How This Football Player Went From Sleeping In His Car To Signing An NFL Contract

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Getting to the NFL is no easy task. It takes hours upon hours of time and dedication to perfect your craft to become one of the best football players in the world. There is endless sacrifice that goes into it and pushing your mind and body to the limits. But it becomes even harder when you have every reason to give up and fall to the wayside. Floyd Allen, a wide receiver for the Houston Texans, had every reason to give up and nobody would have been able to blame him. Instead, he channeled his struggles and hardships into determination and made it to the biggest stage. This is his story.

Everybody Is Born With Innocence

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When you are born everything is pure and simple. You have no worries yet, and everything that happens to you after the fact is more than likely the cause of something that is out of your control.

As You Grow Up

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You begin to fall in love with certain hobbies or games or sports. Whatever it may be those passions stick with kids until they become adults for the most part, and some of those passions even become careers.

But Everybody's Path Is Different

Though we all share the same 24 hours in a day and the same 365 days in a year, everybody doesn't share the same path to their destiny. We all walk a different path to end up where we are ultimately supposed to.

And On That Path

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There will be good times and moments that you will cherish forever. Those are the moments that you want to remember and want to hold on to.

But There Will Also Be Adversity


And these are the moments that you definitely won't forget. The adversity makes reaching that mountaintop that much more special because you remember all of the things you had to go through to get there. Most of us go through this and never forget it.

Reaching That Mountaintop

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Reaching that mountaintop isn't what defines you, but how you got there is. The path you take, the obstacles you overcome, the trials and tribulations are the things that will define you. How you handled those situations and made it to your destination is what is important.

Which Brings Us To Floyd Allen

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Floyd Allen might come off as a guy who is living the dream life. He reached the mountaintop I just spoke of. He's an NFL wide receiver who played college football at Ole Miss in the SEC. What adversity could he have possibly faced right?

Floyd Allen Is From Houston, TX


Allen was born and raised in Houston, where countless professional athletes produced. Texas is also a football state, so it might not be surprising that Floyd made it to the NFL.

But It Should Be

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Because his story is one of perseverance and overcoming hardships and adversity. It wasn't a given Allen would make it to this point. It wasn't even a given he would have made it to college, to begin with.

He Attended Nimitz High School


Nimitz is a local high school in Houston, and it is where Allen began to develop as a football player. He was a good player but he was mostly relegated to backup quarterback duties.

Then One Day After Practice Things Changed

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After returning from practice one afternoon, he discovered his parents arguing. His father left and never came back. This affected his family and himself drastically in the near future.

Allen Had to Take On More Responsibility


Allen, his mother, and younger sister had to make it on their own. Allen’s football performance began to slip as he worked a part-time job, and he said he became a different person. When a young man's father walks out of their life, it changes them.

Floyd Was Confused And Hurt


“When my dad walked out on us, I did not know how to feel,” Allen said. “I asked myself things like, ‘Did he ever loves us?’” These are the questions that ran through Floyd's mind while trying to come to grips with the fact his father would no longer be around.

Floyd Was Able To Regain Focus On the Field


During his senior year, Allen’s football position changed to wide receiver. He received football scholarship offers to many schools in California, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, and Georgia. Everything was beginning to come together for Floyd on the field.

Then Adversity Struck Again


“Out of nowhere, life hit me hard again,” said Allen. What he was about to experience could either break him permanently or make him stronger, but one thing was for sure, it wasn't going to be easy to overcome.

Floyd Was Injured


One afternoon during a high school practice, Allen took a hard hit to his leg that sent him to the hospital, where he learned he’d torn his ACL. After that, he noticed some schools were losing interest in him because of the injury.

His Recruitment Started To Slow Down Due To the Injury

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Soon, most of the colleges stopped calling. Despite everything going on in his life, he didn’t want to give up. Football and academics were important to him. He said he graduated in the top 10 percent of his class with a little over 300 students.

Then He Caught A Break


With no college to attend, Allen’s dreams of playing football at the next level were becoming more of a fantasy. He was feeling down until he received a call from a coach at a small school in Kansas. Allen was offered a scholarship, and he immediately took it.

Allen Would Continue To Work To Help His Mom


Allen worked hard on and off the field. He took a job at a Subway sandwich shop to help his mom financially. Seeing as how his father wasn't around anymore, she needed a little help to continue to provide and keep the lights on.

Floyd Decided To Make Another Move


He decided to go to junior college and try the recruiting process again, later transferring to a junior college in California. “My life changed when I moved to California,” Allen said. “I knew something had just sparked. It was like I was regaining life.”

But Then Allen Made A Drastic Decision


Floyd was doing well in football but his life off of the field left much to be desired. He grew tired of living in a two bedroom apartment with seven people in California. He was uncomfortable and wasn't in love with the life that he was living and made a change that would alter his life.

He Gave Up Football


Allen worked at McDonald’s while playing football to provide for himself. He found it difficult to meet basic financial needs, like having enough money for food. He eventually decided to quit playing football.

This Didn't Come Without Consequence


And because he was there on a scholarship, he had to move out of his apartment. Allen said he was homeless for a few months until he became determined to get his life together. “I was lost,” said Allen. “But it was time for me to pick myself up and do what I had to do.”

Then Allen Got Lucky Scrolling Through Social Media


One day, while scrolling through social media, Allen noticed a coach from his old school who had worked at the University of California. The coach, Jacob Peeler, was the wide receivers coach at the University of California before moving on to Ole Miss.

Allen Reached Out


Allen sent Peeler a congratulatory message on Twitter. Peeler quickly responded and told him there was an available walk-on spot for a wide receiver, and he wanted Allen to try out for it.

According To Peeler, Allen Was Stunned


When he called Floyd with the news he thought Floyd had hung up on him because of his silence. But he didn't hang up on him, he was stunned and crying tears of joy on the other end of the phone.

Peter Doesn't Think There Is A More Deserving Player


Peters knows of all the hardships that Floyd had gone through to get to this point. And it's a big reason why Peters feels so enamored to help Floyd reach his dreams of playing Division I football.

Floyd's Hard Work Didn't Just Get Him A Spot On The Team


Floyd came to Ole Miss as a walk-on and worked hard to earn that spot. But the hard work didn't go unnoticed, and Floyd was eventually offered a full-ride scholarship to the University just two years after being homeless.

And Now Allen Has Realized Another Dream


Floyd Allen signed with the Houston Texans after the 2019 NFL Draft, getting a chance to play for his hometown team and in front of his friends and family. Not every story has a happy ending, but Floyd Allen's story seems to have one.



Floyd Allen's story is one that is filled with ups and downs and is full of adversity. But if there is one word to best describe his story, it would be perseverance. Floyd never gave up and never gave in when times got hard and made it to his ultimate goal. He can be an inspiration to anybody.