Young Thug and Pusha T Trade Blows Over Alleged Leaked Drake Diss

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Young Thug

Young Thug isn't feeling Pusha T's subliminal shots toward Drake on their latest collaboration. 👀

When Pusha T was heard dissing an unnamed artist's patois accent on a leaked record from Pop Smoke's posthumous album Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon, many fans suspected the 43-year-old rapper was once again taking aim at Drake.

Well, Young Thug, one of the other guests on "Paranoia," was convinced, and he quickly spoke on the topic on behalf of himself and Gunna, letting his Instagram followers know late Monday night, "I don't respect the pusha t verse."

That's because he and Gunna "don't have nun to do with y'all beef," and he claimed that if he was previously made aware the verse was about Drizzy he "would've made changes on our behalf."

Via thuggerthugger1/Instagram

Always down to get his hands dirty, Push addressed the situation with a series of Instagram Stories in which he tagged Thug. (He linked the wrong account, but you get the point.) He suggested that Drake "told" label executives about the meaning behind his verse, which is why it wasn't included on Shoot For The Stars.

He then indirectly referred to Drake as a "police rapper," writing, "If He'll Tell record executives abt rap verses, God only knows what else He'll Tell!"

In a follow-up IG Story, Push claimed the only reason Thug is on the track is due to the fact that he "requested" him.

Via kingpush/Instagram
Via kingpush/Instagram

Finally, Push made himself "clear" with Thugger, letting him know that he "would never look or need your respect." Rather, the Virginia Beach native is more than comfortable with his position in the rap game.

Push also sent a "demand" to Pop Smoke's manager Steven Victor, telling him to "take me off" the rumored deluxe version of Shoot For The Stars, as he wants to "avoid any confusion that may take away from This amazing body of work!"

Via kingpush/Instagram
Via kingpush/Instagram

Talks of beef among these two huge hip-hop figures led to plenty of entertaining and insightful interpretations online.