Lou Williams Spotted With Jack Harlow at Magic City While Away From Bubble

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Lou Williams was just trying to support his favorite restaurant. πŸ˜…

With the NBA watching nearly every move of players posted in the Orlando bubble, not many have pushed the boundaries of the rigorous health and safety guidelines put in place.

That was until recently when Lou Williams was briefly seen on Jack Harlow's Instagram story at the popular Atlanta strip club Magic City. He was away on an excused absence to attend a funeral of a close family friend, Paul Williams. "Long Live Pops," he wrote alongside a photo of the man last week.

Via jackharlow/Instagram

Harlow later claimed in a deleted Tweet that he was "just reminiscing" with an "old pic" of himself and Lou, but that theory was quickly ousted. The Clippers' guard was wearing a mask given to players inside the bubble.

With speculation bubbling online, ESPN's Ramona Shelbourne and Bobby Marks reported that Lou told NBA security he was only stopping at Magic City to pick up dinner. 

The defending Sixth Man of the Year elaborated on Twitter, challenging people to "ask anyone what's my favorite restaurant in Atlanta" and retweeting fanfare about the club's chicken wings.

"Ain't nobody partying," he suggested. "Chill out lol."

Eater Atlanta ranked the legendary spot at 16 on its list of the 21 best wing joints in the city. That's love.

Thankfully, it sounds like Lou Will was able to stay healthy, as players are tested for coronavirus each day they spend outside of the bubble. Plus, Harlow appears to be a new member of "#ClippersNation."

What happens in Magic City stays in Magic City, but Lou Will will have to complete a 10-day quarantine period that started on Saturday before returning to the court next week. He'll miss the Clippers' first two seeding games against the Lakers and Pelicans, as well as lose $150,000 in salary.

Following Lou Will's request to "just enjoy the memes," fans had some fun with this headline.