YK Osiris Baits Soulja Boy With "Air Drake" Flex After Visiting Drake's Toronto Home


| LAST UPDATE 12/15/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
YK Osiris
Prince Williams via Wireimage

Before boarding Drake's $240 million Boeing 767 private plane, YK Osiris couldn't hold back his excitement. "I'm on the Air Draaake!" he sang. But Osiris didn't stop there, calling out Soulja Boy for this…

The 23-year-old Osiris was basically a starstruck fan. Of course, he also used the moment to stunt: "Who doin' it like me, man? Stop playin' with me, man! I'm tired of playin' with you n****s, man. N****s ain't doin' it like me, man. Stop playin' with me. I'm on the Air Drake, man."

"'I'm On The Airr Drake' You Telling Me You Wouldn't Take A Picture In This Big Ass Jet[?]" he also suggested while posted up in a chair. The plane features a projector, recliners and couches, plus bedrooms.

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Osiris then used Soulja's trademark "first rapper" flex against him. "Somebody tell Soulja Boy that! The first rapper to get on the greatest rapper's plane first." (Virgil Abloh gave Air Drake its cloudy design, so it's only right Drizzy used the jet to travel to Abloh's recent funeral in Chicago.)

Soulja caught Osiris on a technicality, though. "YK Osiris, you not even a rapper. You can't say you was the first rapper to do nothin'. You gotta say you was the first R&B singer." Plus, Soulja already has Drake's co-sign, as they connected for the celebratory "We Made It" in 2013.

Osiris has been doing the most with Drake, seemingly to try and secure a feature. ("OVOsiris" is the new nickname he gave himself.)

Last week, he bounced around Drake's $100 million crib in Toronto, showing his followers some of the coolest perks, like this automated toilet.

The influential producer Hitmaka aka Yung Berg – known for his work with Lil Durk, Wiz Khalifa and others – wrote that Osiris' viral behavior proves "u really can't put a price on a Drake feature."

Osiris was even doing sit-ups on Air Drake, which you can get an inside look at above.