KC Chiefs & Philadelphia Eagles To Go Head to Head in Super Bowl LVII


| LAST UPDATE 01/31/2023

By Julia Shepherd
super bowl lvii patrick mahomes
Michael Owens / Contributor via Getty Images

It's official: Super Bowl 57 is gonna be fire! The Eagles and Chiefs will be going head to head for the Lombardi Trophy. This clash of titans will happen Feb 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. And with much at stake and two incredible teams looking to come out on top, this game is sure to be an epic show. Here's what to expect.

Sunday was a wild one for the San Francisco 49ers as they faced some tough luck with an early departure of third-string quarterback Brock Purdy due to an elbow injury, followed by an even tougher hit when veteran journeyman Josh Johnson was yanked from the game due to a concussion sustained from a tackle in the third quarter. Even without those key players, it was clear that the Eagles were on point and ready to take over, putting together an impressive defensive performance and protecting the ball at all costs to cruise right into a 31-7 victory. It goes to show that you can’t underestimate a team just because of injuries.

Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs
Michael Owens via Getty Images
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Talk about a crazy game! In the AFC title game, the Chiefs really had to work for it - Joe Burrow and the Bengals put up a fight late in the fourth quarter. But thanks to an unlikely hero of sorts, Joseph Ossai, Mahomes and his team advanced. On a critical 3rd down and 6, he was hit with an unnecessary roughness penalty that kept the Chiefs drive alive and within range for Harrison Butker's 45-yard field goal attempt (which he nailed!). That allowed Kansas City to seal the deal at 23-20 and earn their third trip to the Super Bowl in 4 years!

Get ready for one epic night — on February 12, the Super Bowl is bringing us some major star power. Rihanna will be taking center stage in the halftime show and slaying all of our lives with her spectacular performance. As if that isn't enough, kick-off begins bright and early at 6:30 PM ET, with Fox covering the game. Loyal fans know this is going to be an unforgettable experience. Get your snacks ready and grab all your friends to join in on the fun — it's time to get hyped up and watch some incredible entertainment you'll never forget!

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