Joe Freshgoods Discloses Limited Release of Shelved Adidas Collab

Mahlik Campbell sports /

Chicago designer and fashion visionary Joe Freshgoods just took to Twitter to detail the story of his shelved 2018 Adidas collection called "I Guess You Understand Me Now."

According to him, the collab was never released for unspecified reasons and he "ended up signing to another brand." That brand was New Balance, and their relationship has been nothing short of fruitful.

Fast-forward two years and pieces from "I Guess You Understand Me Now" are finally going to trickle out into the streets of Chicago, albeit in very limited quantities.

"In 2020 I got word the Adi product was made, now im using all of the funds from it to raise money for CPS students, [this] Friday," Freshgoods let his nearly 50k followers know. That's fire.

When the Windy City hosted All-Star weekend earlier this year, he released his pink and red take on the New Balance 992s under the tag "No Emotions Are Emotions."

Chance the Rapper rocked them onstage alongside Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and others during his excellent halftime performance that same weekend. Now, they're reselling on StockX for around $1,400.

It won't come as a surprise if Joe's few of a kind Adidas kicks with hanging stripes and splattered salt stains inspired by snowy Chicago winters attract even larger bids on the secondary market.

But Joe says he isn't even feeling them anymore: "look at this like me dropping an album I made 2 years ago with my old label lol."

Given the slight run of this upcoming collection, Joe suggested that the towel/blanket, long sleeve shirt, sweatpants and sneakers (plus anything else that drops) should be treated as art. "Collect it," he wrote.

You'll have to slide through the Fat Tiger Workshop this Friday in person if you want to get your hands on any of this gear, though. Ain't no shipping involved!