Check Out This 'Smart Ring' NBA Players Will Wear to Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

Mahlik Campbell

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Looks like almost everyone in the NBA will be getting a ring this year. 😂

As part of the amended 2019-20 NBA season soon-to-be hosted at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, players will have the option to wear an Oura smart ring to monitor their health and any potential coronavirus symptoms.

Available in silver, black, "stealth," as well as a $1000 diamond-infused design, the titanium ring reportedly has the ability to detect oncoming COVID-19 symptoms up to three days before the wearer starts experiencing the illness with 90% accuracy.

It monitors vitals like body temperature, respiratory function and heart rate, as well as steps and sleeping habits, and all of the data can be delivered to users in automated daily reports through an app.

Scientists from the University of Michigan will be studying the information to discover indicators of COVID-19.

Image via Oura

Along with this futuristic finger drip, players will be required to wear a Disney Magic Band at all times to pass through various checkpoints and enter their rooms.

They will also be able to wear a "proximity alarm" that will buzz if two or more people spend over five seconds within 6 feet of another alarm-strapped person in the "bubble." While this accessory is optional for players, team and league staff won't have such a choice.

For those who want to be as proactive as their favorite players, you can purchase the finger flair on the Oura ring website for a steep $299 to $399, depending on the color and model.


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