Lamborghini Shares First Look at 4000-HP Tecnomar Yacht

Mahlik Campbell

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Lamborghini is looking to dominate the water like it has land. 🔥

Luxury Italian car brand Lamborghini has shared the first photos of its new Technomar for Lamborghini 63 super-yacht made in collaboration with The Italian Sea Group.

This thing is a beast. With twin 24.2-liter MAN V12 diesel motors, the sea vessel possesses 4000 total horsepower and can reach a maximum speed of 60 knots (69 mph). Skrrt!

Via Lamborghini

As for the price tag, the reported figure is near $3.4 million not including the Ace of Spades bottles and Gucci polos that prospective buyers will likely require for their maiden voyage upon release in early 2021.

The 63 not only draws its name from the year Lamborghini was founded but also the number of ships that will be produced and the length of the yacht in feet. Other measurements include a width of 18 feet and a big body weighing roughly 24 tons.

Looking at the sleek design, the yacht pulls inspiration from a few of Lambo's signature cars, like the Sián FKP 37 hybrid hypercar's headlights captured in the bow lights, as well as features from the Countach and the Miura in other areas.

Via Lamborghini

Once those who somehow have enough bread to cop one of these bad boys move past picking the exotic exterior color of their choice, they'll be reintroduced to the somewhat familiar interior setup. (Assuming they've splurged on a land-only Lambo before.)

Most notably, the cockpit will house various items typically found in its roadsters, from the steering wheel to the start buttons to a pair of bull-branded bucket seats for the driver and their co-captain.

Via Lamborghini

Now accepting all offers to train as a crew member.