E-40 and Sacramento Kings Release Joint Statement on Rapper’s Ejection From Playoff Game


| LAST UPDATE 04/24/2023

By Elizabeth Russo
E-40 Ejected From Warriors Game
MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings and E-40 have released a joint statement addressing Wednesday night's incident where the rapper was escorted from Game 1 of the first-round series between the Kings and the Warriors. The NBA team is looking closely at what the rapper is calling a "racial bias" that led him to be ejected from the stadium. Here's what we know.

During this week's playoff game, E-40, a prominent Bay Area native and Warriors fan, was escorted from his seat by security after getting into an argument with another audience member. An inside source told The Associated Press that the rapper was "standing and blocking the view of fans behind him and was given a warning after several complaints." The person added the rapper "refused to comply," which then led to his ejection from the game. However, another audience member claims the rapper was never given any warnings for "excessive standing." The rapper later released a statement saying he was heckled throughout the game. He addressed one heckler "in an assertive but polite manner" before he was ordered to leave the arena.

E-40 Warriors Game NBA
Loren Elliott via Getty Images
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Following the game, the Snap Yo Fingers rapper said he was subjected to "racial bias." He said, "Unfortunately, it was yet another reminder that — despite my success and accolades as a musician and entrepreneur — racial bias remains prevalent. Security saw a disagreement between a Black man and a white woman and immediately assumed that I was at fault." He added, "I was absolutely humiliated by the Kings' security team, and I'm calling on the franchise to investigate the appalling conduct that transpired." The team released a joint statement claiming the whole situation was a giant "miscommunication" and that the rapper "did not stand excessively from his ticketed courtside seat."

E-40 is an avid Warriors fan, so when news broke, some of the players spoke out. Warriors guard Klay Thompson said, "I love 40. He's been our biggest supporter for years. I hope they right that ship because he deserves to be there by our bench." The rapper was spotted sitting courtside this weekend in his usual spot, supporting his team!

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