Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James Presented With Icy NBA Championship Rings

Mahlik Campbell

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Harry How via Getty Images

Before the Lakers and LeBron James tipped off against their crosstown rival Clippers on Tuesday night, they were awarded iced out championship rings that pay tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Designed and produced by Jason of Beverly Hills, who's put diamonds on the fingers of former title squads like the '09 Lakers and the '17 Warriors, the rings have a mamba snake wrapped around each player's number on the side.

Special: "Leave A Legacy," the team's playoff motto, is etched into the same side, while another word, "unity," nods toward the social justice the entire league continues to fight for. 

There's also a unique removable front that reveals all of LA's retired jerseys, Kobe's included. Weighing 16.45 carats, 0.95 carats of which come from the purple gemstone amethyst, representing the 95 days the team spent inside the Orlando NBA bubble, it's the heaviest (carat-wise) and most expensive jewel any championship team has ever worn.

Finally, 17 trophies dotting the outer edge of the ring stand for the total number of titles the Lakers have brought home since their inaugural win in 1949.

Just being honest: LeBron expressed his bittersweet feelings via Twitter earlier in the day, as he was excited about earning his fourth ring but bummed no fans would be at Staples Center to share the experience. 

He wrote, "WOW!!!! Ring Night man!! It just hit me. Man o Man!!! Hate my family, friends and fans won’t be there to witness it though! Nevertheless I can’t believe I’m RINGING it up again!"

Now, the question is whether the Lakers, 'Bron and a paid Anthony Davis will be able to repeat?