AI, Steve Nash & CP3 Were Trending. 14 Crazy Highlights

Mahlik Campbell sports /
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 16: Allen Iverson #3 of 3's Company looks on in the game against Tri-State during week four of the BIG3 three on three basketball league at Wells Fargo Center on July 16, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/BIG3/Getty Images)

With NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert having come down with the coronavirus in recent days, fans have reason to fear news of a new diagnosis whenever a player's name starts trending on Twitter.

But on Thursday afternoon, past and present NBA legends like Allen Iverson, Steve Nash and Chris Paul were trending just because they're awesome.

With the NBA season on hold, these classic names started to get brought up after 1) the NBA announced they'd be offering free access to NBA League Pass and airing vintage games and 2) a Twitter user shared a list of NBA greats paired with months and dates and asked, "Your (Birth month) has to throw an Alley Oop to your (Birth day) to win the game. Did you win?"

Fans saw a prime opportunity to join in on the conversation by rehashing old highlights of their favorite players, helping all of us stay entertained while in quarantine. Here are 14 crazy highlights we saw...

Nash in his signature #13 Suns jersey making it rain from distance against Kobe and the Lakers ☔:

Chris Paul giving Steph a taste of his own move with a little "shimmy" 🕺:

Iverson crossing up Jordan in a game not once, but twice ðŸ”¥:

Nash dropping a flithy behind the back pass to Robin Lopez for the slam 😤:

CP3 turning around his opponent with a few pump fakes ðŸŒ€:

Iverson casually dribbling a football and putting it through his legs 😩:

Iverson, aka Jewelz, announcing his forever-unreleased debut album, Misunderstood 🤔:

Chris Paul making a questionable bet with Michael Jordan 😂:

AI putting Ty Lue on skates before stepping over him🚶:

Nash laying it up during an upset of the No. 2 seed Arizona Wildcats in the 1993 NCAA Tournament 👏:

CP3 breaking a man's ankles with a fierce step-back â˜ ï¸:

Iverson draining a wild shot that goes way up in the air ðŸ˜Ž:

Iverson throwing down a huge put-back dunk ðŸ”¨:

Chris Paul and the Rockets somehow missing 27 straight three-pointers ðŸ§±:

And finally, a couple moments of relief knowing all these dudes are healthy ðŸ‘Œ: