The Funniest NFL Fan Signs In History


| LAST UPDATE 01/25/2023

By Manny Ray

NFL game day has a long-lasting tradition of fans holding up sports banners that, well, don't exactly hide their feelings. The worse their team played, the saltier they became. Get ready to laugh at these hilarious sports signs.

Mr. Steal Yo Woman

During the midst of Tom Brady's very public personal issues, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was being trolled by someone on the stands who was wondering if his ex Gisele is available! LOL! Brady and his wife called it quits last October after 13 years of marriage, but that didn't stop the kid!

tom gisele nfl career retirementtom gisele nfl career retirement
Twitter via @mattfreedpghpg

Although we are still determining if Brady ever saw the sign, that game was not an easy one for his team. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to defeat against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a close game, ending in a two-point difference. Sorry, Brady, #herewego Steelers!

Crossing State Lines

Eagles fans sure are dedicated ones! Both fans holding up these signs are hoping for their beloved Eagles to get to the Super Bowl, and both are doing whatever it takes to get there! On the one hand, we see somebody's son who is eagerly asking their dad for money towards the Super Bowl - and we can respect it!

nfl super bowl 2023nfl super bowl 2023
 Brian Bahr via Getty Images

On the other hand, we see a dedicated fan admitting they moved all the way from sunny California to see their beloved Eagles make it to the Super Bowl. Some people will really do whatever it takes! Unlucky for them, the Patriots won that year (2005) instead.

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Retiring Number "92"

Reggie White is one of the most decorated former NFL players. With 13 Pro Bowls, two NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, and a Super Bowl win all under his belt, it was a sad day when the talented defensive end decided to retire from the league.

NFL Reggie White retirementNFL Reggie White retirement
Jeff Gross via Getty Images

Fans from far and wide came together during the Cleveland Browns versus Green Bay Packers game in 2005 when the Wisconsin-based team retired White's number "92" during a halftime ceremony. This mega fan obviously wanted to show that no matter what, his fans will always love him!

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Let's Go, Bills!

There's nothing as exciting as someone's first NFL game, and this little girl made sure to announce it at the top of her lungs! Between the flashing stadium lights, the energetic crowd, and watching the athletes do their thing, it's an experience for the books.

Buffalo Bills NFL GameBuffalo Bills NFL Game
 Brett Carlsen via Getty Images

For this young fan, she made sure to let everyone know it was her first Bills game ever! Dressed in the team's colors, with a matching red and blue sign, we can only hope the Bills went on to win that day. It doesn't look like there are too many happy faces in the crowd, though…

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It's Getting Hot in Here!

Considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, we can understand how the crowd would have some Manning fever! After dedicating 14 seasons of his life to the Indianapolis Colts and then four as number 18 of the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning retired in 2015 and is praised for his time in the league.

nfl quarterback peyton manningnfl quarterback peyton manning
Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Besides being known for his talent on the field, "the Sheriff" Manning was also known for his extremely good looks! The signs didn't stop at women admitting they have "Manning Fever," with the occasional "Marry Me Manning" sign thrown into the mix! Good genes must just run in the Manning family.

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Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Again with these Eagles fans! Honesty, they deserve a medal (or a Super Bowl) for their creativity. A dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan had a lot to say to a certain quarterback, Eli Manning, during a heated game against the New York Giants, and let it all out on the sign!

eli manning eagles nfleli manning eagles nfl
 Kevin Sabitus via Getty Images

In proper Eagles form, this fan let Manning know he has a whole lot of birds for him, with cut-outs of the teams' logo. As a decorated quarterback for the Giants, Manning probably got a whole lot of messages directed at him during the day - but for some reason, this one is really hitting home.

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Family Ties

These fans are letting it all go and really took a shot at the whole Manning family! We're all for good fun and games, but ouch. These San Diego Chargers fans proudly put on display a sign mocking Eli, Archie, and Peyton Manning all in one go. Again, ouch!

nfl manning brother career statsnfl manning brother career stats
Stephen Dunn via Getty Images

Archie, the patriarch of the Manning football dynasty, played for the league back in the '70s and '80s before handing down the torch to his two sons, Eli and Peyton, years later. Talk about an athletic family. However, these fans strongly believe the whole family isn't worth the hype.

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Pick Me, Aaron Rodgers!

It's only natural that a successful, handsome, 6-foot-one NFL player is going to get a whole lotta attention from the crowd, specifically from the ladies. Although Aaron Rodgers may be covered head to toe with his green and yellow get-up, it still doesn't distract fans from his beauty!

aaron rodgers nfl packersaaron rodgers nfl packers
Tom Dahlin via Getty Images

And this fan can totally agree! During a Green Bay Packers versus Baltimore Ravens game, this 21-year-old let Rodgers (and the whole stadium know) that all she wanted for her birthday was him! We hope he got a glimpse of the sign, at the very least!

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700 Miles Later

Talk about a loyal fan! No matter the destination, these Kansas City Chiefs fans are going to go the extra distance (literally) to get closer to their favorite player, Patrick Mahomes. Lucky for them, the Chiefs are looking pretty good this season!

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes
 David Eulitt via Getty Images

These fans drove all the way in from Lubbock, Texas, it appears, to make it to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. By the count of it driving from Texas all the way to Kansas takes a solid 10 hours or so - and that's without any stops along the way!

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We Do Love Baker Mayfield!

There's no problem with being a team player! This fan decided that although she is an Oakland Raiders supporter, she is also in support of something else! More like someone else. So who could we possibly be talking about? Cleveland Browns' very own quarterback, Baker Mayfield!

nfl  Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfieldnfl  Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield
Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Fans are getting more and more creative with their signs, but sometimes they hit a crossroads when they support two teams! This girl is showing her Raiders and Browns love at the same time, wearing a Raiders t-shirt while sporting a baker's hat on her head! Go Browns, and go, Baker Mayfield!

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Earth to Dad

Earth to this guy's dad: How's the game from the couch? He's probably pretty salty that his son got to watch this game live, but hey, hopefully, he has a nice flatscreen TV. And snacks at home are much more cost-effective.

Hey Dad Funny NFL SignHey Dad Funny NFL Sign
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

But not to worry, dad, your son loves you and is thinking of you, so that's got to count for something, right?! And just think about it, if the weather's not so ideal in Wisconsin, watching the game from the couch will be a dream.

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The More Bowls, the Better

Without a doubt, sports fans love to show their feelings, whether they're good or bad. If someone's team suffers a tough loss, they'll mourn for days, maybe even refrain from shaving and showering. But when their team scores big-time, well, that calls for big-time celebrations, even if it makes others feel bad.

More Bowls Funny NFL SignsMore Bowls Funny NFL Signs
Christian Petersen / Staff via Getty Images

And in this case, a very excited Packers fan wanted the opposing team to be aware that her team was seeing success without achieving a Super Bowl berth. Instead, the Packers made it to the Pro Bowl, baby! If only we could see her confused enemies' faces across the stadium; the looks on their faces must've been priceless.

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HELLOOO Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo, if you're out there, please give these ladies a wave, or maybe even blow them a kiss. They came all the way to watch you dominate the field, so the least you can do is make them feel noticed, right? And can you blame them for crushing on number 10?

Jimmy Garoppolo Funny NFL SignsJimmy Garoppolo Funny NFL Signs
Maddie Meyer / Staff via Getty Images

He's certainly one handsome guy! Do you think the other fans will get jealous when these ladies get a wave from Garoppolo? Or maybe the other players will be envious that they don't have a group of lovely ladies begging for their attention. Now that's what we call home field advantage!

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Same Old Browns

According to these loyal Baltimore Ravens fans, the Cleveland Browns will always be the same no matter what the refs have in store. So, are they trying to say that the Browns don't stand a chance against the Ravens? Well, if that's the case, then it's a good thing they're at their home field.

Same Old Browns Funny NFL SignsSame Old Browns Funny NFL Signs
Rob Carr / Staff via Getty Images

Otherwise, there could be some serious brawls breaking out. You know how crazed fans can get when their enemies try and make their mark. Something tells us these particular supporters might be slightly salty about a previous loss to the Browns or maybe they're just trying to psych them out. What do you think?

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Welcome to Minnesota

Many die-hard football fans are used to spending their Sunday afternoons sitting in the freezing cold watching their favorite team play. Some people still get so much joy out of tailgating, bundling up, and rooting on their home team even in the snow. And in Minnesota, things aren't any different.

Minnesota Funny NFL SignsMinnesota Funny NFL Signs
Jamie Squire / Staff via Getty Images

During this Wild Card Playoff game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks, the weather sure did prove to be a wild card. But this loyal fan wants you all to know that this weather has got nothing on Minnesota fans, and to be quite honest, for them, it's not even cold! Apparently, the Vikings can handle anything.

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PSA: Don't Move Here

Consider this your official warning not to move to Seattle. If you couldn't handle the weather in Minnesota, don't even consider Seattle. Apparently, it rains ALL the time. So, unless you have a thing for puddle-jumping and showing up to work or school soaking wet, then start looking into other cities.

Don't Move Here Funny NFL SignsDon't Move Here Funny NFL Signs
Otto Greule Jr / Stringer via Getty Images

And for the Oakland Raiders fans in the crowd, this might be an implication that your team can't handle the rain. No matter where in the world they are, these football fans will do whatever it takes to intimidate the enemy and support their team. Just try not to let the opposing team get in your head!

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Jesus Takes the Field

We never noticed until now, but apparently, the Seattle Seahawks have more than just skill on their side. According to the dude holding this enormous sign, #3 on the Seahawks is more powerful than all of humanity combined and has a way of leading his team to victory that we'll never understand.

Jesus Funny NFL SignsJesus Funny NFL Signs
Rob Carr / Staff via Getty Images

So look out, Patriots fans, because it looks like not even Tom Brady or Julian Edelman stood a chance against the Seahawks' almighty quarterback Russell Wilson back in 2015. Yet somehow, the Pats were able to come out with a win in heartbreaking fashion, so it's possible this fan got a little carried away.

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Keep Your Enemies Close

You know what they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. For this couple, the guy likes the Dallas Cowboys and his girlfriend is a proud supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles, and well, there's no easy way to make that work. Something tells us he was more than ready to watch his team defeat the Eagles.

Enemies Close Funny NFL SignsEnemies Close Funny NFL Signs
Rich Schultz / Stringer via Getty Images

But in the end, it all comes down to whose team makes it to the Super Bowl, a fate that is truly out of both of their control. In the end, the Eagles won the game, but hey, he can still take pride in the Cowboys' previous Super Bowl victories. Let's hope this game didn't get too heated from the stands.

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Eat Up, Romo

At first glance, it might be hard to pinpoint what exactly is on that helmet. Could it be some oddly shaped Christmas lights? Or perhaps, the helmet's covered in extra spicy peppers. We're not sure about the fans holding this particular sign, but something tells us they're looking for a way to destroy the enemy.

Eat Up Romo Funny NFL SignsEat Up Romo Funny NFL Signs
Streeter Lecka / Staff via Getty Images

Hence, the sign is directed at Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, as he was getting ready to play his heart out against the Carolina Panthers. Do you think that Romo hates spicy foods? Could these peppers burn his heart and even cause him to lose the game? Either way, you gotta love football fans and their creativity.

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Here Kitty Kitty

Low and behold, some hardcore Philadelphia Eagles fans eager to defeat the Carolina Panthers. They've really gotten down to the nitty-gritty details here; literally warning the Panthers that the Eagles will demolish them for breakfast. So, all the kitties on the field may want to take cover.

Here Kitty Kitty Funny NFL SignsHere Kitty Kitty Funny NFL Signs
Evan Habeeb / Stringer via Getty Images

Hopefully, the Panthers don't get too grumpy and fight back, because based on previous events in nature, these full-grown cats become rather vicious and will pounce when you least expect them. These fans prove that actions go far beyond just the field; they might be more defensive over their team than the players.

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Intimidating the Enemy

Back in the day, Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings was called out for some of the controversial text messages he sent, and some fans of opposing teams used this against him. Upon arriving in his former home of Green Bay, Wisconsin, some Packers fans did their very best to intimidate the unstoppable Favre.

Brett Favre Funny NFL SignsBrett Favre Funny NFL Signs
Jim Prisching / Stringer via Getty Images

Do you think they were just scared of losing to the Vikings, so they pulled every trick out of the book to play some mental games? Well, it's entirely possible, as desperate times call for desperate measures, and well, Brett Favre and his team rarely disappoint.

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Nothing Like Kickoff in 13 Degrees

Ahh, there's nothing like sitting down to watch kickoff in the 13-degree weather! Some Minnesota fans already let us know that they can sit through any temperature or even a snowstorm. But for the fans that traveled from Atlanta to see the Falcons take on the Packers? Well, they may have had some regrets.

13 Degrees Funny NFL Signs13 Degrees Funny NFL Signs
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

It seemed like a fantastic idea to attend a football game in the dead of winter back in July. However, there's no way to prepare for these record-breaking temperatures – not even a hat and gloves will do the trick. Something tells us these Falcons fans desperately wished to be watching from their living room.

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'Saved By the Bell'

Sports fans are always looking for a play on words to throw in a cheer or a sign, so when Le'Veon Bell signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, fans didn't hesitate to get their creative juices flowing. You could say the Steelers were Saved By the Bell, and there was nothing the Falcons could do to stop them.

Saved By the Bell Funny NFL SignsSaved By the Bell Funny NFL Signs
Scott Cunningham / Stringer via Getty Images

Look out, Mario Lopez, because it looks like Le'Veon Bell might be stealing your role as A.C. Slater. The good thing about having a memorable name is that no matter how you play, chances are, your fans will still love to mention your name, as it can make things a lot more fun in the stands.

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Bashing Brady

Anyone who's not a supporter of the New England Patriots loves to bring up the incident involving Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and a deflated ball. All opinions aside on the matter, we've got to say, the jokes that this person made about the event are quite creative.

Bashing Brady Funny NFL SignsBashing Brady Funny NFL Signs
Doug Pensinger / Staff via Getty Images

If someone actually made a cereal called Cheaties with Tom Brady's face on the box, do you think people would buy it? It's unlikely that this would line the shelves of grocery stores in New England, but who knows about other states. No matter how many years go by, evidently, fans are still salty about admitting defeat.

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The Naughty List

In the spirit of the holiday season, let's have a little singalong: "He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty or nice." At least that's what went through this Eagles fan's head during a game against the Arizona Cardinals on Christmas Eve.

Naughty List Funny NFL SignsNaughty List Funny NFL Signs
Stephen Dunn / Staff via Getty Images

He was the first to point out that his team hadn't played badly – they were awful. So Santa Claus, if you're out there, please make this guy's Christmas wish come true and help the Eagles make it onto the nice list. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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Ultimate Christmas Wish

There's nothing like a play on words, especially when it helps get fans into the Christmas spirit, you know what I mean? And for this Washington Redskins fan, all he wished for back in 2009 for Christmas was a new General Manager for his team, and he wasn't shy about it.

Christmas Wish Funny NFL SignChristmas Wish Funny NFL Sign
Win McNamee / Staff via Getty Images

Whether or not others agreed, you've got to give him some credit for the level of creativity and wit here. Between the acronym made out of ESPN and his message's presentation, this guy's got some fun design ability. Maybe he should get into the banner business, as it's clear that plenty of fans love a good sign.

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Look Out, Cardinals

Look out, Arizona Cardinals, because when the Carolina Panthers are hungry, they'll eat you for breakfast like a fresh Chick-fil-A biscuit. Well, that's what this Panthers fan seems to think. Everything was on the line leading up to the 2016 NFC Championship, and evidently, intimidation from fans was vital.

Eat Cardinals Funny NFL SignsEat Cardinals Funny NFL Signs
Streeter Lecka / Staff via Getty Images

Do you think the Cardinals had a tactic to fight back with? Who knows, maybe the little red birds are vicious in their very own way and have some sort of strategy that giant mammals could never even imagine. Plus, everyone loves an underdog story, right?

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Round of Goff Anyone?

A round of golf is nice and all, but once the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall, it's officially football season. With that being said, anyone up for a round of Goff? Specifically, NFL quarterback Jared Goff? Seems like a perfect afternoon to watch him dominate the field.

Round of Goff Funny NFL SignsRound of Goff Funny NFL Signs
Harry How / Staff via Getty Images

With all the hype for this particular player, let's just hope he pulled through and didn't let his fans down. Otherwise, they may resort back to a far less energetic game of golf, and the opposing team would likely be rather pleased to watch that happen.

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Crushin' on Clay

Former Packers player Clay Matthews III had a way of sacking quarterbacks with style, and some fans just couldn't get enough of his long hair and good looks. Apparently, this fan can relate. All she wanted was for Clay to notice her among the rest of the crowd and give her some post-game attention.

Crushin' on Clay Funny NFL SignsCrushin' on Clay Funny NFL Signs
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

Whether or not he beat the New Orleans Saints during this game, all that mattered to this eager fan was catching Clay's attention. Chances are, few other signs in the stands compared to this one, so her chances of being noticed could've been pretty strong. After all, her fine artwork was caught on camera.

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Unbearable Bears

Low and behold, the Chicago Bears, who are apparently deemed unbearable to some feisty opponents. But according to these loyal Bears fans, the Green Bay Packers don't stand a chance! So, in that case, maybe the Bears are indeed unbearable, to them at least.

Unbearable Bears Funny NFL SignsUnbearable Bears Funny NFL Signs
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

So, to anyone who doesn't support the Bears, just beware, they very well may defeat your favorite team someday, and you'll probably never want to bear their presence again. But hey, everyone gets this way about their team, right? After all, we all get a little defensive over the ones we love.

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Get Some, Belichick

It's no secret that people all over the country have various opinions on Bill Belichik, especially after the deflate incident a few years ago, where many accused him of cheating. So, what do you think these fans meant when they held a picture of the Patriots head coach in the air?

Get Some Belichick Funny NFL SignsGet Some Belichick Funny NFL Signs
Jim Rogash / Stringer via Getty Images

Perhaps they meant to get some air? Or maybe they're just generous, offering the opposing team some of Belichick's incredible coaching abilities. On second thought, they likely wouldn't be helping the Kansas City Chiefs, or any team, really. But seriously, we've got to get to the bottom of this one.

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When Your Face Goes Numb

"I can't feel my face when I'm with you," said some extremely loyal football fans. No matter how much you love your team, sitting through a game in the dead of winter is a commitment, and it's not for the weak. After all, you could lose all the feeling in your face!

Face Numb Funny NFL SignsFace Numb Funny NFL Signs
Jamie Squire / Staff via Getty Images

While visiting Minnesota to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks, these devoted diehards accepted the harsh reality of a Minnesota winter, which is to say it's not for everyone. Let's just hope their team won and it was worth freezing their face, fingers, and toes off. Sometimes, it might be less painful to watch football on a cozy couch instead.

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Fire Him!

Sometimes, even if a team wins the game, fans still feel very strongly about individual players and coaches. And for this Los Angeles Rams fan, regardless of the turnout of the game, all he wanted was for Jeff Fisher, head coach of the Rams, to get fired.

Fire Him Funny NFL SignsFire Him Funny NFL Signs
Harry How / Staff via Getty Images

What do you think the coach thought of this sign? Chances are, he either didn't see it or maybe he'd just learned to block out all types of negative commentary at that point in his career. In the end, the Rams lost the game, so maybe this guy had a point after all. Fisher was eventually fired, too.

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Better Luck Next Year

Now, this isn't something you see every day. This San Francisco 49ers fan attended the Super Bowl when her team wasn't even playing. She traveled all the way to New Jersey to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos, but she wasn't there to support either team.

Next Year Funny NFL SignsNext Year Funny NFL Signs
Kevin C. Cox / Staff via Getty Images

She made a rather bold statement, holding a sign to inform everyone that the 49ers would succeed the following year. While this might seem odd to some people, you've got to give her some credit: she showed support for her team under all circumstances. Better luck next year!

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The GOAT and the Joke

Anyone who knows Tom Brady either loves or hates him, all depending on what team they support. Well, when he still played for the Patriots, at least. While Brady was the Pats' QB, he was worshipped by nearly everyone in New England, while the others couldn't stand to watch him succeed.

Brady GOAT Funny NFL SignsBrady GOAT Funny NFL Signs
Scott Eisen / Stringer via Getty Images

So, after the Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl a few years ago, fans jumped at the opportunity to rub their victory in everyone else's faces, even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who had previously punished the Patriots for some alleged mispractices. No one is safe!

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Dedication at Its Finest

By now, we've seen our fair share of football fans bearing the freezing cold winter to support their team. But these ladies take dedication to a whole new level. Not everyone has what it takes to wear a bikini in below-freezing weather, yet these girls did it with a smile on their faces.

Dedication Funny NFL SignsDedication Funny NFL Signs
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

After all, being fans of Green Bay, they're probably used to the frigid air, but surviving in nothing but a bikini takes some serious commitment. Let's hope that after risking frostbite, windburn, and probably some weird looks, these passionate women checked off all the boxes on their wish list.

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Looking a Little Deflated

By this point, you've probably learned that many people will never let Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, or anyone on the Patriots live down the infamous Deflategate. Even years after the incident occurred, and Brady accepted the consequences, fans of opposing teams will take any chance to bring it up again.

Look Deflated Funny NFL SignsLook Deflated Funny NFL Signs
Christian Petersen / Staff via Getty Images

When the Patriots played the Denver Broncos a few years ago, a Broncos fan clearly needed a laugh, so he decided to ask Brady if something was wrong with him. The joke was rather unoriginal, as he, of course, resorted to yet another Deflategate reference.

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Rebuilding Ever Since

While watching his team the Cleveland Browns take on the Baltimore Ravens, this particular fan held up a sign that likely had one specific meaning. At first glance, any idea what he means by "Rebuilding Since 1964"? Chances are, the guy was referring to Cleveland's last NFL Championship – though not a Super Bowl – from that year.

Rebuilding Funny NFL SignsRebuilding Funny NFL Signs
Diamond Images / Contributor via Getty Images

Whatever the fan wanted to accomplish with this sign worked because the Browns defeated the Ravens that day, so maybe the entire team should be thanking this superstitious supporter. He better start making a lot more of these signs because he very well might be the team's good luck charm!

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Marry Who?

Just to avoid any confusion in the crowd or on the TV screen, Aaron, if you're out there, your girlfriend is trying to propose to YOU and only you. We know what you might be thinking: "Who is this man that my girlfriend's pointing to with a giant sign?"

Marry Me Funny NFL SignsMarry Me Funny NFL Signs
Jonathan Daniel / Staff via Getty Images

But don't panic; he's just some other guy who happens to be in the way of this life-changing moment. Another possibility is that she was referring to Packers running back Aaron LaRae Jones, and the poor guy next to her is actually her boyfriend. The first story is the one we're choosing to tell ourselves.

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What Happens in Vegas

You know what they say, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Based on this guy's sign that he held up at an Oakland Raiders game, he either had quite the terrible experience in Sin City or simply disliked Vegas for taking away Oakland's football team as of the 2020 season.

Hate Vegas Funny NFL SignsHate Vegas Funny NFL Signs
Thearon W. Henderson / Stringer via Getty Images

To be honest, maybe a weekend trip to the Las Vegas strip with its 24/7 casinos and adult-rated shows is exactly what he needs so that he can forget about his anger. Do any football fans want to help him out? You have to feel kind of bad for all those Oakland residents who lost their squad after so many years of cheering.

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