Dion Waiters Speaks Out Over His Struggles With Depression


| LAST UPDATE 07/14/2023

By Elizabeth Russo
Dion Waiters Miami Heat
Michael Reaves via Getty Images

The NBA star opened up about his battle with depression in a recent interview with Bleacher Report, explaining that he's ready for another shot on the court. Let's take a closer look.

Waiters was first drafted to the NBA back in 2012. He was chosen as the fourth overall pick in the first draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he played until 2015. The shooting guard went on to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers, where he won an NBA championship. He also had a real quick playing for the Memphis Grizzlies but was waived after just three days. So, what exactly went down?

Dion Waiters Depression Battle
 Kevin C. Cox via Getty Images
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In an open and honest interview, Waiters reflected on his time playing in the NBA, specifically on the depression and anxiety he felt. "I went through some s***," Waiters told Bleacher Report. "Depression, anxiety, and just not knowing my future. It got serious, bro. I had to get a therapist. It became overwhelming and too much to bear. I now talk to a therapist every Wednesday." He continued, "I just wasn't having fun. S*** was dark. Some days, I'd sleep in the bed all day. I had nothing to look forward to. I wasn't working out. It's a mental battle." The NBA champion explained that he never really understood what depression was, but through therapy, he realized he had been battling with the medical condition since he was a child.

Now that the 31-year-old has been in therapy and feeling "healthy," he's looking for a shot to "show I'm not who I once was," explaining he's ready to head back to the NBA. "I still got that love. I still got that itch," he said. "I know I can still help a team win at the highest level on the court and even in the locker room as a veteran presence. So why not just give it a go and just see what happens? You never know." It's true; you never know! The last time Waiters was on the court was during the 2019-2020 season when he won an NBA title with the Lakers. We're rooting for you, Dion!

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