How Stephen Curry Granted This One Fan's Wish In The Best Way Possible

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Stephen Curry is probably the most likeable athlete in all of pro sports. He has an infectious smile, an engaging personality, looks like the average joe, and has one of the best jumpers we have ever seen. But more than that, the main reason he's so easy to root for is because he's such a good guy.

On top of all that Steph constantly takes the time out to look out for those who might not be as fortunate as he is or to make sure his fans know they are appreciated. One of the best examples of this is his interaction with a young fan named Riley Morrison, after Riley wanted a pair of Steph's sneakers but found out Under Armour didn't sell them in girl's sizes. What Steph would do to help rectify that is one of the many reasons it's impossible to hate him. Take a look below at the story of Steph Curry and Riley Morrison.

Stephen Curry Comes From A Basketball Family


The Curry family might be the first family of the NBA. Three of the members of the family have played in the NBA, not just Steph Curry. Let's give a rundown of who it has been.

His Dad, Dell, Is One of the Greatest Shooters Ever


Dell Curry, Steph's father, played 16 seasons in the NBA and is widely regarded as one of the best shooters in league history. Dell has a career three-point percentage of above 40% and was top 10 in NBA history in made three-pointers before retirement.

His Brother Seth Led the NBA in Three-Point Percentage This Season


Seth led the NBA in three-point percentage this season at 44%. He's one of the best shooters in the league and also attended Duke University where he played three seasons. Not bad for the younger brother.

His Mom, Sonya, Also Was A State Champion Basketball Player In High School


His mom Sonya is best known for her lively celebrations at Warriors and Blazers games when her sons are lighting up the scoreboard but she has a basketball background herself. She won two state championships in basketball in high school in the state of Virginia.

So You Would Think It Was Expected for Steph To Be Here


So with all of this rich basketball skill in his bloodlines, one would think it's no surprise that Steph Curry is now universally recognized as the greatest shooter ever. His dad is one of the best, his brother is as well, and his mom was a hooper. This was a given, right? Wrong.

He Was An Overlooked Recruit In High School


Steph was a three-star recruit coming out of high school in the state of North Carolina and was overlooked by schools such as UNC, Duke, and even NC State. Even his father's alma mater Virginia Tech passed on the chance to offer him a scholarship.

He Had To Play At Davidson


That's how Steph ended up at Davidson, a mid-major in North Carolina. It was there that Steph became a superstar at the collegiate level, dominating the 2008 NCAA Tournament and leading the country in scoring as a junior at Davidson.

He Became A Lottery Pick


The success he had in college and the reputation he developed as an elite shooter turned this three-star high school prospect into a lottery pick. Steph was taken no.7 overall by the Golden State Warriors in the 2009 NBA Draft, the same class that featured James Harden, Blake Griffin, Demar DeRozan, and Jrue Holiday.

He Had A Great Rookie Season


Steph got off to a hot start in the NBA individually, averaging 17 points and six assists while shooting 43% from 3. Steph made the All-Rookie team as well after such a successful rookie campaign.

But Then Injuries Hit


But by his third season, it appeared as if his career could be derailed due to multiple ankle injuries. He would play just 23 games in his third season due to ankle surgery and there were legitimate concerns about whether or not he would be able to hold up with his slight frame in the NBA.

But He Would Overcome Those En Route To Winning Two MVP Awards


But Steph would overcome those injuries and become arguably the best point guard of his generation and one of the best ever. Breaking multiple three-point shooting records, Steph would win back to back MVP awards in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 NBA seasons.

And Three NBA Championships


Steph's individual brilliance also translated into team success as well. He would go on to win three NBA championships in a four-year window with the Golden State Warriors, making them the latest dynasty in the NBA.

So If Anybody Knows How To Deal With Adversity...


Through all of those ups and downs from being an overlooked recruit to injuries, Steph is somebody who knows how to put things into perspective. There's nothing he can't overcome and he's managed to turn every negative into his life into a positive.

Which Brings Us To The Story of Riley Morrison


Riley is a 9-year-old Golden State Warriors fan. Her favorite player is Steph Curry, which makes sense because what kid doesn't want to be the best shooter in the world and one of the most well-liked superstars in NBA history. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

She Wanted a New Pair of Sneakers To Hoop In

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And she had her eye on the Under Armour Curry 5. But to her disappointment, the sneaker didn't run in sizes for girls, only boys, and men's sizes. This prompted Riley to let her feelings be known.

When She Couldn't Get A Pair of Curry's She Wrote a Letter


She wrote a letter expressing her disappointment to Under Armour and Steph Curry that she wasn't able to buy a pair of sneakers from her favorite player. She let Steph know that she was a huge fan and was hopeful that he and Under Armour could find a solution to her problem. Her father posted the letter to his social media accounts.

The Letter Gained Traction on Social Media

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It instantly began to spread and spread and spread some more. The story began to be picked up by not just local news in the bay area but national news outlets such as ESPN began reporting on the letter the Riley wrote to Steph.

Which Made It's Way Back To Steph Curry


And if there is one thing Steph Curry does, he looks after his fans. After the story made its way to Steph's bubble it was only a matter of time before he figured out a way to do right by his young fan and ensure she was able to wear his sneakers, along with any other young girl across the world who had the same hopes.

Considering Steph's Family, This Probably Meant A Lot To Him


Steph is the father to two daughters, so he probably takes women's rights and equality very seriously. He can imagine a world where they have access to the same resources and products that their male counterparts do and I'm sure this was put into consideration when he responded to Riley.

Steph Responded By Writing A Letter Back


Steph responded, noting that he appreciated Riley's concerns and that he would work diligently with Under Armor to make things right. He also wanted Riley to clear her calendar and be prepared to help unveil the new Curry 6 on National Women's Day in the Oakland with him.

Riley Was Able To Help Design the Curry 6 Sneaker


What would happen next would go beyond Riley's wildest dreams. She was able to help design the new Curry 6 sneaker. I could only imagine being 9-years-old and LeBron James asks me to help design a shoe, so this is had to be the greatest feeling in the world for her.

The Insole of the Shoe Specifically


The inside of the sneaker would feature phrases and quotes of women empowerment and pictures of women playing basketball as well. Some of the quotes were "Girl Power", "Be Courageous", and "Rock the Curry's."

The Letter She Wrote Is Even On Display At the Under Armour Store In Oakland


The letter she wrote to Steph is even on display in the Under Armour store in Oakland. Who would have known that this one letter from a young fan would immortalize her and make her a part of history and the story of Steph Curry? It's pretty remarkable when you think about it.

Riley Was Also Able To Debut the Sneaker Alongside Steph Curry

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But the fun didn't stop there for her. Steph kept his promise to have her in Oracle for the unveiling of the Curry 6 on National Women's Day in Oracle. Not only did Riley get to help design the shoe, but she also got to meet her favorite player, and watch him play live.

And Her Family Was In Attendance As Well


Her mother, sister, and dad, who posted her letter to his social media accounts, were also invited to the special occasion. Steph looked after not only the young girl but her family as well.

This Comes Back To Stephen Curry


There aren't many players who understand their purpose and the importance of their stature more than Steph Curry. And he has used his platform and reach to constantly make a positive impact on not only his community but communities and people around the world.

He's A Great Man Off the Court


This is only one of the many times he has gone out of his way to do the right thing when doing the right thing isn't easy. He could have left this in the hands on Under Armour, but he took the time out to respond himself and personally extend an invitation to Riley to come see him play.

And It Shows The Power of Sports


Sports can bring people who might never have met each other together. It brought Riley Morrison into Stephen Curry's life and changed it for the better and helped inspire a host of other young girls in the process. Powerful stuff to say the least.

Hopefully, This Encourages More Athletes To Step Up


Hopefully these actions by Steph Curry inspire other athletes to keep paying it forward and lending their power and influence towards the right things. Steph is just one of many in his postion, let's hope that others follow in his footsteps.

It's Bigger Than Basketball


Because at the end of the day this is bigger than basketball and more important than any game. Making the world a better place and more inclusive is what it's all about. Props to Steph Curry for understanding that and doing the right thing.