Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God Debut Extensive Seventh Collection

Mahlik Campbell

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Founder Jerry Lorenzo has unveiled the much-anticipated seventh collection from his luxury clothing brand Fear of God. Clean designs and muted colors can be seen across the coats, sweaters, suit jackets, shoes and other pieces being showcased.

The collection took two years to come together, according to the Fear of God site, and Lorenzo, a former club promoter turned fashion visionary who's worked with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Justin Bieber, as well as big businesses like MLB and Nike and placed extra emphasis on the number seven, which represents "completeness and perfection."

Via Fear of God
Via Fear of God
Via Fear of God

Speaking with WWD's Obi Anyanwu, he outlined his "hope" that this latest offering "transcends time and makes buyers feel more confident." 

"The emotion is flashy but when you walk in the room you’re not the loudest in the room," he continued. "It's understated confidence."

Lorenzo also pays homage to the Negro Leagues, a series of pro baseball leagues founded 100 years ago this year. However, Lorenzo revealed to that he didn't even know about the anniversary until roughly six months ago.

Via Fear of God

Lorenzo has a special connection to this important slice of history and baseball as a whole. His grandfather was a pitcher for the Atlanta Black Crackers in the Negro Leagues; his dad played in the MLB and formerly managed the White Sox and Mets.

You can bounce around the complete Seventh Collection lookbook here. Patience, though: Release is scheduled for spring 2021