Foley, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Maryse is estimated to be worth a cool $14 million.

Maryse Ouellet husband wrestlerMaryse Ouellet husband wrestler
Instagram via @marysemizanin

The Canada-born model-turned-wrestler didn't just stop with dominating in the ring. After she left the WWE universe in 2011, she returned in 2016 with her eyes set on taking her husband to the top. Coming back as manager, Ouellet helped secure the Mr.'s fifth Intercontinental Championship.

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16. Edge - $14 Million

This title-holder and record breaking machine proved that the game is only over when he says so. Coming out of retirement to return to the cage, Edge is just unstoppable. Celebrity Net Worth estimated that the 2011 WWE Hall of Famer has got $14 mil in the bank, but it doesn't stop there...

Edge WWE richest wrestlersEdge WWE richest wrestlers
Don Arnold via Getty Images

It wasn't all about fame and fortune for the WWE legend. The Edge had a rough start just like many rookies. But when looking back, he explained that he has no regrets. "All those experiences, I wouldn't trade them," he said. "Because they really helped me kind of shape what I needed to have in my tool belt going forward..."

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15. Jeff Jarrett - $15 Million

Success was in Jarret's DNA from the start. As the son of the legendary Jerry Jarret, there was certainly a reputation to uphold, and our Tennessee native did just that. The 2 time Hall of Fame inductee is estimated to be sitting on $15 million in the bank, as stated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Jeff Jarrett wealthiest wrestlerJeff Jarrett wealthiest wrestler
MediaPunch via Shutterstock

With a killer career that spanned over decades, this dominator sure had some wisdom to share. The wrestler turned producer explained that, "You learn from losses. You learn from persevering. You learn from getting knocked down." A casual $15 mil later, and this guy has clearly learned a lot...

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14. Dave Bautista - $16 Million

Over twenty years of WWE, martial arts and acting have taken this D.C. powerhouse to new levels of wealth. Dave Bautista proved to be unstoppable on his rise to fame, making moves in the ring and on the big screen. With features in films such as, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy: Nothing was off the table for this guy.

Dave Bautista wealthiest WWEDave Bautista wealthiest WWE
J. Shearer via Getty Images

Celebrity Net Worth estimated Bautista, widely known as 'The Animal,' has got an easy $16 mil in the bank. No small feat for someone who came from a less fortunate beginning. It's all onwards and upwards with this 6-time World Heavyweight Champion and we can't wait to see what's next after retirement.

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13. Bill Goldberg - $16 Million

While Bill Goldberg had his eyes set on an NFL career from his college days at the University of Georgia, fans of the WWE Hall of Famer know that fate had something else in store for him. Back in 1997-1998 Goldberg took us on a 173-0 undefeated streak. Pretty impressive for the then-rookie.

Bill Goldberg WWE wealthiestBill Goldberg WWE wealthiest
Icon Sportswire/Contributor via Getty Images

Goldberg's taken fans on a ride of a lifetime during his international career. From America to Japan and beyond, the Universal Champ has certainly earned his check with killer moves like the Jackhammer. Today, Celebrity Net Worth estimated the Atlanta native is worth $16 million.

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12. Big Show - $16 Million

While his name may be Big Show, clearly the paychecks are even bigger as Celebrity Net Worth estimated that the 7 feet goliath is worth a whopping $16 million. The Tampa native broke into the scene in 1994 and was soon promoted as the son of Andre the Giant.

Big Show net worthBig Show net worth
Chris Ryan-Corbis via Getty Images

But the money hasn't gotten to this legends head. Thanks to a piece of advice he received from wrestling vet Big Boss Man, the WWE Champ remained modest. "Be nice to everyone and be humble on the way up," he was told. "Because you meet the same people on the way down."

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11. The Undertaker - $17 Million

Throughout his 3 decade-long career, The Undertaker made fans shake with excitement, while opponents trembled with fear. The Death Valley native dominated in the ring and racked up titles including WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion.

Undertaker WWE richest wrestlersUndertaker WWE richest wrestlers
JP Yim/Stringer via Getty Images

The wrestling retiree is clearly living the good life out of the ring too. Celebrity Net Worth estimated that he's got a net worth of $17 million. All earned in a good day's pay with moves like the Chokeslam and Tombstone. We're all waiting to see what's next for this legend.

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10. Shawn Michaels - $17 Million

Shawn Michaels was born with a serious gift. The confident and rebellious athlete had a knack for wrestling and wowing crowds, and fans ate it up. The 2 time WWE Hall of Famer has racked up more than a reputation: Celebrity Net Worth estimated he's worth a hefty $17 million.

Shawn Michaels net worthShawn Michaels net worth
Bob Levey via Getty Images

Shawn would eventually become known as 'The Heartbreak Kid,' as fans tuned in to watch him dominate in solo and tag fights. While his rebellious side sometimes got away from him, few can deny that the now-retired San Antonio native made a serious mark in the wrestling world.

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9. Chris Jericho - $18 Million

Chris Jericho has lived many lives in and out of the wrestling ring. The first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion took his talents to TV, music and even writing. With this impressive empire under him, it's no surprise to us that Celebrity Net Worth reported Jericho is worth around $18 million.

Chris Jericho WWE richestChris Jericho WWE richest
Masashi Hara via Getty Images

The unstoppable athlete estimated that he has wrestled in 50 countries over the years, including over 60 times in Japan. And Jericho certainly expressed gratitude for where life has taken him: "It’s been really fortunate that I’ve been able to do what I always wanted to do and get to travel the world as a result," he said.

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8. Bella Twins - $20 Million

What started as a ruse quickly turned to fortune for these pro wrestlers. As explained by Celebrity Net Worth, Brie and husband Daniel Bryan are worth a combined $12 million. And with sister Nikki at $8 million, the Bella twins are living the good life out of the ring in retirement.

Bella Twins Nikki BrieBella Twins Nikki Brie
Lizzy Sullivan via Getty Images

The San Diego natives have taken opportunities and run with them including music video appearances, television gigs and even a wine label called Belle Radici. Cheers! After being inscribed into the WWE Hall of Fame Brie took to Instagram to share her joy, writing "speechless. Grateful. Could nine."

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7. Kurt Angle - $25 Million

With a career that dates back to his adolescence, Kurt Angle has racked up years of technical experience other wrestlers could only dream of. Celebrity Net Worth estimated Angle's got around $25 million in the bank, but many fans know he's also got some gold around his neck as well.

Kurt Angle Wrestling MoneyKurt Angle Wrestling Money
Solaris/Kobal via Shutterstock

Kurt, now retired, took home the Olympic gold medal back in 1996 and continued to make waves in the industry. But none of the money or the titles went to his head. Angle used his induction to the WWE Hall of Fame to show some love, wanting to acknowledge his fans and how much he "appreciated their support over the years.”

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6. Hulk Hogan - $25 Million

The legendary Hulk Hogan is practically synonymous with professional wrestling. The WWE legend lived a larger-than-life career with titles including WWE and WWC Champion. After decades in the ring, Celebrity Net Worth estimated that Hogan is sitting on $25 million.

Hulk Hogan richest wrestlerHulk Hogan richest wrestler
Star Tribune/Contributor via Getty Images

Hogan's fortunes extend way beyond the wrestling world. The 2005 WWE Hall of Fame inductee's empire also extended to media, including stints in film, television and music. Clearly nothing is out of reach for this 6'7" retiree, and we wouldn't recommend trying to get in his way...

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5. Steve Austin - $30 Million

Since 'Stone Cold Steve's' debut into wrestling in 1990, the Texas native gained the praise of fans for his signature 'Stone Cold Stunner' move, and tough guy attitude. When the sound of breaking glass rang through the arena, fans knew they were in for a serious show, and Steve Austin never failed to deliver. 

Stone Cold Steve AustinStone Cold Steve Austin
George Napolitano via Getty Images

Celebrity Net Worth estimated that Steve sits on an impressive $30 million. But this isn’t just from his days fighting in the arena: After retiring in 2003, Austin took his talents to refereeing, acting and even hosting reality TV. Think that’s impressive? We're just getting started with the heavy hitters, scroll down...

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4. John Cena - $60 Million

Safe to say that anyone who looked at John Cena in his rookie years and doubted his greatness, has certainly been proven wrong. This WWE legend has changed the game of wrestling and built an empire out his career over the past 2 decades.

John Cena richest wrestlersJohn Cena richest wrestlers
Moses Robinson via Getty Images

The WWE Champion is estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to be worth a staggering $60 million, a number not so surprising once you take a look at just how much Cena has done over the years. John’s just your average musician, best-selling author and film star, all rolled up into one neat 250 lbs package.

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3. Triple H - $150 Million

Triple H or Triple Digits? Celebrity Net Worth estimated 'The King of Kings' is worth a whopping $150 million when stacked with his wife of 15 plus years, Stephanie McMahon. From the arena to the business side of WWE, the pair have built quite the empire.

Triple H richest wrestlerTriple H richest wrestler
Etsuo Hara via Getty Images

Over nearly 2 decades, Triple H, born Hunter Hearst Helmsley, mowed down every big name in his path. Major competitors including John Cena and the Rock have all been his victims. Having moved to the corporate side in 'unofficial retirement', the Mr. and Mrs. continue to take wrestling to new heights.

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2. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - $400 Million

Forget richest wrestlers of all time, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of the highest-paid entertainers on the planet, according to Forbes. Celebrity Net Worth estimated this larger-than-life mogul to be worth a whopping $400 million. Success was clearly written in the stars for the former wrestler. 

Dwayne Rock Johnson WWEDwayne Rock Johnson WWE
Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery via Getty Images

Since his debut in 1996, the 8 time WWE Championship winner became the poster boy of professional wrestling in his day. It’s no surprise fans knew him as 'The People’s Champion' and 'The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment.' But he's got pennies compared to the wrestling legend who took the number 1 spot.

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1. Vince McMahon - $1.6 Billion

While he only occasionally spent time in the ring, all our top earners arguably owe their fortunes to the father of wrestling himself: Vince McMahon. Better than any title, Vince took the small-league industry and turned it into a global phenomenon. Celebrity Net Worth estimated the WWE CEO to be worth a staggering $1.6 billion.

Vince McMahon WWE richestVince McMahon WWE richest
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

McMahon opened the doors to hundreds of athletes and fans around the globe as he revolutionized the world of entertainment and wrestling. With a career that dates back to the 1970s and no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it’s safe to say the sport will never be the same as long as Vince is around.

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