Freddie Gibbs Summons Dr. Umar Johnson To $5 Million Boxing Match In Interview


| LAST UPDATE 10/18/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Freddie Gibbs
Amy Harris via Shutterstock

Despite his Grammy-nominated status, Freddie Gibbs is never afraid to call people out. Gibbs' newest feud seems to be with the prominent thought leader Dr. Umar Johnson, who he just challenged to a $5 million boxing match…

Following his set at the Austin City Limits Festival, Gibbs did an interview where he labeled Dr. Umar "soft as hell." He also claimed Dr. Umar's recent announcement that he wants to step in the ring with Mike Tyson is a "political move" and that he would never box Gibbs himself.

But Gibbs aka "Freddie Kane" didn't stop there. Though he's adamant he has big "love" for Dr. Umar, the 39-year-old (likely intoxicated) rapper then called Dr. Umar, 47, "fat as f**k." He just needs about $5 million before stepping up to "whoop" his ass in the first round.

The drama involving Gibbs, Mike Tyson and Dr. Umar – he's a certified clinical psychologist – was sparked when Gibbs had to explain Dr. Umar and his staunch attitude about race relations on Tyson's 'Hotboxin'' podcast. "If he has hate in his [ideas] it can't be cool," Tyson replied.

Dr. Umar often posts outspoken selfie clips, so as soon as he caught wind of Tyson's disapproval, he fired back with a challenge: "five rounds." He didn't like the nature of Tyson and Gibbs' conversation. "I'ma do like [Muhammad] Ali said, 'Float like a butterfly, sting his ass like a bee!"

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Later, Dr. Umar made sure to clarify, "I cannot beat Mike Tyson. I will never disrespect his legacy like that. But I think I can survive 5 rounds, and I think I can get me a couple of shots in."

Tyson's last fight was about a year ago when he easily handled Roy Jones Jr. That same event featured Jake Paul knocking out Nate Robinson.

Whether or not a Umar vs. Tyson match ever happens, the former appears ready to battle Freddie Gibbs, just as long as the $5 million winning purse is donated to his Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey (FDMG) Academy.

"If Dr. Umar beat me in anything athletic I’ll pay for his school and be the janitor there," Gibbs tweeted.