NBA Fans Think Chris Paul is Telling on Players for Violating Bubble Rules

Mahlik Campbell sports /

Whatever it takes to win. 😂

When the NBA published its 113-page health and safety plan to keep its bubble at The Walt Disney World Resort free from the coronavirus, one of the most revealing details was that there would be an "anonymous hotline" where people could voice any violations they've witnessed.

Well, on Tuesday afternoon, insider Shams Charania reported that "multiple tips" have been placed into the system already.

In a follow-up tweet, Charania also wrote that some players have been given warnings related to social distancing and mask-wearing.

Thinking about who could be on the other end of the tips, NBA fans jokingly (kind of) pointed the finger at Thunder point guard Chris Paul.

Why CP3??

Though there's zero evidence to back up this suspicion, Paul developed a reputation as a snitch earlier this year when he told on the Timberwolves' Jordan Bell for having his jersey untucked in a game.

This move led to the T-Wolves' second delay of game violation penalty and a technical foul, which gave the Thunder a free throw in crunch time that helped them force overtime and earn a win.

Paul is also seventh all-time in assists with 9,607. Just saying.

But, NBA Twitter has lost their right to talk about snitching for the moment. When a woman recently claimed that she had been invited to the bubble, some fans tried to call out Montrezl Harrell, who follows her.

So far, the only major violation that has been made public has come from Kings big man Richaun Holmes after he "crossed the NBA campus line" to grab a food delivery. He has to spend 10 extra days in quarantine.