Nike Straps Auto-Lacing Technology to Anniversary Air Jordan 11 Adapt

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Celebrating 25 years since the debut of the Air Jordan 11 designed by Jordan Brand's go-to visionary Tinker Hatfield, the company is bringing the shoes into the 21st century with sleek looks and auto-lacing technology.

Most notably, the AJ 11 "Adapt" boasts Nike's futuristic auto-lacing function of the same name that's activated via the Nike Adapt app and by those two small buttons on the outer midsole of the shoe.

The app gives the wearer the ability to adjust the tightness of the shoe as well as change what the buttons look like, i.e., alternating colors and making them flash. The light blue sole, translucent upper, black mesh tongue and ultra-thin Adapt laces solidify the next-gen feel of these shoes.

Via Nike
Via Nike

Accompanying the Adapt is the fittingly titled "Jubilee," which signifies a 25-year (or 50-year) anniversary like the one the AJ 11 is enjoying. Notably, this sneaker features a silver, raised Jumpman logo near the lateral heel as well as a "25" mark on the insole instead of the usual "23" to further represent the special quarter-century occasion.

Black patent leather and matching mesh across the upper and tongue on top of a clean white midsole and clear sole accentuate the sleekness.

Via Nike
Via Nike

Sneakerheads can expect the Jubilee to arrive on December 12 for $220 retail and the Adapt on December 30 for an unknown price, both via Nike's SNKRS app. Good luck!