From Shrimp Burgers to Chocolate Fries: 29+ McDonald's Menu Items From Around the World


| LAST UPDATE 07/05/2022

By Elizabeth Russo

McDonald's never ceases to amaze us. From the McNürnburger in Germany to Crayfish Soup in Hong Kong, here are some of the wildest additions found on the Mickey D's menu throughout the years.

McChoco Potato

This salty and sweet combination honestly sounds delicious. The McChoco Potato french fries were introduced to a few participating spots in Japan in 2016 - and something tells us they were a big hit.

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items
Reddit via u/kraven420

The McChoco Potato fries spotlight the iconic salted fries drizzled with both chocolate and fudge chocolate sauce for the perfect combination of salty meets sweet. This Reddit user tried the delicious combo calling it "pretty decent" and "crazy overpriced," but regardless, we would still love to try.

Minion Potatoes

Now this is cute. Back in 2017, the fast-food chain introduced minion potatoes to their menu in honor of Despicable Me 3. As if fried potatoes couldn't get any better, leave McDonald's to find a new way to make their greasy goodness even more attractive.

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items
Reddit via u/OneTravellingMcDs

The minion-shaped potatoes were only available at McDonald's chains in Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Singapore. "Minion marketing is always more successful than it should be," one Reddit user commented on the uploaded photo. To each their own, we guess...

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Maestro Burger & Fries

Last we heard, Maestro's was a steakhouse - but apparently, it also was the name of a McDonald's limited-time menu item. The Maestro burger found exclusively at Mickey D's in the Netherlands back in 2015 was a brief attempt for the fast-food chain to compete with other premium burger joints.

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items
Flickr via u/harry_nl

And, well, consider us impressed. The limited-edition meal was served with boerenfriet or "farmers fries" instead of those classic thin fries we all know and love. Oh, and get this, the mayonnaise pictured above is not available otherwise at most other McDonald's chains. Interesting flex, Netherlands.

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Taro Pie

Similar to a traditional McDonald's Apple Pie? This unique dessert is available at the fast-food's locations in China, and well, we're hoping it's as delicious as it looks and sounds. Taro root is a starchy purple root vegetable initially cultivated in Asia but now available worldwide. So what's up with these pies?

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items
Instagram via @h_h987

The taro pie may not look like a standard American pie, but apparently, it tastes real good. The desert resembles the crispy classic shell of the McDonald's apple pie, but it is loaded with taro instead of being stuffed with apples. The bright purple taro root has a mildly sweet flavor with the consistency of potatoes.

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Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

There are a lot of bright colors represented on these menus around the world! These dishes are getting wildly colorful, from purple taro root to a neon blue McFlurry. The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry was available for bubblegum addicts exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items
Instagram via @jovetteuy

So what goes into the making of this gooey concoction? The soft-serve ice cream is blended with marshmallows and bubblegum-flavored syrup to give those with a sweet tooth a massive indulgence... and sugar high. But no worries, no squashes were involved in the process.

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The McNürnburger comes straight outta Germany. Germany is known for their Bratwurst, so perhaps it was no surprise that Mickey D's decided to incorporate the sausages into their menu somehow. Bratwurst is a type of German sausage made from pork, beef, or veal.

Weird McDonalds menu GermanyWeird McDonalds menu Germany
Instagram via @jwjansen82

The McNürnburger is McDonald's ode to the Bratwurst; however, it only lasted a few months on the menu. The burger was served with three Bratwurst on a bun, loaded with mustard and onions, and was named after a popular region of Nürnberger sausages.

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McMolletes is McDonald's way of spicing up the traditional McMuffin. Not that we don't love the McMuffin and all it has to offer, but the McMolletes sound fire. Offered at McDonald's chains in Mexico, the McMolletes are the perfect breakfast to start the day.

weird McDonald's secret menuweird McDonald's secret menu
Instagram via @danpetriello

The McMolletes are served as cut-open English muffins slathered in all things good. The dish comes with refried beans, cheese and is topped off with pico de gallo. Yum. These go-to breakfast bites are available on the breakfast menu alongside a cup of coffee or OJ.

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Sausage & Egg Twisty Pasta

This very interesting combination of foods is actually served as a breakfast item at McDonald's in Hong Kong and China. This hearty breakfast dish proves that they do not take the first meal of the day lightly and instead make sure their customers come hungry - and leave real happy.

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items
Instagram via @notsoferly

The staple menu item is essentially a soup bowl full of twisty noodles, vegetables, a sausage patty, and a boiled egg. Pasta for breakfast may sound unusual, but it sounds like something worth trying. And for those that are interested, the chain offers this concoction with grilled chicken for lunch!

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Poutine is a traditional dish from Quebec full of all the best tasting things in the world - so naturally, McDonald's Canada put their own greasy personal touch on it. First introduced to their menu back in 2013, customers were thrilled to see a country classic make it to the menu.

Weird McDonalds Menu Poutine Weird McDonalds Menu Poutine
Instagram via @chopsticksoptional

The fast-food franchise added the Canadian staple to their menu, and it looks delicious. French fries covered in a rich gravy and piled with tasty cheese curds, what's not to like? Mickey D's offered multiple versions of the national food with extra toppings such as bacon bits, buffalo chicken, and maple-flavored BBQ sauce.

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Local Deluxe Breakfast Platter

Aloha! Here's some exciting breakfast news from McDonald's on the beautiful island known as Hawaii. The Hawaiians make a traditional breakfast with a little twist, it seems, but overall looks fire. So what's happening with the deluxe breakfast platter over here?

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Hawaii Weirdest McDonalds Menu Hawaii
Instagram via @callmecel_03

The traditional Hawaiian breakfast includes Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice - and it looks like this fast-food restaurant adapted the classic breakfast and gave it its signature "M" twist. From the rice to the eggs, Portuguese sausage, and Spam, the Mcdonald's deluxe breakfast platter looks absolutely stacked.

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Corn Pie

The McDonald's corn pie was introduced to the menu in Thailand in 2012 and in South Korea in 2018. And a few years later, Malaysia decided to bring back the corn pie to their menu in 2020. According to the McDonald's website in Malaysia, the corn pie is "delightfully sweet and crunchy in every bite!"

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items Weirdest McDonalds Menu Items
Instagram @_choco_320

The filling from the crunchy corn pie is actually imported corn from the United States, as the franchise trusts Bird's Eye frozen vegetables. Besides the corn pie being introduced to their menu, a pineapple pie and a few others were added around the same time. That's a whole lotta pies!

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Crayfish Soup

This item is something one definitely won't find on an American McDonald's menu. Crayfish soup, found in a McDonald's in Hong Kong, is traditionally made with arrowroot added to a thickened soup broth, crème fraiche, and crayfish meat stirred in at the end.

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Asia Weirdest McDonalds Menu Asia
Reddit via u/OneTravellingMcDs

This Reddit user responded to comments questioning the bisque type soup presentation, saying, "The cream was 'drizzled' on top, kind of like the photos, but to dig out the fish I kind of ruined the presentation. Didn't look too bad at the time of serving." Noted.

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Chicken Fillet Ala King

The chicken fillet ala king dish was introduced to the Philippines menu back in 2015. Chicken ala king is traditionally a creamy and rich chicken dish with vegetables that pairs nicely with a perfectly warm biscuit or any type of bread. Sounds absolutely fire.

Weirdest McDonalds Menu Fails Weirdest McDonalds Menu Fails
Reddit via u/OneTravellingMcDs

The fast-food chain added the dish to its menu in the Philippines as a chicken McSavers item on their menu. The McDonald's twist prepared the plate with a crispy chicken fillet covered in a cream sauce, chives, and carrots and served as a complete meal with rice and a drink.

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The McLobster Roll

There's something about McDonald's serving lobster rolls that feels off-brand for the fast-food chain - but we're here for it. The beloved chain decided to include a traditional $7.99 lobster roll on their menus in Canada, and we're curious about how it tastes, TBH.

McDonalds Menu Fails Reddit McDonalds Menu Fails Reddit
Reddit via u/MinaMinas

The McLobster is a combo of lobster meat, green onions, celery, a mayo-based sauce, lemon, and shredded lettuce mixed together and served in what looks like a hot dog bun. This brave Reddit user decided to give the dish a try - but it seems like fellow users decided if they want lobster rolls, they're going elsewhere.

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Dutch croquettes, or kroketten as the Dutch call them, are popular snacks found in the Netherlands, so it was only natural for Mickey D's to put their own spin on the traditional dish. For those looking to try it out, the McKroket can be found in the Netherlands and Belgium.

McDonalds Menu Items FailsMcDonalds Menu Items Fails
Reddit via u/Stigged

So what's the deal with these McKrokets? The McDonald's version of the croquette contains a kroket with a special mustard sauce in a traditional bun. The McKroket is served in a standard hamburger package with "World-famous in the Netherlands" branded on the cover.

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Chicken McDo & McSpaghetti 

This is definitely an interesting combination. It's various delicious foods just thrown onto one plate - so we can't hate it. In fact, we're curious to try it. So what is it? A McDo is a fried chicken drumstick, and McSpaghetti is, well, spaghetti with tomato sauce.

McDonalds Menu Items SpaghettiMcDonalds Menu Items Spaghetti
Imgur via QuincyOwusuAbeyie

The Philippines did that! The thing is, sometimes we need fried chicken but also want some good old pasta and tomato sauce, so why not combine them together? Apparently, in some locations, the fast-food chain can add some chopped hot dogs in there! Go big or go home, right?

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Ebi Filet-O Shrimp Burger

Straight outta McDonald's in Japan, this rather delicious ensemble got its name from the Japanese model, Yuri Ebihara, who helped push the campaign for the release of this tasty Japanese McDonald's menu. After the burger was added, it soon became a hot item on the menu.

McDonalds Menu Items JapanMcDonalds Menu Items Japan
Reddit via u/gogoshika

So what is it? Basically, take the traditional burger and substitute the meat for a patty of Panko-battered shrimp, layered with mustard, lettuce, and Ebi shrimp tempura sauce. The Ebi sauce is an aurora sauce, typically made by adding tomato puree to a basic bechamel sauce. Sounds yum.

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Loaded Bacon & Cheese Fries

Perhaps the only way to make McDonald's fries even better? Adding some melted cheese and bacon on there. The fast-food chain tested this delicious combination a few years back in a few select American states and regions - and the people certainly loved 'em.

Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items
Reddit via u/CopycatDraws

After raving customer reviews, the fast-food franchise brought back the loaded fries for a short period of time until they realized they should just keep them on there. However, some Reddit users believe the fries don't need any add-ons, and that alone they stand as the best fries out there.

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Ever heard of McDonald's secret menu? Apparently, the secret menus are where it's at, and once the word is out, it's just no longer a secret anyone - so keep this between us. At a select few of the McDonald's branches in Hawaii, the fast-food chain has added Saimin to their secret menu for $4.00.

McDonalds Secret Menu Items McDonalds Secret Menu Items
Reddit via u/ABKB

Saimin is a hot soup broth with egg noodles, kamaboko (fish cake), char siu (barbecued pork), and nori (seaweed). Sounds delicious. The Hawaiian Saimin was initially added to the menu in the '60s as the first local "ethnic" dish and now is only available on the secret menu. IYKYK.

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Black And White Burgers

This very successful marketing tactic brought the people in! Taking a classic burger and giving it a completely new look is always fun. The unique-looking black and white burgers are found at Mickey D's chains in China and are actually served in a pair.

Weird McDonalds Menu China Weird McDonalds Menu China
Reddit via u/flyingaspidistra

The limited-time special promotional burgers allowed hungry customers to come in for one burger and leave with two. The one burger has a black bun with white sesame seeds and a white bun with black sesame seeds, intended to represent the iconic yin-yang symbol.

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Baci Perugina McFlurry

The name of this McFlurry just sounds elegant. Baci Perugina McFlurry comes straight from Italy, and we would fly there immediately to taste test this one. The not so delicious-looking (but probably very delicious) dessert is found exclusively at the chain's Italian branches.

Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items
Pinterest via @JessicaBeatrici

Baci Perugina is an Italian staple. The chocolate brand is basically engraved in Italian society, so naturally, McDonald's found a delicious way to incorporate the chocolate into their menu. The 2013 menu item was a chocolate soft-serve ice cream mixed in with chopped hazelnuts and all the yummy things Baci Perugina offers.

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Gratin Croquette Burger

The Gratin Croquette Burger was originally sold in Japan but unfortunately was not designed for the Japanese market, and well, it became a total flop. The stacked burger was available only during the winter months. And the seasonal burger was unlike any other.

Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items
Instagram via @u1_1010

The gratin croquette burger was made of shrimp, mashed potatoes, and deep-fried macaroni - all combined into one loaded patty and slapped in between cheese, shredded lettuce, and an unidentified brown sauce. We're just not so sure about this combo.

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There's something about beetroots on burgers that the people from down under just love. McDonald's branches in Australia introduced a classic hamburger - a beef patty with tomato, lettuce, onion, and two sauces - and threw in a giant slice of beetroot, adding a pop of color to the dish.

Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items Bizarre McDonalds Menu Items
Instagram via @co.nn.or__

New Zealand quickly caught onto the beetroot trend and added their own version of the McOz to their menu. In New Zealand, the franchise added the KiwiBurger, which had all the ingredients of the McOz but with an egg in there. Eventually, the McOz was discontinued and replaced by a new range of Angus beef burgers.

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This limited-time dish, McNoodles, took Mcdonald's 18 months to develop before putting in its restaurants. The Asian-inspired dish was exclusively available in Austria and only lasted a few months on the menu. Looks like the people were just not really into it.

mcnoodles weird McDonald's menumcnoodles weird McDonald's menu
Instagram via @veronika_jalen

So what exactly were these McNoodles? The Asian-inspired dish was a classic stir-fry bowl of noodles. However, Mickey D's imported their ingredients for the McNoodles from Thailand, with various veggies, chicken, and sweet and sour or curry sauces mixed in.

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It's not every day we see a menu offering a side of fried shrimp under the "sides" portion of their menu. However, McDonald's in Russia decided why not? So that's exactly what they did. The lucky customers looking to have a box of fried shrimp found their match.

McDonalds Russia Menu ItemsMcDonalds Russia Menu Items
Instagram via @martinvodden1

The shrimp side dish is breaded and fried, put in a box, and ready to go! The McDonald's in Russia serves the shrimp pieces as an alternative to french fries for those interested. We're not so sure we would order shrimp instead of fries, but hey, let the people decide.

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The McRib is considered a cult classic. The barbecue-flavored pork sandwich was introduced to the menu all the way back in 1981, but at the time didn't get the same raving reviews it does now. After being taken off and put back on the menus in the U.S. a few times, it is generally found in Germany and Luxembourg.

Worst McDonalds Menu Items Worst McDonalds Menu Items
Reddit via u/BludgeoningDeath

The sandwich has boneless pork rib dipped in a tangy BBQ sauce, onions and pickles served on a standard bun. The McRib is slated to re-join the American menus as it still remains a fan favorite. Even more so, fans have created a McRib Locator website for customers to report their most recent McRib sighting!

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Prosperity Burger

The Prosperity Burger oddly resembles the McRib but is found on the completely other side of the world. The Prosperity burger originated in Malaysia but, due to popular demand, was brought to Mickey D's in Singapore. We're unsure how the burger got its name but assuming those who eat it feel successful afterward?

Weird McDonalds Menu Items Weird McDonalds Menu Items
Instagram via @theroguewanderluster

This may be one of the very few items on this list that have coined a name without the signature "Mc" standing alongside it. The burger is available with either beef or chicken, slathered in black pepper sauce, and topped off with crispy onions. For those in Singapore, the burger is served with Twister fries and a Strawberry Pie!

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Melon Float

This next item made us do a double-take. From the neon color to the fizzy bubbles, the mysterious fluid almost looks... undrinkable. Luckily for residents in Japan, that's far from the case. Not only has it been around for several years now, but the fan-favorite item can be found all over the 'gram. As for what it calls for?

melon float viral McDonalds melon float viral McDonalds
Instagram via @91lmj

It's actually quite simple: Fanta's Melon soda, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. According to a report from Teen Vogue, it actually "doesn't have a strong melony taste but has instead a... sweet cream soda like flavor." Consider us intrigued.

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Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake

Believe it or not, we're not looking at a block of aged cheese. In fact, this sweet treat tastes very different than a Roquefort or Brie. But for diners in Hong Kong, they already know that. The Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake has been a go-to overseas for quite some time now. And once we heard what was inside, we understood why.

matcha cake McDonalds menumatcha cake McDonalds menu
Instagram via @gret__gret

The mille crepe cake consists of several layers of thin matcha pancakes, matcha cream, and red beans. On top, a thin layer of green tea icing completes the dessert, along with a subtle sprinkle of matcha powder. Safe to say, matcha lovers are going to love this one…

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This limited-time dish, McCurrywurst, was the fast-food chain's interpretation of a German classic. Currywurst is steamed - and then grilled - pork sausages cut up into pieces and slathered in ketchup, blended curry powder and is often seen as a classic take-out of street food dishes.

weird McDonalds menu itemsweird McDonalds menu items
Flickr via Like_the_Grand_Canyon

The McDonald's version of this classic German dish is served on a Kaiser roll with grilled pork sausages and a warm spicy sauce - and for those feeling brave, a hot curry powder to kick it up a notch. However, the McCurrywurst didn't stick around for too long and is no longer available.

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