Jake Paul Mocks Boxer Tommy Fury Over Viral Clip of Fury Beating His Chest in Club


| LAST UPDATE 09/20/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Jake Paul
Broadimage via Shutterstock

Everyone is wondering who Jake Paul will fight next. One of the leading names is Tommy Fury, younger brother of 2x world heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. Jake is fueling chatter after clowning Tommy over this clip...

Jake and Tommy have been trading taunts ever since the YouTuber-turned-boxer started seriously making waves in the fight game. Following Jake's most recent win over Tyron Woodley in his home city of Cleveland, he had an intense face-to-face encounter with Tommy.

Jake's latest attempt to rattle Tommy is his reply to a viral clip of the latter beating his shirtless chest in a club while allegedly on molly. "Date molly, don't take molly," Jake suggests via this TikTok duet.

He's referring to Tommy's relationship with entrepreneur and influencer Molly Mae, who boasts 6 million IG followers. But it's not the first time Jake has involved Molly Mae in his ongoing feud with Tommy.

Earlier this year, Jake tried to expose Molly for sliding in his DMs circa Oct. 2018, a year before she and Tommy met on the hit UK series 'Love Island.'

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However, several folks pointed out the white heart emoji she allegedly used wasn't released until 2019. "Times must be hard when you’re having to fake a DM….," Molly tweeted in response. "Photoshop is scary."

Jake is dating a popular influencer himself, Julia Rose. While her IG has been suspended several times due to nudity, she's racked up 680k followers on her newest page.

Tommy's older half-brother, Tyson, has been looped into the madness as well on at least one occasion. During a dinner featuring the Fury clan and Shaquille O'Neal in May, the 33-year-old boxing star called Jake and his older brother Logan, "p*****s," and made his stance clear: "Any time, any place, anywhere. Tommy's knocking Jake the f**k out!"

As for whether Jake and Tommy will ever step in the ring for real, only time will tell. (Similar to Jake's 4-0 record, Tommy holds an undefeated record at 7-0.)

Jake recently identified one of the UFC's most-prized fighters, Jorge Masvidal, as his ideal next opponent in the above open letter to UFC president Dana White. "[Dana White] why you so scared to get embarrassed?"