30 Things That Happened Last Time LeBron Missed The Playoffs

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As the NBA Playoffs get ready to start this weekend there is a major piece of the NBA puzzle that will be missing, LeBron James. This will be the first time he's missed the playoffs since 2005 and that just doesn't sit right with me, it's an evil world we live in. But with him missing the playoffs, we can use this time to reflect on how different the league was back in 2005 when the King last missed the playoffs, and not just the league, the entire world. Let's take a trip down memory lane to see how different things were last time LeBron missed the playoffs.

Kobe and Shaq Broke Up


And created one of the most compelling beefs in NBA history, regardless of what they tell you today.

Emeka Okafor Won Rookie of the Year


He beat out Dwight Howard for the award. I wonder who has had the better career between the two now?

Steve Nash won NBA MVP


This was the first of consecutive MVP awards for Nash. One of the GOAT point guards.

Luke Walton Was Actually An NBA Player


What's even crazier is he was probably the Lakers fourth best player!

The Malice In The Palace Happened


And I learned to never mess with Ron Artest or Stephen Jackson. Valuable lesson.

Pistons and Spurs Scored Less Than 90 Points in Game 7 of the NBA Finals


The Spurs won by a final score of 81-74, a far cry from the 2018 NBA Finals when LeBron almost scored 74 on his own against the Golden State Warriors in game 1.

Reggie Miller Retired


I have to ask if this is a good thing because we are now subjected to his awful commentary during games.

The Office Debuted

USA Today

And one of the funniest television shows of all-time got its start.

Maroon 5 Was New


14 years later they are one of the biggest bands in the world and just performed at the Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots Dynasty Was In Full Swing


The Patriots had just won their third championship in four seasons. It was the official beginning of the Patriots dynasty.

Million Dollar Baby Was Winning Oscars


Four to be exact. I still have never seen this movie.

There Was An NHL Lockout


The league might as well be in a lockout now because I never watch hockey.

Condoleezza Rice Makes History


She became the first African American woman to serve as U.S. Secretary of the State.

The Seattle SuperSonics Still Existed


Ray Allen was their star player and they even made the playoffs this year. The NBA needs basketball back in Seattle.

Batman Begins


And we got the first installment of the greatest superhero franchise of all-time! Sorry MCU.

Star Wars Episode III


Seeing Anakin become Darth Vader was almost worth watching Mace Windu die. It's a give and take situation here.

The iPod Shuffle


We didn't have the iPhone yet but we had this! In hindsight this looks mad annoying, not being able to pick your songs is trash.

YouTube Had Just Been Founded


And you best believed it's one of the greatest inventions ever. It gave us Soulja Boy, who can complain about that?

50 Cent Was Still A Dominant Force


His single "Candy Shop" was atop the Billboard hot 100 and his album The Massacre would sell over a million copies in its first week of release.

George W. Bush Was In His Second Term


And I would like to forget this ever happened. Let's keep moving on.

The Motorolla Razr Was A Thing


Who didn't have one of these? It's actually one of the best selling phones of all-time. Glad we have evolved from flip phones though.

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

Arthur A. Levine Books

It would go on to be the highest selling book in 2005. Would you expect anything different?

Carrie Underwood Won American Idol Season 4


Not only was American Idol still wildly popular, but it was also producing legitimate star talent, such as Grammy award-winning Carrie Underwood.

Netflix Delivered DVD's


Now I can stream these exact movies from my laptop. How did people survive back in 2005?

Drake Was On Degrassi


Now he's the biggest rapper in the world. I wouldn't have believed this was possible in 2005.

The Game Released The Documentary


It was the debut album from the Comptom rapper and strengthened G-Unit's stranglehold on rap.

The Emancipation of MiMi Took the World By Storm


Don't cap and say you weren't singing "We Belong Together" at the top of your lungs in 2005, because I know you were.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Dominated Pop Culture


What if I told you this is how all of my relationships go? Would you believe me?

Kanye West Released "Diamonds From Sierra Leone"


It would be the lead single for his 2005 album Late Registration. I miss the old Kanye.

Zion Williamson Was Only Five-Years Old


Now he's slated to be the top pick in the upcoming NBA Draft and has even garnered comparisons to LeBron himself. Time stops for no man.