Morocco Makes History in Women's World Cup


| LAST UPDATE 08/06/2023

By Amelie Durham
Morocco women's World Cup
James Worsfold/Shutterstock

Morocco, a country known for its rich soccer heritage, is making headlines once again. This time, it's the Atlas Lionesses, the nation's women's soccer team, who are stealing the spotlight. After a meteoric rise, they have qualified for their first-ever Women's World Cup, becoming the first Arab nation to achieve this remarkable feat.

The journey to this historic moment has been nothing short of inspiring. It all began with Rosella Ayane's winning goal in the Women's Africa Cup of Nations (WAFCON) semifinal penalty shootout against Nigeria last year. Ayane, unaware of the magnitude of her achievement at the time, turned around to rejoin her teammates. It was only when they mobbed her that she realized she had secured her team's place in history. Reflecting on that moment, Ayane said, "It was a bit of a blur, to be honest. I didn't even know it was the winning penalty. I had no idea!" Her humble demeanor perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the team and their astonishing journey.

Rosella Ayane Morocco FIFA
James Worsfold/Shutterstock
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The Atlas Lionesses' rise has captivated the nation. During their first appearance at a continental final since the men's team reached the AFCON final 18 years ago, more than 50,000 fans filled the Prince Moulay Abdallah Stadium in Rabat, with thousands more camped outside in a show of unwavering support. Although they narrowly lost 2-1 to South Africa, their performance sent a resounding message to the world - women's football in Morocco is ready to compete with the best. Morocco's success on the international stage isn't limited to the women's team. The men's team recently made history by becoming the first African and Arab nation to reach the World Cup semifinals.

While the road to the Women's World Cup hasn't always been smooth, it has been a testament to the determination and resilience of the Atlas Lionesses. They faced disappointments in previous tournaments, failing to progress beyond the group stages. However, they never lost hope and continued to work hard to improve. Now, as they prepare to make their Women's World Cup debut, the Atlas Lionesses carry the hopes and dreams of a nation on their shoulders. Their journey is an inspiration to aspiring young girls across Morocco and the Arab world. It's definitely history in the making as Morocco's Lionesses roar on the global stage!

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