Lil Durk Botches First Pitch For Chicago Cubs, Earns 50 Cent Comparisons


| LAST UPDATE 08/13/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Durk
Paul Beaty/AP via Shutterstock

There are few traditions in pro sports like the celebrity first pitch at a baseball game, especially since things can go so sideways. Unfortunately for Lil Durk, he's the newest addition to the blooper reel.

The Chicago Cubs welcomed the hometown superstar to Wrigley Field recently to handle first pitch duties. Making the already notable moment even bigger was that the Cubs were playing their crosstown rivals, the White Sox. Durkio was all smiles on the mound.

The 28-year-old was even gifted a custom Cubs jersey featuring his nickname, "Smurk," alongside the number 64. That's a reference to the infamous O'Block located at E 64th and South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago's South Side where Durk was raised.

Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction until Lil Durk actually threw the baseball, which ended up going far left and completely missing the plate where the mascot/catcher was waiting. The crowd reacted with a shared gasp, but Durk was able to laugh it off.

Durk's bad pitch was a sign of things to come, as the Cubs lost to the White Sox, 9-3. Maybe the Sox wanted to assert their status as the main Chicago team for local hip-hop artists and creatives. During the 2019 season, they had G Herbo, Juice WRLD and Cole Bennett each throw a first pitch.

The title for the worst (and most viral) first pitch from a rapper, however, likely belongs to 50 Cent. Back in 2014, he stepped to the mound at a Mets game in his home borough of Queens, New York, and sent the ball flying to the left, nearly hitting a cameraman in the head.

But several famous rappers have managed to toss a decent first pitch for their local club, including Kendrick Lamar – LA Dodgers, Mac Miller – Pittsburgh Pirates, Quavo – Atlanta Braves, Chance The Rapper – White Sox, and Big Sean – Detroit Tigers.

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While it's easy to laugh at Durk's attempt, it's important to point out he probably had a lot on his mind. Monday, Aug. 9th, would've been his OTF protégé King Von's 27th birthday, though he was killed last fall.

Durk penned a tribute to Von and visited a new mural in O'Block before Von's team dropped the cinematic video for "Demon."